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How Europe’s New Privacy Law Will Change the W…

How Europe’s New Privacy Law Will Change the Web, and More:

How Europe’s New Privacy Law Will Change the Web, and More

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2018 Spotify Converters Comparison: Sidify VS …

2018 Spotify Converters Comparison: Sidify VS Tuneskit VS Keepvid:

2018 Spotify Converters Comparison: Sidify VS Tuneskit VS Keepvid

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Facebook silencing whistle blowers

Facebook silencing whistle blowers:

Facebook silencing whistle blowers

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Instagram Android App Listening to Conversatio…

Hi, so I’ve begun to get sick today, but the most I’ve done regarding it digitally was one WhatsApp message to my wife when I was at work today. I didn’t Google anything or otherwise search anything regarding being sick.

Right before we went to bed, I told her my sinuses were hurting me. She told me to get some Vicks. We talked about it and had a laugh because my wife is from Mexico and there’s some kind of running joke about Mexicans using Vicks for all kinds of things.

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep well and after a while I opened my phone and Instagram and BAM the first ad I saw was for Vicks. I thought it might be a coincidence, but then I kept scrolling. After 6 more ads I found another for Vicks, this one specifically advertising that it helps you sleep.

So, I am 100% sure I never saw a Vicks ad on Instagram before today in the last year because I would have screenshotted it and sent it to my wife or something because we joke about it.

So, I am 95% positive that ad got shown to me because of our conversation we had. Does anybody have links to actual studies or investigations about social media microphone eavesdropping?

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Is Timeweave safe to use?

Basically title. Some friends want me to get it any was wondering what you guys think about it? The description on the app store does sound like it’s most likely fine.

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If you were to create political posters how wo…

I want to create about 100 satirical political posters. “Vote for this Turd” kind of thing. I’ve found some online poster makers… but how can I pay anonymously and have them shipped to the post office etc, without having to use my name? This includes not using my name or contact info for the printing company.

Any thoughts?

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YSK about reddit privacy settings.

Head here –

Scroll to the bottom and you will see:

privacy options:

  • make my votes public (let everyone see /user/upvoted and /user/downvoted)

  • allow my data to be used for research purposes

  • don’t allow search engines to index my user profile

  • allow reddit to log my outbound clicks for personalization

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Facebook Owes You More Than This

Facebook Owes You More Than This:

Facebook Owes You More Than This

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Why does privacy matter?

No snark or sarcasm. Seriously, what are some good arguments for privacy?

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Google cares about my privacy?

Where to begin … Survey from Google today.

Maybe just me, but opt-in for privacy features don’t really fall on the “useful-unuseful” scale. More like permitting me to ask a possession be returned (only if/when I realize it’s gone (and figure out how to ask)).

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