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Are there security benefits of jailbreaking an…

are there security tools available after jailbreaking? things like network monitors? proper firewalls? Is it like rooting on android where you can control which applications have system access or is it completely unsecured after?

Do websites store incomplete transaction infor…

I was going to purchase something off this website that had questionable reputation, I entered my personal information for the transaction, and then a screen appeared with the message “thank you for your order, redirecting to PayPal”, and I was redirected to a PayPal page for the transaction, I second guessed myself and did some research on the company, after which I decided to forfeit my purchase.My question is, given that I have already entered my informations on the website, do most websites store these informations even if the transactions were incomplete?

Letscom / Fitbit / Activity Trackers best for …

I just ordered a Letscom activity tracker as a birthday present for my young daughter. Now I’m wondering if that was a bad idea from a privacy viewpoint. Letscom seem to have a privacy policy but I can’t read it because its in Italian, I think.The data they capture is very personal; heart rate, steps, sleep quality, activity level etc. Some devices contain GPS too. I’ve never bought one before so I’m not really certain how they work.Do you think Letscom are trust worthy? Could you recommend a different make of activity tracker that you would trust? Apple maybe? recording video/audio … recording video/audio of users: recording video/audio of users

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[Academic] Survey about privacy issue! Need yo…


I am a graduate marketing student from Imperial College and are currently doing a research about consumer behaviors for my dissertation.

Just 8 questions and take no more than 3 min. Questions are about how consumers think about their personal data and how they perceive certain product benefits.

Don’t know how many people I can get but I will really appreciate it if you participate in the following survey.

Thank you! 🙂

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Should you secretly tape conversations with yo…

Should you secretly tape conversations with your boss?:

Should you secretly tape conversations with your boss?

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[Tutorial] How to install Windows Enterprise 2…

First of all I’d like to mention that the LTSB version wasn’t made for home users, because of this it’s hard to purchase a copy. In this tutorial I’m going to use a tool called “KMSpico” which uses Windows’s Key Management Service to activate Windows (it’s free). The official link is here. WARNING: There are a lot of fake “official” downloads bundled with malware/PUPs! The link in this post is the real official one. Unfortunately, this tool is not open source (this might be against the subreddit rules but I’m not supporting it?) but it’s been around since 2013 and many people have used it without any problems.

You can download the evaluation version of the OS from Microsoft’s version which is valid for 90 days but you can’t activate this version using KMSpico. In this tutorial I’m going to use a tool made by “s1ave77” which converts the eval version to any language Consumer or Business ISO. You can download it here. This tool will download the eval version for you so you don’t have to download anything else. The usage of the tool is straight forward, you can find more information about it on the forum post. The command line version is open source, the GUI version isn’t.

You can use the ISO file to create a virtual machine, in order to install it as your main OS you need to create a bootable drive. This can be done using a tool called Rufus, it converts the ISO file to a bootable drive. You can download it here. Rufus is open source, the GitHub page is here.

Using KMSPico is also straight forward, you simply run it, follow the installation steps and you’re done!

Note: I recommend trying to set the OS up on a virtual machine such as VMware or VirtualBox first. If you need any help feel free to leave a comment or PM me.

EDIT: Rule 9 states this /r/ is not a tech support subreddit but this is a tutoriial and not asking for help, is this allowed?

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Mullvad VPN SOCKS5 with Chrome and Proxy Switc…

Mullvad SOCKS5 is recommended to be configured with Firefox. Firefox is not an option at the moment. appears to say the connection is configured properly with “SOCKS through OpenVPN”. Will using configuration be as secure (proxy-wise) as the Firefox way? Also, I’m assuming they mean SOCKS5 when they write SOCKS.

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Where do you draw the line between Privacy and…

Defenders cite privacy and data protection concerns as the primary justifications for the absolute need for end-to-end encryption; whereas critics say that end-to-end encryption hinders law enforcement and is thus dangerous for our safety and security. I was wondering where do you draw the line?

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Is it useful to multiply tracker blocking exte…

That’s a question I have always asked myself. I always thought the more extensions there are, the more protected I am. But I recently found out this on the Tor website.

When I saw this sentence I made a face.

Add-ons can break your anonymity in a number of ways, including browser fingerprinting and bypassing proxy settings

Tor only includes 2 extensions : HTTPS everywhere and NoScript. But on my daily browsing I don’t use Tor but Firefox and so my question focuses on Firefox.

But beside that is using more than one extension will block more trackers, or will the first extension to load the page will block all of it.

I specify I only use free (GPL 3.0 or Apache 2.0) extensions namely, Disconnect, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin and of course HTTPS everywhere and NoScript.

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