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Encrypted phone call (something similar to sil…

I use for SMS, this a good application because it don’t use internet to deliver message

Does something similar exist for making encrypted phone call without the need to have internet (I use android)

I have this requierment because not all of friend have internet connection all the time

(is this even technically possible to make an application like that ?)

thank you

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Terminated employee left encrypted drive – wha…

During a very recent round of layoffs, one of our network administrators was let go. While doing our evaluation of his equipment we discovered a linux server that he had created in VMWare that did not have a documented purpose. I managed to get my way in and reset the password for the account he used only to find that he had encrypted everything in his home directory. Since this is a work resource, we are entitled to know what he was doing on our network and the contents of that folder. Is there any way to get in there other than pressuring him to provide the passcode?
To be clear, I’m not asking about any sort of hack or exploitation of a vulnerability. I’m asking about a legit method provided to root or perhaps a third party service we could hire. My gut tells me that without the passcode we are out of luck – I suspect any built in linux encryption is going to be pretty airtight.

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Desktop Youtube browser similar to SkyTube for…

I’m looking for a way to subscribe to channels and view videos that doesn’t require the youtube account infrastructure. SkyTube on android manages subscriptions locally. Is there a desktop application or site that does something similar?

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Do rewards credit cards sell your transaction …

I cant find anything online. Can anyone find anything? Maybe in the fine print of the cards themselves?

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IPHONE – Privacy alternatives to Reddit & …

Applications, not through browser.

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To Invade Homes, Tech Is Trying to Get in Your…

To Invade Homes, Tech Is Trying to Get in Your Kitchen:

To Invade Homes, Tech Is Trying to Get in Your Kitchen

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More private alternative to Google’s Trusted C…

Trusted Contacts allows you to request the location of a contact. Unfortunately it also forces both parties to enable Google’s Location History.

Is there any alternative that does not require sharing your location (especially history) with Google?

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Anyone know how to cover/remove a fingerprint …

As far as I’m concerned people who use finger print scanners on their phones are bunch of dummies. There’s no way I’m just going to hand my finger print over to google/Samsung with full trust. Fuck that. Gotta upgrade phones now, the one I want has a fingerprint scanner. Anyone know how to remove it form a hardware level or have any solutions for covering it up? Hard to find anything on google, surprised people just accepted this shit.


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What Facebook’s privacy policy allows may surp…

What Facebook’s privacy policy allows may surprise you:

What Facebook’s privacy policy allows may surprise you

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