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Recommending YouTube videos based on my photo …

I am from Germany, so sorry in advance for some typos or bad grammar.

I was watching a video a few days ago on YouTube after it got recommended to me by YouTube. I have never heard of this YouTuber or was was watching this sort of videos. At this time I was wondering why YouTube showed me this video. I watch it at was thinking that the YouTuber took it way to serious and disliked it. It was by the way a video about a Lego set.

Today I was cleaning up my iCloud Photo Library when I came across a screenshot of exactly this YouTube Video. A friend of me has send a few weeks ago it into a What’s App group and had the same opinion about it. I can’t remember reading his message or seeing the picture because we had a conversation in the group and he randomly posted the screenshot. Just to be clear, there was no link, only the screenshot of the video.

So when I cleaned my library today I remembered watching it and saw that the screenshot was posted before YouTube recommended it to me. I was checking it twice because I was a bit irritated.

So at the end I think that YouTube somehow got access to my Photo Library. Even though I care about my privacy and YouTube should not have been able to get access according to my privacy settings. But they needed to have access to my Photo Libray and were checking it for information. In addition they needed to recommend me the video based on a screenshot.

It was the first time this happened to me. I now am even more scared of what they all know about me.

I’m asking now if someone got similar situations?

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How to see everything Amazon Echo has recorded…

How to see everything Amazon Echo has recorded on you:

How to see everything Amazon Echo has recorded on you

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Hiding the use of encryption when communicatin…

Hey guys, I’ve just had this random idea which might already be existing or used but a Google search didn’t show up relevant results.

Using encryption to protect our communications might indeed prevent third parties from accessing them but would also alert this third party that we are trying to hide ourselves and therefore bring attention to us.

When you send an email encrypted via PGP, the use of encryption is obvious. There is the metadata (mentions of PGP, version number, template of the message) and obviously the lengthy gibberish.

What if we hid the ciphered message to make it look like a normal message? For example if the ciphered message is “WDLDLAIFD”, an algorithm based on a natural language generator could transform it into something like this “Where Did John Leave Danny. Larry Arrives In Four Days”. Obviously the text wouldn’t be meaningful, but couldn’t it go through large automatized data collection; particularly if the list of words used is randomized?

I don’t know if this idea already exists, if it is even a good idea. Depending on what you all think so, I was thinking about coding a proof of concept script.

PS: Obviously, using only the first letter of each words isn’t very efficient and would produce extremely lengthy messages. But we can imagine that with a big enough source dictionary, the script could use for example the first and last letter of a word?

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Good List of Search Engines that Protect Your …

Good List of Search Engines that Protect Your Privacy:

Good List of Search Engines that Protect Your Privacy

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Why is Google Docs so keen to sync your notes …

I can’t find a way I disable this. If my mobile phone has a connection google Docs will halt opening your notes as it is syncing I presume. If I turn off wifi and mobile data prior to opening a textfile it does so without interuption.

First hit on google has an article suggesting how wonderful Google Docs is. And it explains how to disable syncing. Which means you won’t be able to edit offline. Peculiar much?

My notes my privacy. Google has put in much effort to make it difficult for you to not sync/upload to your personal notes to a cloud. This should be one Big red flag.

Am I missing something. How do you make it work?

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Google lets 3rd-party app developers read your…

Google lets 3rd-party app developers read your emails:

Google lets 3rd-party app developers read your emails

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California Thinks It’s Fixing Data Privacy. It…

California Thinks It’s Fixing Data Privacy. It’s Not.:

California Thinks It’s Fixing Data Privacy. It’s Not.

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What’s happening with the people-search site R… makes it sound like they were sued off the face of the earth, especially this judicial order that’s been. However, when you look at the docket, there’s been a lot more activity since then. The case was only closed a few days ago. Radaris’s website is still active and they put out a press release announcing new privacy-invading features just a couple days ago. So it doesn’t seem like they’re dead.

They have some address and phone numbers of mine out there in clear text (not my current ones though). They want a cell phone number to opt out, I’m not getting any confirmation codes on a throwaway google voice number or twilio, and I don’t want to give them my real one, especially if they’re on shaky ground.

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Competition, Civil Liberties, and the Internet…

Competition, Civil Liberties, and the Internet Giants:

Competition, Civil Liberties, and the Internet Giants

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