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Need anonymity/privacy for activism and organi…

Hello r/privacy

I need help establishing an anonymous and secure digital presence from the ground up. I’ve become involved in certain activist activities (non-violent mind you) that the government and or corporations would like to keep track of. In a former life I was involved in breaching security and privacy as a vocation. I regret this chapter in my life, but it made me aware of just how vulnerable we all are. My specific work was compartmentalized to specific communications mediums, and unfortunately never afforded me any formal training when it came to online security and privacy. Either way my knowledge and experience is substantially out of date, and I need a primer on where to go and what to do to become secure and anonymous on my phone and PC. As I said, I was never trained in any online security and subsequently know little to nothing about programing, coding, network protocols, etc. Are there any step by step guides or resources that I can use without having to go to school for CS?

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Chameleon for Firefox: user agent and data spo…

Chameleon for Firefox: user agent and data spoofer:

Chameleon for Firefox: user agent and data spoofer

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Apple will update iOS to block police hacking …

Apple will update iOS to block police hacking tool:

Apple will update iOS to block police hacking tool

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Did Instagram sneakily link itself to my faceb…

So I have 3-4 instagrams (Each for their own thing) and one of them is a secret instagram. It doesn’t have my face or identity of any kind on it, I can’t keep it private because I need it to be open to people still, but just recently the facebook icon popped up on the top of my home page for it. None of my other accounts have that icon. I don’t want to press the icon and see what happens, in case it confirms a link to my facebook, which is installed on my phone.
I know it sounds like a very bad move trying to have an insta and still trying to be secretive about it, knowing well that facebook owns it, and we all know the kinda stuff facebook deals with.

A) What’s the facebook icon on the top of my instagram profile mean?

B) Does this mean it has linked it to my facebook somehow? I have all permissions denied on my phone (Android)

C) How is it possible to achieve a good level of insta and facebook relation privacy (keeping them separate?)

Now, I’m not looking for a “If you want privacy, abandoned everything and go live on top of the Himalayas” kinda extremist response. Something moderate will do just fine.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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Any strong reason not to add a card to Google …

I’ve used Android devices for more than 8 years, and I never gave Google any personal information voluntarily.

But I was thinking that maybe it’s time to add a debit card to the account, so I can buy some apps, and support the developers of those apps that I’ve been using for years (buying the ad-free version for example).

Why now? Because I’m from Europe, and that consumer privacy protection law came into effect. Maybe now I can sort of trust Google when they say they won’t use that particular data (real name and address) for their profiling. Supposedly Google Pay is independent from their data gathering business.

So anyway, I’m not gonna stop using Gmail or other Google stuff. Any reason not to add a Google Pay payment method? It might be, at least in theory, the most private of all their services. Am I wrong in thinking that?

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Protecting privacy of Americans or attacking G…

Protecting privacy of Americans or attacking GDPR?:

Protecting privacy of Americans or attacking GDPR?

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Google Settings: Manage Device Information set…

I’m a little bit concerned about the “Information about the device, like battery level” part. So what exactly does Google mean by the last part:

“This may include things like whether the screen is on and battery level. The quality of your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, touchscreen and sensor readings, and crash reports can also be included.”

Does it mean that they can literraly see/track every single touch input I do on my Android device? I’ve been searching the web for some time now, and I didn’t find anything useful. This has to be turned on for other services to work, otherwise I would just turn it off and don’t think about it anymore. However, if it’s on and I use End-to-End-Encrypted Chat services, and if they really keylog every input, then what’s the point in using E2E Chat…

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Can we use Facebook the way it doesn’t want us…

We all pretty much know that facebook has hidden onion service. But that only mask your location and browser from tracking. Second thing we can do is to use Pseudonyms and Avatars, sarcastic addresses and other false info about us. If all my friends are following this same strategy (Using Tor browser, pseudonyms, avatars, every info being sarcastic and not true, not directly referring each other via real names on the website.), will facebook still be able to mine our personal info and identity?

If yes, what else can we do? Shouldn’t we all jot down some sort of guide to use Facebook securely, privately and with full anonymity?

UPDATE #1 : Also, Using it only via Tails OS. Liking Cat pictures (which in reality I hate) and joining cat content sharing groups just to give facebook a false idea that I am a person interested in cats. Secondly, using disposable random long email to signup.

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How the unwarranted use of Stingrays came to l…

How the unwarranted use of Stingrays came to light:

How the unwarranted use of Stingrays came to light

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So Your Startup Received the Nightmare GDPR Le…

So Your Startup Received the Nightmare GDPR Letter:

So Your Startup Received the Nightmare GDPR Letter

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