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Software to send texts between PC and phone (i…

Im looking for a way to send texts back and forth between my iPhone and Linux system. It has to be open source and encrypted. Anyone having a recommendation?

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How healthy is the Internet – Mozilla report 2…

How healthy is the Internet – Mozilla report 2018:

How healthy is the Internet – Mozilla report 2018

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Reccomendations of online credit or debit card…

Hello, I’m looking for some kind of online credit card thats not linked in any way to me in order to verify and create an account on a site that needs credit card verificacion. Any ideas? I’ve herd of some kind of online visa card? Would that work? Thanks for your help

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From a privacy standpoint, how secure is Disco…

I understand most is proprietary, but how safe can we expect our information to be when using Discord? (For those who are better at understanding privacy policy mumbo jumbo)

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Req: Advice on Effective Data Poisoning [Serio…

Req: Advice on Effective Data Poisoning [Serious]:

Req: Advice on Effective Data Poisoning [Serious]

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[Newbie Question] Micro SD encryption for Andr…

Hi all 🙂

I was wondering if its possible to encrypt a micro SD card for android but being able to read/write it on PC.

I’m currently running lineage OS and it doesn’t have the encryption option for micro SD. There is an option to encrypt system but it also did not work well to me.

I know if I encrypt the micro sd with android (still don’t know how) it will only work on that device, but what about an encrypted vault in SD, that can be decrypted in both Windows and Android? So despite the whole SD is not encrypted I could place the files there. Is there any app compatible with VeraCrypt’s vaults or something similar? I tried EDS from playstore but it freezes on my phone.


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How attack against Signal (and others) could w…

Zero knowledge end to end encryption is useless unless you can trust the platform the app or service runs. This applies to Signal and Protonmail and every other app that offers such guarantees. You are counting on the fact that even if the servers are compromised because they don’t control the keys your messages are still safe. However, this neglects the fact that the PLATFORM on your device could be modified to act maliciously WITH or WITHOUT the developers knowledge. Two examples:

  1. Using the all-writs act or other country secret national security mechanisms to compel a developer to modify the code of the app to capture the keys. See hushmail and probaby other countless examples kept secret.

  2. Attacking the SDK documented by CIA leaks to embed malicious code at compilation.

But Signal is Open Source?

How many people here have compiled the iOS app from source and able to match it to the source code?

Here is one guy – >

You can build Signal from source and android has reproducible builds see here:

All this though is just feel good fluff and difficult to implement in real life you would have to make sure everyone you talk to compiles it from source and has the technical capability to do it. I don’t think so.

And then you are still relying on the fact that the original code is good and they have not been forced or coerced into modifying it. Yes, it’s open source. So is OpenSSL. It took security researchers a couple of years before anyone noticed Heartbleed and that broke the internet. It was two lines of code. Let that sink in. Open source is not a silver bullet.

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Is Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB better for priva…

The LTSB version of Windows 10 comes without much of the crapware of a regular install (Edge, Xbox, Microsoft Store, etc.), but what about spyware? Does the LTSB version have less telemetry than a regular Windows 10 install? Thanks

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A Facebook question I can’t find an answer for…

Recently, I looked at my ‘ad profile’ on facebook. I noticed that facebook had record of a couple of apps I had installed on my iphone. It basically said “This is listed here because you downloaded this app”

Here is why I’m creeped out:

1) I have never installed the facebook or messenger app on my iphone.

2) The apps that facebook ‘has record of’ do not use a facebook account log in.

The weirder thing is it was a random subset of many apps I have on my phone.

So how the heck could facebook know I have these two particular apps?

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Is “DNS Over HTTPS” going to make any differen…

So, these days, DNS Over HTTPS is very much hyped as a way to query the DNS Servers in incognito mode which is supposed to stop tyrannical or dictatorial governments from eavesdropping on their user’s DNS queries and thus help with privacy.

But does it really? Isn’t it as easy to block the IP addresses as the DNS queries? I don’t understand what the big thing about “DNS Over HTTPS” really is.

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