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Google’s smart facial-recognition video doorbe…

The world needs an open source, self-hosted version of this technology.

how private is skyp’s new private conversation…

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Stylish add-on makes a return – gHacks Tech Ne…

Stylish add-on makes a return – gHacks Tech News:

Stylish add-on makes a return – gHacks Tech News

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Love LineageOS? Take a survey to make it bette…

Love LineageOS? Take a survey to make it better!:

Love LineageOS? Take a survey to make it better!

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Problem transfering contacts from google to FO…


Exporting from google ony allows .csv and .vcard formats. The only contacs app from F-Droid seems to be Simple Contacts, but upon importaning contacts it asks for a .vcf format. Any advice?

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Any good open-source ToDo/Habit Tracker for iO…

I’ve been looking for a while for a good todo style app for ios that is privacy respecting. Can be paid or free, but I’d prefer it to be free. Need it to be compatible with Windows via desktop app or online browser access/dropbox, also. Thanks.

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Best Replacement for Address on Online Account…

When it comes to online accounts asking for your physical address (i.e. street name, zip code, etc), what do you guys usually do? For things like bank accounts or professional organizations (IEEE, etc) I can understand giving your actual address, but why do services like Samsung need it, if they do at all?

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Moving away from Google Photos… where do I g…

I have thousands of photos uploaded to Google Photos (unlimited storage seemed nice at the time), but I’m cutting Google out of my life and need an alternative for this last step in doing so.

My main goal is privacy and security, and I don’t mind paying for a service that can deliver on this. I don’t wanna back up my photos solely on an external hard drive because I’ve had really bad luck with hard drives failing on me completely despite taking excellent care of them.

I looked on but couldn’t find any one service that jumped out at me.

I came across the popular Nextcloud but I’m not entirely sure what it is and how I would even self-host. I’m technical, but not technical enough to dedicate hours on maintenance, updates, etc.

Also came across Piwigo but not sure how it works.

Can anyone provide suggestions? Preferably open source. I guess I would need cloud as well (which I know is less secure than local), but I can’t go on having only physical backups. Facial recognition would be helpful too (I know, privacy issues), but if possible it would help because I have easily 50 GB+ of pictures and it would help me sort through them more easily.

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