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How GPS can track you, even when you turn it o…

How GPS can track you, even when you turn it off:

How GPS can track you, even when you turn it off

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Alexa alternatives have a secret weapon: Priva…

Alexa alternatives have a secret weapon: Privacy:

Alexa alternatives have a secret weapon: Privacy

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Any Private Text Message Service/Phone Carrier…

Are there any, paid or otherwise, services available which will give you a real number for SMS messaging that do not require a cell phone number to create an account?

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How do you get family to use a password manage…

I’m having a hard time trying to convince my mother how great a password manager is and will make her life easier and more secure. But she still refuses to use it. I’m wondering if others have gone through this with family before and have any advice?

Found here is migrating to Google Cloud Platfo… is migrating to Google Cloud Platform: is migrating to Google Cloud Platform

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How to change Identity and fly to a new countr…


I recently saw a film where two agents of some intelligence agency wanted to resign from the agency and since the agency won’t let them leave, they simply flied to another country and from there, they got new passports and flied to another country with those fake passports and identity papers.

They settled there with new identities with peace, far away from the agencies.

I was wondering how is it possible or if it really works. They were agents and therefore they had higher risk of getting caught, but for a normal person who hasn’t commit a crime and simply want to start a new life from scratch, what are the steps involved to get into a new country or place with a new identity from scratch?

Share your opinions.

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How much all-seeing AI surveillance is too muc…

How much all-seeing AI surveillance is too much?:

How much all-seeing AI surveillance is too much?

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Narrative network alpha registration is now op…

What is Narrative

Narrative is a content platform where members and brands can create and curate content and share their stories—either visually or through words. More than a social network, Narrative is a true online community where users rule and are rewarded. There are three types of content channels: Personal Journals

Personal Journals offer users a space where only their content can be posted. The content is not moderated and all members can view/comment. Niches

Niches are communal subjects that anyone can post to. Each niche has an owner, who is rewarded based on the overall quality of content in the channel. Brands

Brands are special channels designed for personal brands, organizations or publications that want to control who can post and manage the content on their channels.

Why It’s Fair For Everyone

Currently, social networks and other publishing platforms set content policies from on high, usually arbitrarily enforced, and earn billions of dollars off of the backs of their users. Narrative flips the script by putting its members in control of not only their content and data, but also the community at large. Social Networks

Current social networks subjugate users—giving them no control over content or data and retaining nearly all revenue. Solution

With Narrative, the middleman is eliminated, as users have management authority over the content and receive nearly all of the revenue derived from the system. Publications

Bloggers, magazine and newspaper writers struggle to monetize their content as ad services and publishers take a huge cut for the content marketing they provide. Solution

Narrative provides a turn-key platform for compensating authors, editors, and moderators. How The New Content Economy

Narrative is changing the game with a powerful economic model that rewards the people creating and facilitating great content, with substantial revenue sources to build and sustain the network. 85% of all revenue is distributed to users.

In the Content Economy, users govern the system, with each user’s contributions and actions, influenced by overall reputation, impacting the economic reward. The economic motive is to reward all users who add value. Narrative uses blockchain technology as the basis for a content currency, creating tangible value around user-generated content.

Reputation scores and content ratings ensure that “bad eggs” have minimal impact and that quality users and content rise to the top and are rewarded the most. For All to See Transparency

Narrative is a completely transparent system. All actions of authority (moderator actions, Tribunal actions, etc.) are logged and published for all to see. All revenue-related transactions are also displayed. The financials of the organization will also be audited and published. Authority Member Governance

Narrative members have management authority of all content. Content is owned by users, moderators are elected, and a user-elected Tribunal is the final authority on all issues related to content and data on the network. Every ad that appears on the network is subject to community approval, as well. Rewards Paid Crypto-Phobics Welcome

Although Narrative utilizes cryptocurrency to capture the economic value of the network, users do not have to have any understanding of blockchain or cryptocurrency. The service is completely free to use and rewards will be paid in either crypto or traditional currency. Who Meet the Team Leadership Ted O’Neill

Pioneer in UI design and development, originator of BBCode, viral marketing innovator. Founder of Social Strata, responsible for development of a series of category-leading community platforms since 1998. Rosemary O’Neill

Co-Founder of Social Strata, 20+ years of leadership in the online community space as an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. Recognized HR innovator, interviewed by HuffPo, Fox & Friends, BBC, and NPR’s All Things Considered regarding Social Strata’s pioneering unlimited paid leave program. Brian Lenz

Proven software engineer and architect with 17+ years of experience overseeing all aspects of SaaS technology provisioning, including infrastructure, systems, and security as well as software development. Developer for the City of Zion. Michael Farris, Ph.D.

Innovator, entrepreneur, educator, and expert in learning technology design. Community builder and communicator. Molly O’Neill

Award-winning tech executive with 25 years experience. Recognized writer and presenter for print, radio and online media. Regulatory expert testifying multiple times before US Congress. Melanie Mathos

Marketing leader, brand builder, social mediaphile, author and speaker with 18 years experience in industries ranging from publishing to tech marketing. Advisors Christopher S. Penn

Digital Marketing Executive, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Ninja. Michael B. Moore

Brand Strategy Expert. Best-Selling Author. Former Coca-Cola brand manager. President | Chief Executive Officer at International African American Museum. Paul B. Allen founder, Keynote Speaker, Tech Entrepreneur, Global Strengths Evangelist. Chris Pirillo

Content Creator and Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Creator of LockerGnome, one of the original email newsletters on the web, the pioneering Gnomedex event, and a popular tech culture YouTube channel.

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Why I Care About Crypto – Crypto Ramble – Medi…

Why I Care About Crypto – Crypto Ramble – Medium:

Why I Care About Crypto – Crypto Ramble – Medium

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Cops Need a Warrant (Usually) for Your Cell Da…

Cops Need a Warrant (Usually) for Your Cell Data:

Cops Need a Warrant (Usually) for Your Cell Data

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