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OpenNIC DNS and strange DNS leak test results


I’m switching my default router DNS server from ISP to an OpenNIC one.

I learned something about DNS leak from and, running both extended and standard tests, I can see the IP of the new OpenNIC server I have set.

Then I’ve decided to run those tests multiple times, while surfing the web, and suddenly I’ve started to see other IPs as results, e.g.

DNS Leak results

and those are definitely not the IPs of my new OpenNIC DNS server.

Btw my localtion is not in USA, I’m in Europe.

So could you explain to me what is going on?

Is it a DNS leak from my ISP that found out I’m not using its default DNS server and is trying to use a transparent DNS or what?

P.s. I don’t use a VPN and I prefer not to use one!


Edit: also found out that it happens with other non-OpenNIC DNS servers like and

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How many TRUST really is needed to use an app

So I have used e2ee chat app Signal and password manager like Lastpass and encrypted ProtonMail for a year

At first, I trusted what I have been told: client side, local encryption etc.

and while I try to grasp more understanding on the term open source, I found a bit confusing, and do not seems to able to get an answer, and try to think if my trust was offered too easily.

When one says an app or service is open source, I realize that the source code can be reached by the public, and the code is free to be used, modified etc. One of my concern lying on the first part, when the code is open to public, everyone can audit it, find problem or vulnerability.

Of course it is good, but how can one be sure that the open source app, take Signal as an example, would summit to apple app store the same software generated by the source code exactly, is there any way to confirm? Because I think one of the benefit of opening the code is that, you do not need to trust the publisher indeed, you can verify yourself. But if there is a part of the process that the publisher can cheat, it just ruins the whole magic.

And, says it is run on iOS or windows, if the code of the OS is not fully disclosed like linux, is that mean however robust the security and encryption the software is, the OS can still find a way to cheat, and there is still a ring in the chain of “trust ” lying on the OS itself? just do not want to be paranoid, but suppose if there is some hidden agenda in iOS or windows, are they able to undermine all the hard work done be these app?

I understand there is a difference between source code and binary code. But of any proprietary software like Lastpass or Dashlane ( of course they are both not open source, but not sure if they have disclosed their code, especially on the front end), the software downloaded on the computer is already the binary code

at the mean time, if I access those vaults with a browser, at least I can right click and show the element, go through the source code, and while all encryption is done on the client side, making them no way to cheat ( I am not sure). is that mean using web to access is more “cheat proof ” than using an app, on which you cannot verify unless they release the source code and leave yourself to compile?

I am a bit lost here, on one hand, those “zero knowledge”, open source and disclosed source with the webpage, do all the encryption on the front end is trying to tell the customer: you do not need to trust me, just go and check the code.

but seems there is still so must Trust has to be paid on using those service, believing they will, and no other party would try to interfere them to (like the OS), uphold those claims. I also found those concepts driving me a bit dizzy

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Can Microsoft see whats in my Word Documents?

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Found here is blocked in many countries?

i Found Official Torrent site Proxies below for full access. these Proxies are made by Its owner so No Ads No Popups.

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Which browser should I use, Firefox Vs Brave?

I have no idea on either, I want which one is more private, but still works well.

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Exposing the Secret Office 365 Forensics Tool

Exposing the Secret Office 365 Forensics Tool:

Exposing the Secret Office 365 Forensics Tool

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Any all-in-one Note taking app like EverNote?

Hi, I’m really having a hard time to find an app similar to EverNote in terms of its features. I want to change because there is NO encryption option in EverNote. There is only text encryption which is crap.

Any recommendation?

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How The Government Killed Your Online Privacy

How The Government Killed Your Online Privacy:

How The Government Killed Your Online Privacy

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Thoughts on Online Therapy? (i.e. BetterHelp)

I struggle with anxiety and depression, but cannot afford standard therapy sessions (there are also no free therapy services in my area).

I’ve heard about and heard that it’s cheaper, but I’m of course worried about the privacy concerns with talking about sensitive issues over the Internet. Obviously talking to a therapist in person would be preferred, but it’s not an option for me.

Any thoughts on this service or online therapy in general?

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AI Can Now Identify You By Your Walking Style

AI Can Now Identify You By Your Walking Style:

AI Can Now Identify You By Your Walking Style

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