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How ‘incognito’ is Chrome’s incognito window?

Just want to really know how incognito and private Chrome’s incognito browser really is. For all I know is that it doesn’t track cookies or history or anything, but as far as location, login information, etc. does it track any of that data? If so, are there any other alternatives on being super anonymous and untraced on the internet?

How data classification supports GDPR efforts

As Forrester Research once wrote, “security and risk professionals must start from data classification to build their data protection strategy”, because if you don’t know what you have, then you don’t know what to protect and how to protect it

Suitable privacy os/rom for Samsung Galaxy S4

Hi. Can anyone suggest a decent privacy focused os I can flash to an old Galaxy S4?Thanks in advance

What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain

What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain:

What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain

Recruiters want a copy of my driver’s license

I’m applying for new jobs, and many recruiters are asking for a copy of my driver’s license as part of the application process. When asked why they want it, they just say, “it’s part of the process” and offer no additional details.This seems a little unnecessary, especially for just an initial application. For the employment paperwork, yeah, I can see that, but just to get my name in front of the team that may or may not grant me an interview? What am I missing?

Privacy-friendly Project Management Software?

Hi, I’m looking for something like Asana or Trello but privacy friendly. In both asana and trello, it is clearly written that employees can access our contents for fixing any problem or to enhance user experience. I don’t want that.I’m looking for a privacy-friendly project management tool and it would be better if it is a standalone windows software and can be operated offline too.Any recommendations?These companies are following the footsteps of big sharks like MS and google but mark my words, they soon will come down.

Privacy recommendations: keylogger, antivirus

What are your recommendations to keep my shit safe? I’ve got High Sierra – do I need any more antivirus or keylogger technology? Account logout software? Tell me your thoughts, thank you!!​​

What’s the best phone to add a custom rom to?

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I have recently launched a Tor non-exit relay

I’m going to support the Tor Project and become a volunteer. I have recently launched a Tor non-exit relay on my rented VPS with a bandwidth of 2 TB per month. I consider doing translations, help people on IRC, take part in privacy-related discussions and teach people how to stay anonymous. I got rid of Facebook a few years ago and I have been switching to Tor Browser for everyday usage.

Dilemma Updates/Security/Convience vs Privacy

Hello,Before deciding to join Reddit, I´ve been reading a lot in this sub and I learned alot, so thank you very much.I´m on the verge of changing my old iPhone 6s (still working but 16Gb of storage is really limited today) and I´m looking for alternatives. The new apple prices are ridiculous and I´m going there. I really like the Pixel line, also Samsung Galaxy has a beatiful design. But they are Android…​But As far as I read here, it seems that Lineage Os is generally the “simple” answer. But if I´m going to put money on a flaship phone, I would really try to avoid anything that can mess the waranty (roms/root) for at least two years (which will also allow me to have updated security and Android updates). On the other hand, Lineage updates depends only on the maintainers, so it could disappear just one day with no prior notice.​I´m actually not a heavy Google user and I don´t depend on them (except for Google maps that literally saved me one time when travelling).​Isn´t there any possible way to protect privacy (I´m not saying 100%, but at least not sharing my activities with Google) while using a standard Android phone? Will disabling Track activities on Google account will be of any help?I mean, if all the people using simple android without tweacks are under Google surveillance. That would be actually insane…Thank you.