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What ad/tracker blockers do people suggest?

DuckDuckGo temporarily doesn’t work with the new version of Safari. There is a warning that Ghostery slows down your internet surfing speed and it disables it (can be re-enabled).What reliable and working ad/tracker blockers are they that I can use?

Deep Dive – No YouTube – Text Based Content

Hey,Currently I use the channel pages as bookmarks and then grab the link to YouTube for the video and use YouTube-DL to download it.There are a few ways to handle YouTube watching in regards to privacy. Well maybe not exactly privacy, but getting away from Google. Such as the many sites/tools mentioned here. However it seems to me that no matter what, you are ultimately using their services, supporting them in a a way, and well how much data can be pulled from these options? Do we know. I even doubt search engines like StartPage that do anonymous Google results.So I’m thinking of doing a test run of not using YouTube whatsoever. It’s a big change that will likely fail but I want to try.So what do I use YouTube for. Walk-throughs, tutorials, reviews, vloggers, game/movie trailers, and news (all types). I have only 11 channels that I currently check out, but many of them are years of following/watching. So a bit of an attachment.So all that to ask this….What are some sites that do text/written posts instead of video? Hopefully sites that work without Javascript (though not a deal breaker). Sites like WCCFTech. I mention that one as they kind of do a bunch of different content. I’m looking for all topic areas, all with reviews and news. Talking games, movies, shows, Linux, hardware, technology, and of course privacy/security and so on.Let me list the channels I currently follow:LinusTechTipsLevel1LinuxThe KnowJayzTwoCentsGamespotCasey NiestatBoogie2988No ClipMKBHDPaul’s HardwareBitwitAny suggestions are welcome.

Trustworthy and secure XMPP/Jabber servers?

As a newbie to the Conversations messenger, I’m curious to know which are some of the XMPP/Jabber servers that you would consider actually trustworthy and secure (OMEMO encryption support, hashed passwords, storage of data/metadata, etc)? and both have plenty of choices but I’d like to know your opinions and choices.:)

Linkedin private profile to follow someone.

Hi. I have a question. I have one Linkedin private account( set to private profile), and I follow a person that I don’t want to share any of my info. Would my profile stay to showing as ’ LinkedIn member’ or will my profile be discovered even I set everything to private( except profile pic that you could just set to connections and we don’t have a connection). I really care about this, please let me know. And if better, please try before you tell me. Thanks a lot.

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How is the Honey Addon in terms of Privacy?

It looks great for finances but “at what cost”.

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What did you use to replace text messaging?

What secure messaging apps do you use instead of standard SMS/MMS?

And how did you convince your family/friends to download the app?

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DRM is required to use Spotify. Is it safe?

Signed up for Spotify, but for the first time ever, the website/my Firefox browser shows this message:

“You must enable DRM player to play some audio or video. Learn More. Enable.”

I see no reason such a thing would ever actually be necessary to play audio on my browser, so I’m suspicious and didn’t enable it.

Any thoughts on this?

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Completely removing my address from the web

Hi! Need some advice here.. I’ve noticed (from doing a basic google search) that several websites post my full name AND address. I have a unique first and last name, so that information is not hard to find. Because of circumstances it’s become unsafe for me to have my address so easily accessible. I’ve already opted out of several people finder websites that I’ve been able to find but how do I increase my coverage? I’m scared that my address is still out there somewhere if someone really wanted to find it.

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Help – my website shows very strange visits

I hope this is allowed here and that a knowledgeable person can help me out.

I wrote a pretty controversial article on my anarchist life and there is this one device (according to the unique ID) that visits that article multiple times per day, always from different IP addresses located all across Spain.

How is that possible, like any idea what that could be.

It doesn’t make sense to me at all.


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I need some advice on password manager apps

I’m currently using LastPass but i heard that its algorithm is unsafe. What would you recommend me?

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