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Encryption between exit node and webserver

Routing your internet traffic through Tor will leave one problem: The exit node and anyone between exit node and webserver will be able to eavesdrop all the traffic.

I’m looking for a way to encrypt traffic over the exit node up to the webserver.

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How do I get rid of google search results?

I deleted an account that had my email and tons of social media accounts all linked in the bio. If you google the username, it still comes up, despite the account being deleted and clicking on it leading to a blank page. The description under the blue text when you google it still lists my email and accounts. Does it just go away after awhile or am I fucked?

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Anybody have any experience with HestiaPi?

Looks like a good option for anyone that is looking for smart features without handing over data.

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Real-time face recognition and privacy IRL

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Major police departments are exploring real-time face recognition on live surveillance camera video. Real-time face recognition lets police continuously scan the faces of pedestrians walking by a street surveillance camera. It may seem like science fiction. It is real. Contract documents and agency statements show that at least five major police departments—including agencies in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles—either claimed to run real-time face recognition off of street cameras, bought technology that can do so, or expressed a written interest in buying it. Nearly all major face recognition companies offer real-time software.

How can we protect our privacy in the real world? I don’t want to be wearing a ski mask in the Summer.

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Please help me choosing an e-mail provider

Hello /r/privacy .

I’m looking for a new e-mail provider, and would like it to be a semi private one.

I’m coming from Tutanota, and miss the reset password and forward function.

Here’s what I’m looking for.

  • A forgotten password function (Tutanota doesn’t have this)

  • Automatic forwarding or aliases all mail comming from different mails going towards one inbox.

  • End to end encryption

  • Reasonable privacy policy

  • Reasonable price

I’ve been looking at Posteo, and it seems reasonable but the privacy policy is a little meh, since they tell you that they in fact can read your mails and if forced will give your mail to government.

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What is your security/privacy phone setup?

What phones do r/privacy use? Custom OS? Applications?

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Thoughts on the new social media app Vero?

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GDPR & product design: where to start?

GDPR & product design: where to start?:

GDPR & product design: where to start?

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What laptop should I buy for best Privacy?

Besides UTFSE / google it, I’m looking for a laptop under $500 with privacy and security as the primary sole use for the machine. Only plan to run Tails or similar Linux OS ( suggestions?) and would like to know if specific laptops have more pre installed bs which will be harder to bypass/delete then others.

Basically I’m mildly retarded and need advice. Not looking to play games / edit videos or any hardware heavy activities on it mostly send / recieve crypto / surf the Web anonymously. I have other computers for email / FB / Netflix / torrentz etc.

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How to delete posts on non-reddit forums ?

I am trying to clean my internet profile and I have run into a roadblock. There are many forums without any option of deleting or even modifying old posts. Some of my old posts are kind of cringey…is there anything specific I could mention when emailing the moderator with a request to delete the posts?

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