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Censorship-free alternative of Cloudflare?

Well, it just happened.

After years of running several domains on Cloudflare,

I just got suspended because someone didn’t like a piece of content on it. DMCA Request.

They didn’t even contact me – straight to Cloudflare.

Is there any alternative to Cloudflare I can use now?

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How to find out what data Apple has on you

How to find out what data Apple has on you:

How to find out what data Apple has on you

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Best alternatives to

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Something very concerning about Signal app

The main development of Signal recently went on record to state that Signal app doesn’t have its own encryption at rest, which is a departure from its predessor TextSecure which did claim to have encryption at rest natively.

Furthermore, the decision was made at the highest level by none other than the main dev Moxie himself to force all users to update to the new version of Signal that has passcode lock entirely removed in favor of less secure fingerprint unlocking which also loses certain legal protections afforded by the use of passcodes in some jurisdictions.

All this comes on the heels of Signal accepting 20 million dollars from Facebook subsidiary in recent months and apparently the developer Moxie is immediately closing and then locking any and all github posts related to or making any mention of the recent unusual changes and removal of passcode functionality. Instead he merely states that it’s a topic and conversation to be had on the official Signal forums, yet anyone who tries to bring it up there also immediately gets shut down, locked and altogether disappeared.

Of notable is that fact that this major change and removal of passcode functionality in favor of coerced fingerprint locking was neglected to be mentioned in the published changelogs, yet another departure from common sense for a supposedly privacy app that puts security first.

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Is crDroid reputable and good for privacy?

crDroid is an alternative Android ROM based on LineageOS.

Has anyone had experience with using it? Is it reputable and good for privacy? How stable is it?

Found here – where do they get their info?

I did a search of myself on the website It has inaccurate information about me on there. I called to remove my information, but it has yet to be removed. Does anyone know where they gather their “publicly available” data from? I cannot find any information anywhere!

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How exactly does an ad get to my facebook?

Hi all, Can someone explain to me how an ad gets to my facebook? Perfect example, am looking for a suit, I look at a site on my phone that I plan to buy suit from and next time i check my facebook there is an advert from that supplier.
I do not have the official facebook app (I use metal) on my phone, I did not log into the suit shop with my facebook, in fact I did not login to website at all, I did not mention the site on any messaging platform.
So this tells me the facebook is somehow monitoring my browser or somehow that website I visited was given my identity on facebook.
It was my understanding the facebook only tracked sites you used facebook to login to.
Can somebody please explain how from my looking at a site on my phone goes to that site advertising on my feed?
Thanks in advance

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Why is Tor’s IP showing up in Statcounter?

I had Tor with NoScript untouched on full block, but it’s IP showed up on my Statcounter analytics when I tested it on my website.

But when I have NoScript on my normal FF browser, my visit never gets logged by Statcounter. No visit or IP detected at all. What’s going wrong with Tor?

I assume if Statcounter detected the Tor IP, then Google Analytics can too.

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Introducing Fingertrap, For Whistleblowers

Introducing Fingertrap, For Whistleblowers:

Introducing Fingertrap, For Whistleblowers

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Privacy friendly alternative to Teamviewer

Any thoughts on something similar to TV:

I want to be able to:

Install on any desktop without opening ports in the router

Be able to access from android

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