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Is it possible to securely wipe a SD card?

I know of DBAN but I think it’s only for regular HD’s.I’m aware to use encryption but what about when you remove a file and need to unlock it for someone. The file can be recovered can’t it if it’s not wiped?Using macOS

2019 : The year I depart the google-sphere

As an IS/IT professional, I have always been pretty focused on digital and internet privacy. Over the last few years, I have been on a never-ending mission to get my apps under control. The first to go was microsoft. I ditched them about a decade ago and never looked back. I own ZERO windows machines, no xbox, no licenses, no office, nada. I’m even planning to nuke my github now that they’re owned by M$. Next was dropbox. I mean seriously how many times can a cloud get hacked? I turned an old desktop into my own cloud server instead. Then facebook, just fuck facebook. When you get into your late 20s and early 30s it just turns into nothing but MAGA asshats and baby pictures. I know you’re biologically required to love your baby, but it’s just social birth control for me. Then I built a proper server, got a big-boy firewall, rolled a pi-hole, changed my default search engine to duckduckgo, and stopped using google maps. Lately, I’ve been going back and deleting all my burner accounts throughout the interwebz. But alas, one massive hurdle remained…GMAIL! A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I was lured to the dark side with the promise of massive file attachment limits and an inbox that I have never had to EVER delete anything from. I knew it would be the last to go. Its been my recovery email address for at least 10 years. Everything is in my GMAIL account and I knew that replacing it would be a massive undertaking. However I am finally ready to migrate. The road ahead is long and hard. It will require dedication and focus to change my email address with every single site and service that I do use. I will keep my gmail for 12 months, checking it regularly to make sure that I don’t miss anything. However I am committed. I am ready. And on December 31st, 2019, I will leave the google-sphere forever. And I’m never going back!

Are TP-LINK routers reliable privacy-wise?

I’m looking for a new cheap router, anything replacing my current scrub of iron will do. Stumbled on some good enough TP LINK routers but I’m not sure if the brand has any history of spying or installing backdoors in their routers. Your thoughts?

Privacy Respecting Music Streaming Service

I know, this has been asked a lot before, but I didn’t get the answer I was hoping for. I don’t want to selfhost and/or pirate the music.Sure the services are collecting all kinds of personal data. But which service is repecting the users privacy the most? I mean Spotify shares the data with advertising companies and probably others too…Other choices are:Apple Music (I currently use it, but want to switch)DeezerTidalWhat’s your recommendation/opinion? Thanks 🙂

Chip Implants: The Next Big Privacy Debate

Chip Implants: The Next Big Privacy Debate:

Chip Implants: The Next Big Privacy Debate

Amazon – The Data Creep – Interesting Post

Amazon – The Data Creep – Interesting Post:

Amazon – The Data Creep – Interesting Post

Quora’s 100M Users Affected By Data Breach

Quora’s 100M Users Affected By Data Breach:

Quora’s 100M Users Affected By Data Breach

Spotify in misusing my email. How to stop?

Hi, I closed my Spotify account, but they keep using my email for Facebook advertising for several pages. Is there a way to contact the company without having an active account to demand them to stop? I’m from EU so there’s a low ruling the usage of my personal data! Thanks!

Where do you save private/sensitive files?

private/sensitive files = nudes etc…those which we keep a secret from even friends and family…those I want to go extinct along with meOver the years it’s been one of the biggest challenges for me..once upon a time, it was password protected USB storagesused to archive in Google photos (my idea was it’s safer than to keep it in the open, no one’s going to find out as long as my phone is locked)Next step was using IFTTT – created an applet to sent photos copied to a google photos album to Flickr. Lateron deleted those photos from the Google photos album manually (okay!! the files are safe in a different plaform no one knows that I’m using)then started using MEGA, has nice password protected app and end-to-end encryption (used to uploaded files as such until heard of the change in ownership and all)Current Scenario : using MEGA. Files are arranged to folders and encrypted using 7zip. The downside is that the files can be accessed/uploaded from my computer only.Future plan: creating a private cloud using Next cloud or similar platforms.All the above mentioned progress were as and when I learned more about privacy. Thanks r/privacy. Do any one of you have a similar setup or ideas? Thanks