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Linux Deepin 15.6 is still Collecting Data

Linux Deepin 15.6 is still Collecting Data:

Linux Deepin 15.6 is still Collecting Data

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Hooktube no longer uses google’s api. Why?

July 11th, hooktube added to their changelog that they no longer use google’s api and say its not their choice.

Changelog × July 11: HookTube no longer uses YouTube api for anything, and most features (channel page, search, related videos, etc) are gone. No choice. (Https://

Do you believe this is a canary? This update essentially cuts over half of the services previously provided without so much as a search function. Now it is necessary to use other search engines and manually changing the url.

What do you think about this and what do you think about hooktube?

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Possible to hide anything on a work phone?

Work gave me brand new S9. It’s way better than my personal phone, so I’d like to use it as my only device. If I run all of my personal apps out of the Secure Folder function on the S9, does that give me any privacy from potentially prying eyes in my IT department? I don’t really care if they can wipe the whole phone, Secure Folder and all. I’m just wondering if it would keep them out. I realize every IT department utilizes the tools available to them differently and my guess is my work doesn’t give a rip what I do on the phone as long as I don’t try and root the device or download really sketchy stuff. But I’m just wondering if the Secure Folder would keep them out by default. If it offers zero privacy from IT, then using it as described above seems pointless.

Edit: And yes, I’m aware that the best strategy is to never use a work phone for personal stuff. I’m just interested in the theoretical question: can you box something on a work phone such that a complete factory reset is the only option available to IT?

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Is Linux home + disk encryption necessary?

Hello! (I’ve done researching but couldn’t find my answer)

I am planning to install Linux mint to replace windows 10 and I am looking at encryption and wondering if both Home and disk encryption is necessary. I’m wondering If I need both encrypted I want to definitely encrypt my drive but is home necessary considering I am the only person who uses my computer? I need to know this to see its performance impact. I am going to install it on a SSD and I have a high spec machine as well (i5 6600 + 16GB ram + GTX 1070). Is there much of an impact considering my machine?

Thank you very much!

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Which browser should I be using on mobile?

I’ve tried multiple…

I’ve tried Firefox, I don’t really like it, I kinda like Brave and Opera…

Definitely screw chrome… I tried edge, it’s really good and I found an ad block and etc for it and blocked Microsoft from getting my browsing history and blocked reports…

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Privacy focus around rebuild of Apple Maps

Privacy focus around rebuild of Apple Maps:

Privacy focus around rebuild of Apple Maps

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Is anyone else still getting targeted ads?

I turned them off in my preferences, yet i still get very targeted ads… for example, i have one just now for a program im interested in at a local university i applied to. Is this a coincidence or is it happening for others?

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Shreddit not honouring subreddit whitelist


I’m using shreddit and only want it to delete posts that aren’t in my whitelist, yet when I do a trial run it literally wants to delete posts from those subreddits? Anyone got a clue why this is?

On a second note, is there a way to just delete certain subreddits?


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Self Hosted on a Dedi or Public Instance ?

Some weeks ago I bought a cheap dedi for multiple use, since I 100% don’t trust the company that sell it, I really wonder what’s better between : (let’s take Searx as an exemple)

  • Hosting my (Private) Searx Instance on the server (for me and maybe 2 or 3 other users, using the IP + custom port to access it)
  • Using a public instance of Searx

What do you think is better ?

Using something that I host on a machine I don’t own and don’t trust, but control (the thing is that the host can also control it),


Using something that somebody host in a machine that they potentially don’t own, potentially isn’t trustful, but in which I have 0 control

(I can’t host in my home for now, but I will in some years)

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How do I remove my fingerprint from Yahoo?

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