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Temporarily hide chrome history? possible?

Hey guys, is there a way to temporarily hide history and chrome, and bring it back later? I can only find guides to remove it completely but I dont want that, just a way to temporarily hide it when friends use the computer and bring it back when I need it, forcing them to use a separate account is not a good option, but a program with keyboard shortcut or similar would be perfect

what can work find out on my work computer

I got put on garden leave when I was leaving the office yesterday.I removed my personal accounts from chrome and Franz (fb messenger and whatsapp) but they disconnected the internet so I hope it worked but can’t be sure.They have now asked one of my friends at work to look at my browser history!What can they find out about my history browsing/chats if I have removed my personal accounts? Is it true your browser history is stored somewhere else on a mac?I dont really ever use Safari, just chrome and franz.

The Hidden Injuries of the Age of Exposure

The Hidden Injuries of the Age of Exposure:

The Hidden Injuries of the Age of Exposure

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How should I torrent anonymously for free?

Long story short I plan on using Tor almost all of the time. My 1 issue with it is that they discourage P2P traffic and even block it on some exit nodes. I Thought about getting a VPN however after learning about all the VPN providers that were caught lying about their no-log policy, I don’t really think I can trust a VPN as they can’t really prove they don’t log.

So then my next step was to look at getting a VPS to use as a VPN. The issue here is that there are very few providers that meet my requirements, of which I can’t verify their reputation and furthermore they are simply too expensive.

So here I am, looking for an alternative to use for P2P traffic. I looked at I2P however it seems I would only be able to torrent within the I2P network, and while that is useful, it isn’t what I’m looking for.

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Is my work PC properly password protected?

Requested from IT that my user password on my work pc be changed, so he did something on his computer, then told me to sign out from my computer, I did then signed in, entered old password, then windows requested I input another password so I changed it to a new one.

Can they access my user data now? see my password or something? Can I sign in to chrome now?

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Tildes: A Privacy-First Reddit Alternative

Tildes is a reddit alternative with a greater focus on privacy.

Their goals are listed here: It includes privacy by design and zero third-party scripts/assets during normal use:

Further elaboration of their stance on privacy:

It’s still in testing phase, so you can get an invite here:

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Trying to decide between Runbox and Posteo

I’m 50/50 right now. Looking for a second opinion.

I’m not going to use my own domain as that stands out too much these days and I apply to part time jobs a lot. It would seem too self important in those circles. So own domain support is not a factor.


– Doesn’t have the option to encrypt incoming mail with PGP public key like Posteo. But I question how useful that is anyway.

– More proven track record. But seems to take time to implement essential features like 2fa. I think Posteo is more on the ball and will be the first to implement things like Autocrypt.

– Already more expensive than Posteo and 1gb less storage plus Norway is a rich country so I fear not being to afford future price increase.


– No spam folder- what if I miss legit emails? I see their argument for not having the folder but the option would be nice.

– Their die hard focus on privacy will attract people who have things to hide which in turn could attract powerful groups such as governments or hackers. Does that make the service more vulnerable to a big scale attack?

– They are so idealist(I’m not against them. I’m actually very impressed) they list the type of furniture in their office/how their staff don’t fly/eat vegan lunch etc. I fear I might do something wrong like take too many flights or eat a burger to piss them off. Runbox seems more serious with business customers and a no nonsense homepage while still being environmentally friendly.


Not considering as they have worse support plus there are a few rude comments on the forum from Peer Heinlein.

I agree with his point but it rubs me the wrong way that he would speak like this to a customer just because he was annoyed. It didn’t do anything apart from make him look bad.

I just noticed that you canceld the complete payment. Now we have a big chaos, *lots* of costs and Paypal charges for nothing and just a waste of time. Thanks for that. Happy to help.

Not considering any of the other listed providers such as Disroot(too new, political,no business plan), Protonmail/Tutanota/Mailfence/KolabNow (nontraditional or expensive).

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Best ways to hide my Apps/Files on Android

I live in a country where recent citizen protests have unleashed a series of retaliatory actions from the government. Right now people are being stopped by paramilitaries and searched, including their phones. If they find anything even remotely related to being a University student, being catholic, being dissatisfied with the government or supporting/being part of the multitude of peaceful marches you can get “arrested”, labelled a terrorist and getting killed or judged in a Kangaroo court without due process.

For now I am looking for a way to hide the apps in my phone without making it obvious and for ways to prevent my files and information to be found and scrutinized, just in case they search my phone.

I’m not an expert tech person and any suggestions that do not involve rooting my phone would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Eyes in the Sky: How to Quantify Your Life

Eyes in the Sky: How to Quantify Your Life:

Eyes in the Sky: How to Quantify Your Life

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