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Read this if you’ve got ‘nothing to hide’

Read this if you’ve got ‘nothing to hide’:

Read this if you’ve got ‘nothing to hide’

Ghostery add-on open source alternative ?


Buying a new phone number for public use?

For websites that require a phone number that will be leaked or sold to public database sites I want to give them a phone number I own, but not my primary number. Are there any cheap options where I can buy a local number and have a voicemail set? I was considering a tracfone for $100/year but I do not really want to spend that much.

Which Google system/apps can be removed ?

Hi.​Does someone have a guide which google/android system apps can be removed safely ?​I want to keepPlay-ServicesPlay-StoreGoogle Backup Transport​but remove for exampleGoogle fit syncGoogle person details syncGoogle Play Cloud sync​which i can’t find in the system/app or priv-app folder.​But i already deletedGoogle calendarGoogle calendar syncGoogle contacs sync

Is Mass Adoption of Blockchain possible ?

Is Mass Adoption of Blockchain possible ?:

Is Mass Adoption of Blockchain possible ?

Password manager and apps that are shared

I want to set up a password manager (I am thinking Lastpass) and I am curious about how it would affect my subscription to Deezer/Spotify. If I add my Deezer password to the vault when logging in through my browser, will this then cause any phone apps to also need the new password? My Deezer app is shared with my other half – so would doing this lock them out of the app?Thanks.

Where do I buy Anti-Surveillance Clothing

I just saw a video that now this news posted about surveillance systems about to track your movement on twitter. That’s not good and I want to protect my privacy. My only rule these pieces of clothing can’t make look crazy in public!I’m just looking for a designer that makes them or someone who can teach me how to make them. Cuz I now you can make then with led things around you.

What’s the deal with Incognito Adblocker?

Just casually scrolling through the firefox addons I noticed one called Incognito Adblocker. Even at first glance it looks like mainstreamalized eye candy version of uBlock Origin (which they indeed are based on). The showy look carries to their website, which also contains this gem:How it worksIncognito Adblocker automatically blocks ads from all the sites. From the popup you can choose to whitelist or keep blocking ads in the current site.Like… even my grandma wouldn’t be content with that explanation. On the same website as well as their addon page they also claim it to be open source, but I couldn’t find the source code anywhere… but hey, at least their addons page also says this:100% PRIVATE – WE DON’T KEEP ANY DATAIncognito AdBlocker never keeps any browsing history or data (unlike other adblock extensions). It also doesn’t allow any internet tracking of your activity. Browse freely and securely with use of super advanced privacy tools.So I guess we can be safe!​Also the Chrome Webstore link on their website is dead which leads me to believe that even Google deleted it.So, how did it manage to rack up 14 470 users and 326 five star ratings in 5 days and more importantly (been around for longer, see) what is it?

Oversight in the US vs in other countries

Can someone point me to some evidence that the US has better oversight over surveillance than other countries? I remember reading something about it, either on this page or in a paper, however I am now struggling to find this information. Does anyone have any articles or papers that they can link me to? Thanks for your help.