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I heard Signal isn’t good for privacy…

I’ve been looking for a decent alternative to texting… ideally something with encryption. Snowden recommends Signal but I’ve been reading posts here recommending against it for the following reasons:Developer doesn’t want to release the client on FDroid.Developer requires a phone number for sign-up.The servers are in the US and the entire relay system is centralized.Developer has praised WhatsApp and has worked with big corporations – in fact large corporations help fund the development of Signal itself, leading to potential questions about the motives behind Signal.Signal stores metadata about your conversations.If not Signal, then what other good alternatives are out there?

Should I keep my apple watch or sell it?

In regards to privacy. Is it leaking any of my info via the microphone or gps?

Search engine – DuckDuckGo or Startpage?

Which one do you use?

We are winning. We are frustrating them.

We are.Don’t ever underestimate your efforts. They talk tough. They claim we are small fry. Inconsequential. But their actions betray their fear and frustration.Shitgle (Google) illegally bought millions of dollars worth of Mastercard transcribed transactions, recently.That’s right. Offline transactions.If this means nothing to you, please get off this awesome sub like right now. Go join the millions of necrotic zombies rotting away on Facecrook (Facebook), telling that egomaniacal sociopath Mark Zuckerberg how many minutes they spent while taking a shit in the restroom.Use cold cash while shopping. Convenience will come back to bite you in the derriere.See, I worked for a media startup for a few years. We were heavily into marketing to promote our content and those of our clients. Of course, any internet marketer knows how critical analytics is. The funnel. That was a startup, but the amount of data I had access to was scary. If you accessed our sites (organically or via an affiliate), we knew your porn idiosyncrasies, and we totally sold that shit for dough.CPM ads don’t bring in as much revenue as they once did.It’s behavioural profiling, and it’s unfortunately the industry norm. Your antivirus software does it. Your beloved MOBA game does it. That popular BR game does it (multiple times every fortnight).Of course, PornHub does it. Why not?Our company whored off one of our assets. I was seriously involved in it, so I left. I could’ve gone back to the cush job in another capacity, but something had changed in me.I grew a muthafucking conscience.We were all stupid once upon a time. We idled away on Facecrook, binged on YouTube vids, read the latest WhatsApp gossip, LOLed at Instagram puppies doing cute things, sent “encrypted” messages on Messenger, sent nudes on Snapchat, sent “private” DMs on Twitter (yes, Twitter), listened to our playlists on Spotify, wrote notes on Evernote, checked our email on Gmail, perused Medium and the Guardian (check the crazy number of ads and trackers set per page visit), dictated to Amazon Echo……then we woke up. We took Morpheus’s red pill (not the politicized version). That’s why we’re here.Make opsec a habit. Corporations pay millions of dollars for your user data. You’re probably just a regular Joe (or Jane), but your online footprints persist. These evil corporations know the intrinsic value of your private moments and secrets. Your user data already makes (online) purchases more expensive for you. It could have your insurance claim denied, seriously hike your healthcare costs, cost you a potential job, destroy your business career, or have you assassinated. You better understand that.That little bit of convenience pales in comparison. Fuck convenience.We made mistakes with our data, but that’s in the past. Let them keep it. Now, we own the present and determine our future. The goal is to severely limit the ongoing data mining, and obfuscate the rest of the traffic. Confuse them.Missing pieces in their data sets continuously happening over years will frustrate them even more. It’s one nice way to cripple artificial “intelligence”.As a matter of policy, I don’t trust any company (especially those with data centers in U.S.A.). Transparency comes before trust, even in the lexicon. Companies that “care about my privacy” must have audited OSS, and even then, they’ll have to earn my trust by DEEDS.Ethical companies sell out (like Ghostery), or they begin to have clandestine deals with intelligence agencies, or they become too big for their breeches and forget their promises.Don’t trust your VPN provider. Don’t trust your browser. Monitor subtle changes in the legalese of the EULA, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. Don’t EVER get attached to any brand. Be ready to jump ship once your favourite “privacy-protecting” brand is exposed. Cease subscriptions and desist from donations.Fellow ladies, take data privacy seriously. Your cache is much more valuable than your lip gloss. If you don’t know that, fucking Sundar Pichai does. That’s why he’s brazenly breaking every law on the planet to steal your user data. The tech know-how required to protect yourself isn’t rocket science. We make the methods easy here and elsewhere. If you want to empower yourself with knowledge, you’ll do it. Don’t let Mattel fool you into believing “math is hard."You aren’t a pink, fluffy doll. You aren’t a commodity. You aren’t anyone’s bitch.You’re strong, you’re rugged, you’re tough, and you know your rights.Your country has a ratified right to privacy in the Constitution. Even if you’re Congolese, it should be there. It’s YOUR right. Anyone who infringes on it does so illegally.Shitgle commits crimes every single day. The NGA (not a typo) commits crimes every single day. Since legislators are too corrupt to care, let’s assume the onus.We are up against corrupt corporations, the USIC, Fourteen Eyes spies, their allies, misanthropic neural networks, blackhats, and even embedded agents right here on Reddit. Thing is, we’re winning. I know we are.Make opsec a habit, just like brushing your teeth.Remain vigilant.

For a Mac mini owner, Security based OS?

Looking to dual boot before I make the big switch and I’ve never done anything like this before, but! I won’t let that hold me back!Anyone know a compatible, probably Linux distro, that is doable on a Mac and has an emphasis on security? Qubes seems legit but idk if it’s compatible and it might be a little advanced for me.Thanks all!

Any alternatives for a Google Translate?

I’m going to cut off a Google but I sometimes need to translate something. What are best any open-source and privacy friendly alternatives for a Google Translate?

Some questions as regards iPhone privacy

Hi I was seeking some specific advice, opinions for my iOS device.My first query is ad-blocking, to try and block the majority or system wide without any 3rd party ad blockers. I’m currently using a vpn, along with my providers DNS currently. To me it isn’t the be all and end all to which DNS I use as long as it’s DoH or V2DNSCrypt to a legit server, openic maybe etc. My first question is via DNScloak if I could find a server with Pi-hole capabilities would that eliminate system wide ads mostly, or is it possible to connect to my VPNs DNS via DNScloak with a decent blacklist if I can find one? Ideally block everything unnecessary that I can.I also have an interest if there is any offline, privacy friendly, E2EE photostorage apps, potentially an app to remove clipboard/copy/paste data and finally if anybody can vouch for a privacy friendly keyboard for iOS than stock. I’m currently using Fleksy, it has a good policy and TOS but I’m seeking some opinions and reassurance as to what people make of it?Thanks guys.

Publishing work schedule in the internet

Just want to know if a company publish the work schedule of their employees on their website,do they breach the privacy of the employees?​Thanks

Should I decline the company cell phone?

My company provides iPhones to everyone in the IT department for after-hours support calls. Corporate policy states that the company owns all information on all corporate equipment, and employees “have no expectation of privacy” when using company assets. On the surface may seem fine, but I don’t want my employer to track my location 24/7. Can anyone here tell me if there is a legal precedent for declining the company cell phone on the basis of protecting my personal privacy? (I’m not anxious to give them my personal cell number, but that’s probably the lesser of two evils.)