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Multiple ProtonMails on iPhone and Mac?

I have multiple ProtonMail accounts each with 2 step verification, and it’s a pain in the ass to login every time I need to switch. Is there a good third party app or a setting in the ProtonMail app (I’m not paying tho) that allows me to add multiple mails like the Apple “Mail” and google “Gmail” apps? I also need something for my Mac please.

Privacy-friendly alternative to Discord

It has already been discussed here that Discord is bad regarding privacy.What would you recommend ? Something that’s similar (where you can send messages, files, call people and optionally create servers and call groups).

Exodus: reveal trackers in Android apps

Exodus: reveal trackers in Android apps:

Exodus: reveal trackers in Android apps

Did I just royally screw up?

Is this website legit. I got freaked out over public listings of my information and signed up with them for removal services, but now I’m thinking I was impulsive and they’re sketchy.

Am I f’d? Am I okay? What should I do?

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removing myself from background checks?

I have some… background…(?) i’d like to remove in background check apps (I took some drugs like 4 years ago, frankly it’s appalling to me that this is a thing). I just went on a date and I realized that she more than likely looked this info up… that’s great.

Do I have to go to court to get rid of this background? I remember them saying it wasn’t going to be permanent.. Or do I have to go through the apps? Thanks for any help!

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App to handle and share my music sheets


I’m looking for an Android app or online web app to store all my sheets in the cloud in order to let my music group remotely (without downloading) see them and also edit them, in case.

The first thing that came to my mind was Google Drive, it allows you to also see files and edit without downloading and make them accessible to specific users, but we don’t want to use the Google Drive app on our phones and in general prefer not to use Google services for obvious reasons.

Any alternatives or ideas?


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Does CalDAV use any form of encryption?

I have setup CalDAV to sync Fruux with Thunderbird and another app on my smartphone.

If I do not use a VPN during a sync, does this mean all of this data is not secure? If so, how can I setup Thunderbird to sync manually?

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Don’t New Yorkers also deserve privacy?

Don’t New Yorkers also deserve privacy?:

Don’t New Yorkers also deserve privacy?

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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X ER-X and privacy?

Has anyone used this product? Is it a good option to ensure some firewall rules and blocking and vlan segmentation?

I am a bit worried that this device offers too many options, and somehow someone might be able to access its servers from the outside. I mean I ’m not sure if it’s too complex to be able to setup properly without exposing some weakness of its OS to a possible hacker.

On the other hand it looks like a good router+switch+firewall combination.

Also, does this manufacturer have a good reputation concerning safety and privacy?

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How can I put an end to recaptcha hell?

I’m to the point where I’m just going to quit using some websites or products that use recaptcha. I’m sick of having to spend literally 5 minutes picking pictures. Pisses me off to no end.

Is there any way to get around using them? I suspect it makes me do them all the time because I use privacy badger and block google stuff.

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