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Find More Vulnerabilities in Less Time

Use IoT Crusher to scan networks and brute force default credentials on telnet for multiple device types, including embedded devices, legacy network devices, medical, and IoT devices.

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Best Encrypted Cloud Storage Provider?

I’m looking to move away from google docs/photos/drive (for obvious reasons) and get a more secure cloud storage solution for PC and mobile device backups, as well as storing larger files to free up some storage space. Ideally I’d like windows, linux and android capability.

Can someone give me some recommendations? I’ve seen Tresorit and SpiderOak. But not too sure what else is out there.

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Google. Your backdoor to the Internet.

I discovered my browser attempting to download this JavaScript file from unexpectedly from a page serving a video embed from It contains a base64-encoded contact email address and suggests it is some kind of Anti-spam script.

Excerpt: “Anti-spam. Want to say hello? Contact (base64) Ym90Z3VhcmQtY29udGFjdEBnb29nbGUuY29t”

Contents of script:

Is anyone familiar with this script? Thanks.

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Adblockers to fight corporate spying ?

I feel like adblockers are underrated in the fight against corporate spying. Obviously they don’t. do anything against government spying and don’t directly stop corporate spying.

However, most corporate spying is done to better target ads. By using adblockers, we cut the profit from spying. If they became popular to the point where everyone starts using them, business models based on targeting ads would become worthless.

It is also much simpler to convince someone to use an adblocker that improves the experience than to ditch every web service they use.

Shouldn’t adlblockers be first thing we recomend to people who aren’t really convinced by the need to protect privacy ?

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Do you guys trust iMessage and Safari?

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Cloud storage service recommendations?

I’m looking for some kind of zero knowledge cloud host located outside of 14 eyes countries. Ideally with as little Jew involvement as possible.

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How to migrate my youtube to hooktube?

How would I migrate all my subscriptions and the channels I follow to hooktube? I feel like there is too much of a gap between the experience I have on youtube and the one on hooktube, for instance the welcome page is full of nazi shit while on youtube it is stuff related to what I watch.

And I can ‘watch vids on youtube later’ while this option isn’t availible on hooktube. How do you deal with these inconveniences?

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General consensus on Microsoft Office?

I’m thinking that Office is fine for privacy, but I am just wondering what the general consensus around here is. I store my documents via iCloud Drive, but will likely be saving things to my actual hard drive here soon, with things like pictures and such. Just wondering if there is any incoming/outgoing traffic things inside the program itself that I should be concerned about or not. I get it free with my college, and like it better than Apple’s offerings.

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So what browsers don’t contact google?

So we obviously know chrome and most of its clones (chromium etc.) All contct google or setup atrange holes for privacy and security concerns, but ive also seen that firefox also contacts google in certain situations as well, so what good browsers dont do this? And if you list something, can you please leave an article or evidence that it doesnt contact google?

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Europe’s tough new data-protection law

Europe’s tough new data-protection law:

Europe’s tough new data-protection law

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