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Why CCPA Won’t Hurt Facebook or Google

Interesting analysis on how the CCPA will impact third-party data brokers but probably not data-heavy, first-party service providers like Google And Facebook.

On Ghost Users and Messaging Backdoors

On Ghost Users and Messaging Backdoors:

On Ghost Users and Messaging Backdoors

Email: via web hosting service vs paid

Any guides or recommendations on email service like protonMail vs setting up your own mail setup on a paid web hosting service like DigitalOcean?Naturally a paid service has minimal setup and maintenance but has a fee.Just wondering what others have chosen and tips. I was thinking of going the web hosting route and setup nextcloud and email and was wondering what I’m overlookingFor example * privacy will depend on the web hosting provider you get (is there a recommend list of web providers? I don’t recall such a list on * are the typical suite of cPanel options sufficient? * do people prefer mailinabox over the cPanel options

Alternatives to Google Find Your Phone

Sometimes I leave my ringtone on silent and forget to turn it back on, and before I was all concerned about privacy, google find your phone was so convenient and nice to have. Are there any decent privacy-friendly alternatives?

Facebook’s privacy problems: a roundup

Facebook’s privacy problems: a roundup:

Facebook’s privacy problems: a roundup

How to get a package secretly shipped?

So I live with my parents. I need to order something online and have it shipped without them knowing. I am a minor, so a PO Box won’t work. How or where can I send these so that they will not know? Btw my reason for this is that I am ordering Christmas presents for them, and they check all packages I order to make sure I’m not doing any weird stuff. Any ideas Reddit? Thanks!

Do we need consumer privacy education?

Do consumers understand their privacy rights, in their market, in their language and in the context of the experience with a brand?​My experience to date has been privacy policy emails, policy links which force a ‘long read’ and in most cases encourages you to accept and move along swiftly. Can we do better? Should we do better?​Could conversational AI privacy education which helps a consumer make a quick decision on their privacy as part of the experience journey itself be a solution? Privacy should not be a one size fits all and consumers opinions change and they forget what they signed-up for, so should brands implement a continuous education and information sharing programme with their consumers which is not overwhelming, but which gives succinct neutral advice, so the informed consumer can enjoy the experience without wondering if their privacy is being abused?​The tech is there to make this a reality, however, we need a community which believes this is possible a certified community to train an Open Privacy AI and make it an omni-channel, unified and simple privacy experience.​is this a worthy crowd sourced and open-source project? A global privacy education conversational AI, trained by professionals, in every language for every market vertical, as a utility service for all business and consumers.

You should assume you are compromised.

You should assume you are compromised.:

You should assume you are compromised.

i’m gonna throw away my old ipod touch

i’m planing to open ipod touch and cut the motherboard/memory with scissors. Is cutting memory card to 20 pieces or more enough for making nonrecoverable? I can also use hammer.

Any tips on making Chrome more secure?

I really like the interface and design and don’t want to switch to using another browser. I have VPN. Do I need to worry? Are there any ad-ons I should consider or is keeping my private information private a silly dream at this point?Thanks fellas, I’m new to all this.