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Is there an app like SUDO for android?

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Would you choose usability or privacy?

Since 2013 we do not have information about mass surveillance. What country’s joined, if Germany actually joined “5 eyes” which would be 6 eyes now.

Many of you use ProtonMail which is based in Switzerland, which is a third party. This makes me remember of lavabit:

“An example of this is Lavabit – a discontinued secure email service created by Ladar Levison. The FBI requested Snowden’s records after finding out that he used the service. Since Lavabit did not keep logs and email content was stored encrypted, the FBI served a subpoena (with a gag order) for the service’s SSL keys. Having the SSL keys would allow them to access communications (both metadata and unencrypted content) in real time for all of Lavabit’s customers, not just Snowden’s.”

What makes you think that PM CEO one day can’t get a sub-poena and delete everything and everyone lose all their emails? Would you be okay with? What would be your next move if that happen?

Wouldn’t be easier for you to use a more stable service like Gmail or Outlook in case of something happen or because smaller services like PM are sometimes down and you can’t send emails?

(I’m don’t want to attack anyone or anyone choices. Actually, I’m feeling this much effort I’m putting to protect my data can one day be leak or deleted, and that much effort have a zero value in the future because proctect private data can end usability (and internet enjoyment). I’m feeling I’m giving up and I want you to change my mind.)

My thread model: if I could I would hide it from anyone (gov, etc) but that would end my internet enjoyment. I want to protect from people I know so nobody reads my messages and make fun of me for example and company, principally those who share info. For example, if I login into some service, I want to my data be only on that service for example but I think that’s kinda impossible.

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Safety/Security of Google/Samsung Pay?

From a privacy and security standpoint, what are some of the concerns one should have when using an electronic payment app? I’ve had these two installed on my phone for a while, but I’ve never used them because of various privacy concerns, chief among them being that I feel rather uncomfortable adding my credit/debit accounts to an online service. Are these concerns legitimate? Does anyone on here use these services, and if so, is there anything I should worry about?

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Can my identity be traced by SIM card?

Hi there. I live in a secluded area in a large estate, and my privacy is very important to me. I also have a history of being stalked by some unsavory individuals/paparazzi. I have a security camera set up that has a SIM card inside of it (it uploads videos by LTE). However, the security camera was stolen. I am now worried that the person who stole my security camera will trace my identity by examining the SIM card inside of it. Is it possible to trace someone’s identity by SIM card, and under what conditions would the telephone company hand over that kind of information? I have notified the authorities (fwiw), but I am still very curious/worried about the technology here.

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Can anyone see GPS data from the past?

If someone got a hold of my phone, is it possible to use the GPS to see where all that phone has been in the past? Assuming the phone hasn’t used maps software, but has connected to a data plan.

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Culling Instagram following/followers?

It makes sense to unfollow accounts that don’t interest you and remove people who you don’t know.

However, would it be better to follow a lot of accounts and have bunch of spam accounts follow you (in reference to how instagram’s algorithms track you)? Obviously the best answer is to just delete your account, but thoughts?

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Now even your clothing can spy on you.

Now even your clothing can spy on you.:

Now even your clothing can spy on you.

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What Android apps would you recommend?

Hello, I would like to know which “privacy” related android apps are you actually using (on daily basis).

2FA Authentication:
Google Authenticator

andOTP (open-source alternative, will probably switch to it today)


VPNhub (free without registration – released by Pornhub)

ProtonVPN (free with registration – released by Protonmail)

Orbot (Official Tor for Android)


Telegram (I don’t have enough friends on Signal)

Keybase (PGP keys, really great idea to identify public user accounts)

Web browser:

Orfox (Tor browser for Orbot)

Brawe Browser (I like it more than DuckDuckGo and not fan of Firefox)

E-mail client:


Password Manager:

LastPass (Cloud backup is easy and comfortable for me)


OONI Probe (Using this one mainly for network speed tests – released by Tor Project)

Fing (just to check devices connected to Wi-Fi network)

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MapsME, HERE Maps, OSM, need some help


I’m currently planning a road trip vacation for the first time and we are going to have a car GPS, but I would like to try out one of the more privacy friendly maps services at the same time to see how it compares to Google (so I can leave it and also show to my friend and family that there are replacements).

Currently I have OSM on my phone, but there doesn’t seem to be any way I can log-in in the browser or such and sync my data. Because I would prefer to not have to do all the planning on my phone. (I don’t feel like this would fall within my threat level, I just want to leave a service that literally only make money on selling my data). I also wouldn’t mind paying for a service if needed.

So my questions are:
1. Has anyone tried any of these and can give me feedback on what they thought?
2. Which one has the best privacy policy (if someone else already checked)?
3. Is there any of these service where I can easily share the data between my PC and phone? So I don’t have to do all the planning on my small screen smartphone.

Thanks in advance,

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Suggestions for Android Soft Keyboards

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to get away from using Gboard, in an ever failing attempt to “degoogle” my life.

  • Does anyone have suggestions for a privacy focussed Android Keyboard?

I’ve tried AnySoftKeyboard, but it doesn’t seem to work very well, especially in the spell checking department. So are there any other suggestions?

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