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Countries still standing for privacy ?

What are the jurisdictions not cooperating with USA and with no data retention laws ?

Russia was good but as of 2016 they passed their surveillance law, and this the same for nearly all countries in the E.U

Being outside of the “Eyes” is also a requirement and having some internet infrastructure also because it’s easy to say Sudan when the GB of traffic is 10$ for example

which countries remains ?

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Destroy Windows 10 Spying alternative?

So I use DWS but I just had to reinstall windows and noticed that DWS hasn’t been updated in a while. Are there any other alternatives out there that work as well? I’d like to move to Linux, but the programs I use are all windows based.

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The Undiscovered Privacy Coin: Particl

The Undiscovered Privacy Coin: Particl:

The Undiscovered Privacy Coin: Particl

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Can you make Android as secure as iOS?

I currently have an OG Pixel. I love the phone but hate all of the tracking etc.

Ive been tempted to move back to iOS only die to their privacy advocacy.

I know there are privacy related ROMs and what not for Android but I feel like you have to give up a lot to get that when you can have full functionality with iOS.

In your opinions, what is the best option at this current point in time, iOS or Android Roms?

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Uber applies for patent to spot drunks

Uber applies for patent to spot drunks:

Uber applies for patent to spot drunks

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Starting to take privacy more serious.

As it says in the title, I’m starting to wanna take my privacy serious so, I have a few questions.

Does anybody know of a truly free malware fighter and virus cleaner that does have the same trial version BS that other so called free protectors use?

Is there any good, and free VPNs out there and what are the benefits of using a VPN?

How safe, is safe and where does it get to the point that you’re paranoid, or for that matter, should I be paranoid and why?

What should I do in order to protect my browser and browsing history as best as possible while avoiding history deletion or going into an incognito mode? I use chrome as my main browser. I would use Brave, but it’s not as extensive and customizable as chrome.

What do I do in order to make sure that none of my files and/or apps aren’t being watched and/or taken from my computer while a copy’s still on my own computer? Is this a paranoid question?

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Plex alternative with privacy in mind?

Hey guys,

I’m looking for an alternative to Plex due to privacy concerns. After reading this and this (more recent), I don’t ever want to support them. Is anyone aware of an open source alternative?

I just want to be able to stream my shows and movies anywhere (phone or PC). It doesn’t necessarily have to be super fancy.

Thanks! =)

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Protonmail + Custom Domain = Privacy ?

After thinking a lot about my paranoia, I’ve realized that I can no longer stick to a single service. When someone asks me how they can contact me, I have no confidence in providing them with a way because in my case there’s no stable medium I use. I keep on deleting and creating accounts. I keep on switching services and looking for alternatives. While, I enjoy this process, still there’s need to be at least a single place to contact me. So I’ve decided to buy a domain and use it with protonmail plus plan. This way if ever in the future I decide to ditch protonmail, I can simply point my domain to some other service and the email address will remain the same. I am ready to pay nearly $60 anually for (domain + protonmail plus)

What are your opinions?

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How was this website able to track me?

Hi, recently I came across the site The website doesn’t allow people from the US to get passed a screen telling them that US visitors aren’t allowed access to the site. It’s a website for a cryptocurrency project, and upcoming ICO – which US citizens aren’t allowed to invest in.

Naturally, being denied access to the site only increased my desire to view it, so I turned on my VPN (Private Internet Access) and refreshed the page – still blocked! Well I know that there are a few other ways to track people, although I’m not sure on the specifics, so I opened up the Brave browser with the vpn still on and tried viewing the site in a private tab – still blocked! I cleared my cookies, changed the country the VPN was set to, still blocked! resized my browser, repeated previous steps – still blocked!

So I downloaded the Tor browser, and that got me through.

But how were they able to still determine my location before using Tor?

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