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Cannot find certain app on Yalp Store

So I’ve been trying to find Fortnite on the Yalp Store, with and without Tor, but have had no luck. I’ve tried changing my location multiple times, but still nothing. Has anyone else had trouble finding apps that should be on the Play Store?

Advice for sites that require cookies

I’m seeking advice on how to get past sites that require cookies when I have them disabled? If this is not the right place to post, it would be greatly appreciated if you had a better suggestion on where to tern for this advice.I use a VPN, FF nightly (with container tabs) and uBlock Origin as my main tools set to get around the web (among others). On top of some strict browser settings and advanced mode for uBlock where I pretty much block all and allow only what is needed. This has resulted in some sites forbidding me to view it without allowing cookies to be set.I have seen some questionable plug-ins that say they allow you to get around any site lightbox overlays. Or sometimes I’ll open up the web inspector and try to manually do it. Which doesn’t always work. I have mostly the same setup on mobile which is where this becomes more of an issue. Does anyone know of other/better ways to address this?

The Business of Selling Your Location

NY Times The Daily (Podcast): The Business of Selling Your LocationSmartphone apps track a staggering amount of data about your whereabouts every day. That data has become a hot commodity.​A New York Times investigation has found that the information being collected about us through apps on our smartphones is far more extensive than most of us imagine — or are aware we have consented to.A note about this episode: The Times identified a small number of people in the location data with their permission. It did not identify anyone else in the data.Background reading:Companies are using location data to cater to advertisers, retail outlets and even hedge funds. They say the information is anonymous, but a database reviewed by The Times revealed people’s movements in startling detail.Read more about how The Times analyzed location tracking companies for this investigation.Here’s how to stop apps from tracking your location.

The Business of Selling Your Location

The Business of Selling Your Location:

The Business of Selling Your Location

What version of Windows should I use?

This is just some questions, not a guide nor comparison between which OS should you use.So, I was just curious if Windows 8.1 is more private/secure than W10 and if it is, is W7 EVEN more secure/private than W8.1?And if it is, How can I get W7? Since my native OS is 8.1.And if they aren’t, how can I make W10 more private/secureAnd please, don’t tell me to get linux, I would have already changed but there are some programs/games I cant use/play on Linux

The End of Privacy Began in the 1960s

The End of Privacy Began in the 1960s:

The End of Privacy Began in the 1960s

What’s a good private web RSS reader?

Looking for a good private RSS reader that looks clean and operates outside of the U.S or UK.Thanks in advanced! Planning on using it for youtube subscriptions to further de-googlify

Can’t receive text to activate Signal

Everytime I put my phone number and press the button it spins for a few minutes, then says there is a network error. Is there another way to verify?The phone number is confirmed working.

alternative to chrome remote desktop?

I dont want something like team viewer where i have to enter the code every time to gain access. I want something like chrome remote desktop so that i can access my computer whenever i want

Freaky coincidence or something more?

So I last week I was walking around the mall when I spotted a crinkled dollar bill on the ground. I checked to make sure there wasn’t anyone around that may have dropped it. There wasn’t, so I picked it up and pocketed it. I didn’t think much of it at the time, it was just $1 so not really a big deal.That night, I was perusing SnapChat when I saw a Sponsored Story called Bitmoji Stories. I clicked it curiously and was speechless when it showed my Bitmoji avatar walking down the street, spotting a dollar, looking around, and picking up the dollar.Granted, this is fairly common occurrence so it may very well just be a coincidence.But I’m curious: Has anyone else had this Bitmoji Stories or a similar app depict an event that actually happened to them?P.S. I have checked all the Bitmoji Stories since then. They have all been random and completely unrelated to anything I’ve done.