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Burger King app spies on you: Part 2

Hey. Someone here made a post regarding my investigation (I’m the guy behind it) on russian Burger King app privacy issues (welp, they just record your entire screen and send it to their servers).

Here comes part 2!

My blog: (in Russian).

Or in English via Google Translate.

I might also translate it and then post it here for you redditors.

Also, russian Burger King IT-manager has recently threatened me with claims that he knows my location (since I used that app) and their Social Media team just… Well, IDK how to explain this, they just say “f*ck you”. Literally.

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Private note taking app for Android?

I’m looking for a private/secure note taking app for Android, and I am having a hard time finding what I want. Specifically, can anybody recommend something open source, that only stores notes locally, and does not require a user signup/login? Bonus points if the app can be locked with a password. Haven’t found anything that meets these conditions, so any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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Can websites use your phones camera?

Ie. take a snapshot of you if you use their forum?

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Just installed linux. Few questions.

  1. It looks like apt-get verifies the checksum of packages. Should I still do this myself, and if so, how can I do this from the command line?

  2. I tried to use qubes because everything is in a VM, but failed to get WiFi working. If I want separate browsers per VM, what’s a light weight and secure VM to use? Fire jail, vbox, kvm? Vbox running Ubuntu in win 10 was slow even though I built a gaming PC. There’s docker and sand boxie, but those don’t seem secure.

  3. I remember seeing a guide to force your PC to use tor and VPN, but can’t seem to find it again. Anyone have such a guide on hand? Also, would this force VM s to use Tor and VPN as well? I’d like to basically have the option to whitelist apps to bypass Tor also.

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Why you should not use Google Cloud.

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Use Google in a privacy friendly way

Right now I’m using StartPage as my search engine, previously I used DDG but I wasn’t happy with search results, but I’d like to find a way to use Google without having to renounce completely to privacy. What I thought is a method to delete Google’s cookies every time I close a tab but keeping those cookies in insulated containers (Firefox ones). How can I implement that with existing Firefox extensions?

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Privacy respecting iOS calendar app?

I’ve looked and looked but haven’t found anything decent, I’m wondering if I can just use the stock calendar app? I have my calendar on Nextcloud I’m just looking for a way to access it through an app on my phone, rather than the web. I know I can use calDAV on my stock calendar app but I don’t fully trust my glorious overlords. Thanks!!

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The ISPs sharing your DNS query data

The ISPs sharing your DNS query data:

The ISPs sharing your DNS query data

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Secure and trustworthy VPS providers

I’m looking for some secure and trustworthy VPS providers, but so far I’ve not been convinced I can trust any.

I need a secure and privacy respecting provider for the purpose of using it to connect to my RPI from outside my home. The RPI stores my Bitwarden password chain, some GPG keys and a couple other important stuff.

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Apple wifi calling privacy concerns?

I work in an area with bad cell coverage but great wifi. I changed over to Apple’s wifi calling using my iphone and it solves the connection and clarity issues I was having. However, how secure is calling thru wifi? We have a robust wifi system (meraki) and don’t look read the content of our users. Whatcha think? Thanks

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