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Hackers watching you through webcam?

At school they told us that hackers can watch you through your webcam. Is this true? I don’t want any hacker to see me on the toilet so I stuck a bit of paper over my webcam and added like 20 layers of sellotape. Is this enough?

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Can apps steal data from your phone?

I am also worried about the ones on Google Play Store. Do these apps have the ability to extract user’s data to themselves? I scanned the apps with Google Play Protect, nothing came up, but I am still worried about my bank account details.

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How to encrypt LibreOffice documents

I can’t figure it, can anyone help please?

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Anyone else uses Signal for desktop?

I do it for convenience while on Linux, but i was wondering how much of an attack vector would that be in layman’s terms. So assuming that you’re running the latest stable kernel and updates and have taken some “precautions” such as a completely Gapps-free phone… what’s the real risk (if any… but i doubt that somehow) of using the desktop binary linked to your phone?


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Google DoubleClick essay first draft

Google DoubleClick essay first draft:

Google DoubleClick essay first draft

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Microsoft IME basically a keylogger?

Microsoft IME remembers everything you type to give you suggestions and the history can’t be deleted (

Any suggestions to delete history appreciated.

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Chromium: is it really all that bad?

I ask because Firefox, although it might be great for privacy “enthusiasts” and geeks, is just such a pain to use. It’s noticeably slower to render pages (on my machine, anyway) than Chromium, and the UI, while it’s always been clunky and unintuitive, is even worse now than it was before the recent big update. For example, it takes three clicks to get me to a list of my recently closed tabs. And then you have Mozilla putting in things nobody asked for (well not the users, anyway), like the Mr Robot add-on, Pocket, and resetting our search engines to Google.

Is there really some compelling reason for me to keep using Firefox? I still use it because I don’t like the idea of having everything I do online tracked by advertisers and data brokers, and because I don’t particularly like the idea of one company having so much power over not only the Web, but also the software we use to access the Web… but I’m almost at the point where I don’t care anymore, if that means not having to use Firefox.

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What’s a good alternative to Enpass?

Enpass is pretty unique password manager in that it allows you to use your own cloud storage service (OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) to store encrypted passwords. The idea is to remove the cost of an extra cloud storage service exclusively for your passwords/small notes. While the idea is pretty cool, I have trouble trusting their software because it’s not open source and they haven’t been audited at all.

I still like the idea of combing your cloud storage with a password manager (not just storing passwords as encrypted notes, actually having an organized client and browser plugins for auto-login/filling forms). Are there any alternatives out there that offer a similar service to Enpass?

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Iphone Lockscreen Security Photo app

I’m looking for an Iphone app that takes a pic when the screen is turned on and also when someone types in the wrong password. I searched here but couldn’t find anything. Anyone have a good one?

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Switching from Keepass to Bitwarden?

I’ve moved from LastPass to Keepass recently due to privacy concerns. It was totally worth it as I find Keepass very intuitive to use on desktop.

Not a big fan of cloud sync, so I just manually copy the updated database file from desktop to my Android phone once every week. But the unofficial Android apps for Keepass seem to suck big time. I currently use KeepassDroid and the UI is clunky and awful.

I’ve noticed Bitwarden is open source as well, and the official Bitwarden app on Android looks far better than KeepassDroid. Is it worth moving to Bitwarden or should I just suck it up and keep using Keepass?

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