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Uhmm what you say? Thank you Google.

I’m strictly against giving apps access to mics and camera (besides Discord.) This is a rule, that I’m trying to make my not-so-tech-savvy fiancé to follow as well.Yesterday he sang the lyrics to Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek (“Mmm, what’d you say? Mmm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did.. etc”) to make a joke. Fun stuff. Though it’s a song we listen to, sing on a regular basis or anything like that.Fast forward two-ish hours and Youtube is suggesting the SNL The Shooting / Dear Sister-skit and the Jason Derulo song to him. (Note; 99% of his viewing habits are based on RuneScape classic and Critical Role.) Yet… there it is.He might have lied about his phone and that crap, and I’d never find out. It’s his phone. Or… google is listening a bit too much.Do you have any stories like that? This is like the fifth time since Aug. that I noticed sh*t like this.

Google Throttling Duckduckgo search?

Hi all,This is just from my personal experience. I downloaded the duck duck go chrome extension and have been using it and noticed it is very slow. I did a side by side search on duckduckgo using chrome and Brave browser and the search was basically instantanious on brave while taking about 4 seconds on chrome. Has anyone else experienced this?

Android Network Monitor and Firewall

I’m looking for an application (or set of applications) to finely tune the network communication rules for my Android device. I’m running rooted LineageOS without any google apps.Right now, I use AFWall+ to manage iptables, but it’s limiting in that applications are either granted free reign or no access at all for a given network interface.Some key features I hope to gain:See network traffic in a manner similar to Wireshark on PCSee network traffic associated by appDevice-wide IP whitelist/blacklist:Blacklist all packets bound for google analytics across all apps on my deviceWhitelist my server IP across all apps on my devicePer app IP whitelist/blacklist:Whitelist only my email server for my email appBlacklist phone home for the IP address for something like an RSS feeder while not eliminating network access for downloading podcasts

Block Firefox Telemetry – HOSTS File

Block Firefox Telemetry – HOSTS File:

Block Firefox Telemetry – HOSTS File

What’s the point of encrypted email?

I’ve been reading about ProtonMail and Tutanota (in the end I created an account in Tutanota) and I kept wondering, how is this supposed to work?​I mean, yes, you have your messages encrypted and stuff in your side, but, isn’t it a pain in the ass to have to instead of simply sending a message, send a link to an external page every. single. time. ..? (apart from having to _also_ tell the other person a password to access what you sent)Now, you say “Well, just send the message unencrypted”; then what’s the point? I have my email safe in my side, but the other person still has the conversation “unsafe” if they were using, for example, Gmail or something else.​Can someone help or at least explain something? I’m a bit confusedEdit: Also, if it’s almost imposible to have secure email or if email wasn’t designed to be secure as some comments say, then why do people still use “Encrypted” email services like ProtonMail or Tutanota? And should I do the change to Tuta?

Public-Interest Technology Resources

Public-Interest Technology Resources:

Public-Interest Technology Resources

Private and secure Android emulator?

I need an Android emulator that allows mock locations to assure inability to triangulate my exact location, and secure enough to enter banking information. What are my options?

Intel SGX – Why can’t it be emulated

I was reading on article about Intel SGX and how it works here: paragraph reads: “The documentation is fairly clear in stating that while a VM can run an enclave, an enclave cannot be meaningfully emulated. As such, the standard reverse engineering trick of running questionable code inside a VM and gathering information about it is not possible."I don’t understand how ANY system CAN’T be emulated or re-implemented. If a VM can run an enclave (as stated above), what’s stopping me from from changing the source code to leak the data as it’s being run.Is there a meaningful difference in this paragraph between "run an enclave” and “emulating an enclave”? These seem like the same thing to me.

Boxcryptor Cloud Drive Access Rights

When setting up BoxCryptor (free) you’re allowed one cloud storage provider; I chose and use OneDrive. So I setup it up with OneDrive and granted OneDrive permissions to use BoxCryptor. Through the BoxCryptor iOS app, all my unencrypted OneDrive files are there.Does this mean the BoxCryptor has access to ALL my OneDrive files even if those files are unencrypted and residing OUTSIDE the BoxCryptor vault???

Emerald Dialer vs built in phone app

I have the Moto G5 Plus, and was looking through Fdroid when I found Emerald Dialer. I installed it, and noticed you can actually set it as your default dialer. Is there any privacy gained from installing and using Emerald Dialer over the default Android one that comes with my phone?