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Finding Personal Information Online

Is there a centralized place where I can see all the websites which hold personal information? I’ve begun removing myself from websites such as Whitepages and Radaris, however I’m unsure as to where else my personal information may be kept.Thanks all

CBS6 Investigates: Internet Privacy

CBS6 Investigates: Internet Privacy:

CBS6 Investigates: Internet Privacy

How should i use my utility addons?

Hi,​Im currently using firefox(with ublock, umatrix, https everywhere, decentraleyes, privacy posum + cookie auto delete) and brave. Firefox is used for normal web searching and brave for things like amazon if i need to use it, now im actively playing faceit (an online game server provider) where i have a pretty usefull plugin for, but im not sure how i should use it securly because i dont want to disturb the brave privacy features with adding an not privacy related addon.​Thanks for any help

Informed Consent in the Digital Age

The concept of Informed Consent has been used since the 1900s in the medical field to make sure patients knew risks associated with different treatment plans. Doctors had a duty to disclose these risks to their patients because the physician was in a position of power with information asymmetry. Check out my article on why we can use that same theory with tech companies today to make sure users are better informed and not taken advantage of.

reCAPTCHA – Can’t solve it on time!

Hello guys,​So, in some websites, everytime that shows the reCAPTCHA box and i press the “box”, always goes to the images part.​It’s just me that think that looks like hard to solve? Like i have to try again 4 or 5 times and then what? Ok i pass and then gets a bug and i can’t do log in.

How can I avoid stylometry attacks?

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Privacy oriented weather app/widget

Hey guys. Since me last weather forecast app updated it’s policy to sell my info even more (God location contacts etc etc) I’m now looking for a nice preferably open source app with nice widget and no stealing and selling information.Ty

Alternatives to spotify and netflix

Have you guys ever found a good alternative to music and media streaming services other than good ol’ torrenting and piracy in general?

Another Q: Startpage vs DuckDuck GO

Does anyone have any recommendations on why to choose one over the other? I don’t know which is better for privacy or if they are both the same. I know that Startpage uses google results, so you tend to get more of what you are looking for. However does this create any issues on who is able to see what or if there is some way for Google to track and see what you are doing?​Who prefers what!

Compartmentalization of the browser

Hi, I just want to ask: I watched some video on ytb about this subject and it was recommended to me that I should use one browser for accounts only (like facebook, google, twitter etc.) and another one for general browsing trough the internet. I was wondering if some websites like reddit for example are safe to login in my normal browser.Like facebook is known for tracking your history if you’re logged in a you should use different browser to prevent this but do I really have to do this for every website that requires login or is it just for some of those?PS: I’m quite a beginner at those privacy ‘things’ so I rly appreciate all the tips you could give me. Thanks.