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Broken reddit search provides no results, how does r/privacy about devuan?
Debian is recommended many times but i’ve never red about devuan…
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Best open source weather app?


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My problem with Android.

I recently got a new Android phone many many years after using iPhones because I couldn’t afford another one after my old one broke i.e. I don’t live with my parents anymore so they won’t but me a new one. it’s the cheapest phone I could get first hand (a Xiaomi S2), and I’ve got to say, it’s been a privacy nightmare.

I started dicking about in the settings on the first day I got it and was absolutely terrified. So much data was being sent to Google. Sure, that’s a given considering that they developed Android for “free”, but there were so many settings I had to turn off. So many. And they’re not placed where logic would dictate they would be. Only like 5% of these settings were under the one named “privacy”. It’s been about a week since I got it and I’m still finding new places hidden under some obscure settings that are taking so much of my information, even very private and sensitive ones.

Also, MIUI is a worse thing for privacy. So many of the system apps are actor developed by third party developers, so they get privileges to do much data too. And the bloatware, there’s so much of it. I’m thinking about rooting my phone, but I won’t cause I want the warranty intact.

Maybe I’m being paranoid. Maybe Android is actually liberating me by giving me the option to not be a part of the data harvesting unlike in the Apple ecosystem where we can’t stop them from getting our data. Maybe Xiaomi won’t sell my personal information to advertisers for a quick buck, and they just want to help me reach the true potential of using the phone. I hope so, because I’m really really regretting getting an Android device.

It -wasn’t- isn’t this bad for Apple right?

Any advice for me?

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Any opinions on ‘TrackOff’?

Does anyone have any information or experience regarding the ‘Track Off’ software, designed to prevent tracking and fingerprinting?

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Privacy on an Android phone

Google tries to suck as much personal information as possible. Even the phone set up sort of requires to have an email id to be present. Most of the pre installed services continually track your usage and send it to Google’s data centers. How can i still continue to use an Android Phone while protecting my privacy. My requirements are:

a. No location data should be uploaded when i turn off location tracking on phone.

b. No text/email parsing of my conversations.

c. My contacts should stay on my phone. No sharing on cloud or any of that s**t.

d. Don’t want to use any of the Google’s pre installed apps and want to uninstall them.

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Ola is sending data to Facebook.

Ola is sending data to Facebook.:

Ola is sending data to Facebook.

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No privacy online or offline, rant

  • At doctors, other than name address, insurance info, I need to let them take a scan of my picture id, they also take a picture of me on the spot with a webcam to go with it. In one of the recent visits, I had to take a palm scan in addition to everything else…
  • Need to lose some weight, go to one of the local gym, they won’t take any cash, have to pay online on their website with credit/debit card. Go to their competitor a little farther away, they do take cash, but from second payments only, first one has to be done using their computer/website using debit/credit card.
  • Try to get a PO box: need 2 form of id, one with picture and address on it, try to use po box: many don’t accept bo box address
  • Try to get a job: have to sign up to hundreds of random sites to make a account and fill every pointless and person info questions in addition to submitting resume
  • Go to interview, have to sign up with their computer portal where I have to take a clear picture of my face with name and contact before entering

I saw some news articles about how more and more places are abandoning use of cash. And of course, there’s surveillance cameras everywhere now with ai in them, cell phone tracking, phone auto wifi connection tracking, the drone thing police supposedly use overhead etc. Everything on the internet was being tracked, now everything in real life is tracked too….

God knows where all these data are ending up on and what might they be used for in the future 🙁

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Tool for redacting PDF’s

What’s a good tool for redacting PDF’s? I want to delete sensitive text or images from PDF’s.

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Privacy focused dating site?

Can anyone make any recommendations? I just want a site that won’t sell my data to the highest bidder. I realise there will probably be some kind of premium for this, and I’m ok with that.

I realise this is a bit of a longshot, but I just thought I’d see if there’s anything like that out there.

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Browser vs Search Engine tracking

I’m confused; which one tracks my data and to what degree (browser vs search engine)?

For instance, if I use Firefox or IE browser but Google search engine, how much is Google tracking me?

Additionally, if I use Google browser but DuckDuckGo search engine, how much activity does Google see?

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