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Privacy Smart Phone

I am thinking about getting a 2nd line to have a phone as a more secure phone i can use to do what I’d like with. I am thinking about running linux, disabling mic and cameras, and using a VPN or TOR browser.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what phone to use? I have a leftover Samsung Note, not sure what model.

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embedded html content in mails

Hello there, I stopped to automatically use embedded html in my mail (or upload html…I’m a noob about this stuff). So I’m able to see the code itself, and sometimes there is some links for uploading pictures. I noticed these are not using https (only http).

What is the difference in the privacy side ? Does these link allow companies to know if mail have been opened (I’ll say yes) ? Doe it allow more data collect than that ?

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I think my macbook was hacked

Some background, I have a 2016 15 inch macbook pro. I recently visited a shady site that immediately started downloading stuff into my computer. I then restarted to exit out of the tab. When my computer turned back on, it sounded like I was being recorded through my headphones. So I deleted everything it downloaded, downloaded an app that detects whether I’m being recorded, and it said nothing was wrong. Should I be worried, even if I deleted everything? Is it possible that I still have the virus?

Any help is appreciated, this is really freaking me out.

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Are Chinese Android phones safe?

Would the hardware on those phones be compromised, so that downloading a room on the phone doesn’t actually protect me from data collection?

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Where is the line?

Everyday millions of people give up their data for a service or government security. This is known. What is unknown is how much data collection is too much.

Where do you draw the line?

Or is it not about the data itself, but the methods of collection, usage, or something else?

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authenticator app for pc

hi, i have set firefox to delete all the cookies when it shuts down, but i have a problem now. since i have to log in avery time i need to type the 2fa code every time and checking it on my phone is dull. is there any authenticator app for ubuntu or extension for firefox that allows me to import the 2fa profiles?


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What can possibly go wrong?

Not arguing or challenging the fact that privacy is a right and things these days are going in wrong direction, being it online surveillance from tech giants and governments to offline surveillance through CCTV and drones (again by government) or a stalker irritating you on Facebook.

All I wanted to know is that, let’s suppose you know about my entire life. Or say you have direct access to data stored in my brain. What all evil can you do to me? Please come out with some practical examples. I’m slowly being diving into that part of society where people do not care about privacy. I think I need enough reasons to get scared and again worry about how important privacy is. So please help.

Tell me. What all can possibly go wrong?

EDIT: Provided I’m not a celebrity, public figure, rich, minister, person in power or simply popular, will you still be interested in me in any damn case?

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LinkedIn Security?

Hello everyone. I’m still a bit new around here but I’d like to know what are some LinkedIn dos and don’ts. I’m right now changing career paths and having an updated LinkedIn is helping, but I also don’t want it to be too hospitable to people looking to impersonate or otherwise use this data against me. Ironic, I know.

I’ve combed through and turned off some of the settings, and I’ve changed my profile picture to a silhouette of myself. I’m wondering what are the next steps to take to have a thoughtful, but also secure LinkedIn.


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Do Reddit have tracking cookies?

I want to know if Reddit have tracking cookies in the website/app and if it does, I want to disable and erase all of them.

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Paying Online Anonymously

I’m looking into ways of paying online anonymously(not for nefarious reasons), just would like to be able to. Have a question concerning pre-paid/re loadable cards.

Has anyone ever registered a pre-paid re-loadable Visa with fake info. Fake name, address, and a throw away email? What would be the negative side affects? Can you reload these cards with cash at stores?

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