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Is Tor trustworthy?

Hello! Is Tor still trustworthy as a private browser? It’s arguably the highest profile “secure” browser which could mean it already has ties with the 5 eyes and all that. Am I being paranoid? Thanks.

[Technical] Island vs XPrivacy

How does running a social media app in Island protect my privacy over running it with xprivacy? What’s the difference between sandboxing and sending fake values?

Indecisive about privacy

I’m struggling with being indecisive about privacy.Few years ago, I embraced the free software ideology, i understood the value of my data and generally I don’t like how much there is on me in hands of all of these private corporations, as well as gov. + agencies, even collected from the places where it didn’t need to. I know that for an avg. Joe, it really nothing changes and noone will use his family photos against him, but for me, it just feels wrong and unsafe to know that when I text my beloved, not only there might be a government agency guy who could read it, but also a totally private corporation that built the app (be it Facebook or anyone else).But then, I also work as a front-end developer and Im very intersted in UX – i just want people to be happy using their devices and services and I want to improve their experience as much as possible, and its nowadays only possible by working with all the data. It just works by utilizing all the collected information, the very information I personally am not happy that its collected about me. How do I cope with this? how do I use modern services and not be a hypocrate to my own beliefs?Same for Facebook, Ive deleted it almost a year ago because I was fed up with all the profiling that they made on me over the course of 8 years there, but again, the majority of people are there and that means that there is some unique content, for example there is a group about veganism in my small city. And people there are talking about new places, events and such – this info is nowhere else to be found online, because those people are on this platform so they make the use of it.How do I live in this society, use its perks and still dont loose my mind over being tracked and profiles and data mined all the time? And how do you draw the line? This is not about convinience sacrifice, rather a hypocracy.

Facebook Cache Clearing

Hello!This is kind of a newbie question but I have deleted my facebook, instagram and overall trying to reduce my online presence. I use DuckDuckGo and never open an image from facebook or open a facebook/instagram link.So why is it when I “Manage my Website Data” on Safari, that a and a cache keeps popping up even after I clear it? I delete google data and it doesn’t show up unless I search something with !g, but why does facebook keep showing up even though I don’t search for it?Thanks

Apple products and privacy ?

I have been using Apple products (iPhone, MacBook , iPad, etc) for years, since the revelation from Snowden about backdoor links to PRISM and NSA, I can’t help to think if I am better off switching off , I use a paid VPN, Tor, Prontonmail, never use my real name, and lots of other setups, I know maintaining your privacy is not a one-click install app, it’s a lifestyle and requires conscious thought.Is it worthy to use Tor , Signal or Telegram for chat, no social media and all this? if my computer is backdoor to begin with? what are your thoughts on that?

Brave browser

Hello,I am a newbie in the whole privacy game, and I am wondering what browser is most trustworthy and helpful against tracking. recommends Tor, Firefox and Brave. While Brave sounds promising since it is Chromium based and open source (?) is it truly trustworthy and efficient? Especially on macOS? Thanks.

Will this privacy strategy work?

Me – your usual white guyUse name like Min Ling Chang for all official and privacy-violating records – government, income taxes, driver license, banking, etc. This name won’t go with my face because I am not Chinese but it is backed up by my driver license, passport, etc.Use my real name that goes with my face – a name like Peter Smith – for all other real life purposes such as socialization, family, relatives, friends, neighbors, in town, etc. If the name Min Ling Chang comes up, people will automatically presume it is someone else because I am not Chinese.Will a strategy like this work? Any suggestions to improve upon this strategy?

Further improving privacy

Hello all So I’ve recently taken steps to improve my privacy both online and off, a little list of what I’ve done is a bit below. I am looking for tips to progress this further though, I’m not trying to hide from the government or anything I just generally want to improve my privacy.So the list follows Switched to Ubuntu (I still play some games, works best) Use firefox that has user.js mod (relaxed variant) and unlock origin, cookie auto delete, decentraleyes, privacy badger, https everywhere I use a vpn almost always, just auto activates, uses openvpn Encrypted drive and files Own hosted NAS that uses ubuntu Switched from Netflix to blu rays Killed off Facebook, still have twitter but I hardly post Changed my lifestyle to something more minimal, it helps with privacy but I just like the lifestyle Ditched kindle for hard copy booksI still have the android side of things to sort, struggling with s9 and lineage os install, need a new email provider looking at either lavabit or proton. The hardest thing is ditching YouTube, I use it soo much unfortunately.For work I need proprietary software, but I don’t put anything personal there and it uses a vpn with killswitch. I also need windows in a vm for training as I am a windows sysadminAnything extra?Thanks

facebook keep wanting phone number

heyi decided to delete my fb and to just open a new one, with no information pics etc. just to be able to have access to couple of fb groups im using…my problem is always after couple of hours facebook suddenly saying i must give them my phone or i cant access my is that? what can i do?

Favorite Calendar Platform

What is your favorite privacy-oriented calendar app and why? I’m looking for an app to sync w/ Thunderbird so my girlfriend and I can schedule events together, but I’m having a hard time making a decision.​Thanks!