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how do i make sure that websites cant track me…

Change mac adress? Change IP? what else? how does a website for example like paypal know “who” I am

Qwant vs Duckduckgo for European online surfer…

So I was reading a post here on r/privacy about how France is ditching Google for Qwant. I was curious about Qwant and how it compares.​Here is their “about us” page:​Qwant, the European search engine that respects your privacyBased and designed in Europe, Qwant is the first search engine which protects its users freedoms and ensures that the digital ecosystem remains healthy. Our keywords: privacy and neutrality.​As an European dude, this pleases me a lot. And I wish more services like this would sprout to protect us, now that we’re all using GDPR at our work and in our lives in general.

Best way to stamp the documents electronically…

Is there any good, known ways to “stamp” a PDF document? The main aim is to give a single copy of a document to someone, and trying to be sure that if the doc is leaked it is leaked from a specific person.Example: The document is given to a few people, each with a different numbered stamps, and if it is leaked somewhere it is know that the #4 is the leaked one, so we know who is #4.

Veracrypt volumes mounted after reboot (Win10)

Hey,when using my Win10 computer (I know, it’s win10, but I kinda need it next to my linux) I got two volumes which I mount by veracrypt on every boot (one was encrypted by truecrypt) .But from time to time when I boot my pc the volumes are still mounted (and accessable) and firefox for example has all my tabs opened etc.I allways disconnect the whole pc from power, so it can’t be running without me knowing or something. It actually makes me kinda nervous since I though the decryption keys from veracrypt were stored in RAM and therefore not to be recovered after a few seconds without power.Anyone got an idea were to start looking? Because I’m all out of ideas.​thx

Looking for advice for maximum security/privac…

Hello,​I am interested in learning more about security, privacy, safety, and anonymity while one is using the net. To be as specific as possible, I would like to know just how far an individual can go, no matter how draconian or over-the-top it may seem, to protect oneself. I am aware that there is no such thing as a 100% safety guarantee while online, so there is no need to remind me of that. I am simply interested to what extent and individual can hide and protect oneself.​As a citizen of the US, I am of course concerned about these matters in general, however this is simply a curiosity of mine. I have no intention to do anything illicit or illegal online. I am fully aware that people use certain measures online to protect themselves from arrest or other forms of legal trouble. I am not interested in this at all. You may chose to believe me or not. I am only asking for your advice and critique, not your trust or confidence.​From what I have gathered so far via my limited research, an individual should proceed in this way :​1). Buy a cheap laptop in cash. One may wish to wear a disguise while doing so to avoid being on store cameras, and may also wish to take a bus to the location, or park his/her car away from the reach of store cameras.​2). Immediately proceed to a public location to remove any bluetooth, webcam, wifi card, sound card, and hard-drive hardware from said laptop.(Any hardware I missed that should be removed?) My understanding is that the laptop should NEVER enter an individual’s permanent place of residence until this step is complete. Even after having done these steps, it would probably not be wise to keep this laptop at home. One(or one’s family/spouse) is likely to have a smartphone, tablet, or some such other device that compromises one’s location. I honestly don’t know where the laptop would be kept, maybe you guy’s have some suggestions? Inside a farraday cage of course somewhere, but not sure. Anyway…​3). One is now ready to actually use the laptop, correct? If so, it can ONLY be used in public wifi locations while using either tails or whonix, correct?(I’m not sure which one is better). Additionally, is a VPN needed in addition to tails/whonix? At this point, does one need to install an anti-keylogger program(if such a thing exists and can honestly be relied upon)? Any other software/programs one should use that would help or be useful? I am also aware that during any(obviously encrypted) communications, no matter with whom, one should run their text through 2-3 different language translators(for example, English->Spanish->French->back to English) before sending. I am aware that it is technically possible to identify an individual based on writing/speaking habits. This obviously would be the case with written text communications as well. Is this method of running one’s messages/text through different language translators sufficient in this regard?​4). Did I miss anything? Anything at all? Or at this point is one free to use the net with confidence? Again, I am aware nothing is perfect. If Edward Snowden did all of the things(and more), it’s prossible(probable even) that he would still have been identified. The NSA likely has resources we are not aware of and may not be able to prepare for.​ONCE AGAIN, I feel I must state that I am purposefully being pedantic and silly for the sake of this thought experiment. Please, if you are able to critique ANYTHING in this post, any suggestion, any step I missed, or any step you would add, let me know. This is a fun thought experiment for me and I am reaching out to those more informed than myself.​Thank you for reading and commenting.

Is Waterfox safer than Firefox? (with add ons)

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Can somebody explain to me how Darkmail works?

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Is there such a thing as a Decoy Passcode app?

In a situation where your phone is confiscated and you’re asked to unlock it, is there an app that recognizes a decoy passcode. If you normally unlock with say 1234, you enter into your phone as usual, but if you enter 5678 you enter into a ‘guest account’ where all the apps, info and data and clean and non-incriminating/revealing. Does something like this exist?

How Cheap Mobile Ads Tell Hackers Your Locatio…

How Cheap Mobile Ads Tell Hackers Your Location:

How Cheap Mobile Ads Tell Hackers Your Location

Privacy Alternative to Burner Phone numbers ap…

Is there a privacy focused alternative to this burner phone numbers app? (They claim to be private but their privacy policy and most everyone else reviewing it say otherwise)