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deleting messeges in messengers

how do you think, if both people delete same chat in telegram and whatsapp, do those messeges delete at all from servers? answer about 2 apps, thank you

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When’s a backdoor not a backdoor? When the Oz …

When’s a backdoor not a backdoor? When the Oz government says it isn’t:

When’s a backdoor not a backdoor? When the Oz government says it isn’t

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Google is tracking your movements at all times…

Google is tracking your movements at all times, AP investigation finds:

Google is tracking your movements at all times, AP investigation finds

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After using public computers, should i go home…

Change my password for any account that i logged into that isn’t a throw away.**

Public computers being library computers

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Transition from Gmail to iCloud

I’m looking to leave the Google ecosystem as much as possible. My school requires a Gmail email account for all correspondence. The way I’m thinking of getting around these negative tracking effects is by setting up mail forwarding so I don’t have to have any Google apps installed on my phone. I understand that there’s still information that is getting collected, but I think avoiding having gapps installed, it’s at least a proactive start.

Thoughts? Or is this completely dumb. Just trying to start a discussion.


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Puffin browser discloses your IP to websites. …

looking for another cloud browser that doesn’t do this. I wanted to use it as an extra layer of privacy to my vpn, but not as hardcore as tor.

I first thought websites don’t see my IP in puffin, but i was wrong. Puffin gives sites my IP through x-forwarded-for header. Sad.

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Privacy Badger is preventing reddit content fr…

I enjoy using privacy badger but keep getting

It looks like one or more software blocking extensions you are using may be interfering with Reddit’s ability to serve you content. Please try disabling them or changing the rules you use.

On any reddit page using the new theme, and it is fixed by allowing “” on Privacy Badger.

Is this a bug with privacy badger?

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Best Privacy-First DNS Service?

Hi, I am looking for a good privacy friendly DNS service. I am torn between OpenDNS by Cisco and Cloudflare DNS service. OpenDNS allows me to block categories of websites, which is a plus. But I do not think that they are privacy friendly. Are there any other good alternatives out there?

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Healthcare Privacy: Our Rights?

When electronic records came onto the scene years ago, I knew there was great potential for privacy breaches. Somewhere along the way, it was no longer just our doctors accessing our info… Today, a large health system in a mid to large US city is likely to partner with multiple vendors that get access to patient records without the patient signing a consent. Hospitals use vendors for wellness programs, weight management, employee health incentives, and more.

An entire industry has been built around our health data. How is it ok that we can’t opt out? I have to sign a consent form in order for my doctor to communicate with another doctor about my case. Why isn’t this same consent required before the hospital is allowed to share my record with the vendor that runs their wellness program? It’s actually more likely that I will be harmed by that vendor than another doctor, yet I seem to have fewer rights.

In addition to vendors, researchers also have access to our records. I have mixed feelings about this because the data is typically anonymized and helps researchers to see trends they couldn’t see before. Still, there are inherent vulnerabilities related to this and patients aren’t given the option to opt out. Shouldn’t we be able to choose whether or not we participate in research?

Does anyone have wisdom about how we can address the issue of electronic records, privacy, and patient rights in the US? It just seems like we have rights that are already established… are they just being ignored? Do they not apply here?

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Tutanota encrypts the entire header. Can Proto…

I’m looking to switch to either ProtonMail or Tutanota with my own domain. I only need email, don’t care about contacts, calendar, ect. To me, they offer very similar services, but can’t decide which one to go with. The biggest thing that sticks out to me between the 2 is that Tutanota encrypts the whole header. I haven’t found another service that does that.

I’ve made a list of pros and cons of each. My current threat model is privacy and anonymity from anyone except a government entity tracking me.

ProtonMail Pros:

  • Big and transparent dev team
  • 2FA works with website and app
  • End to end encrypted
  • Accepts Bitcoin

ProtonMail Cons:

  • Not fully open source (Bridge and app aren’t, so they can never fully be trusted)
  • Doesn’t fully encrypt headers (subject line is not encrypted due to using PGP)
  • No IMAP support beyond bridge and native apps
  • Pricing is way to expensive.
  • Deleted emails remain in Protonmail’s backups for up to 14 days

Tutanota Pros:

  • Fully open source
  • Full encryption of headers
  • End to end encryption
  • Competitive pricing
  • Deleted emails are erased immediately from Tutanota servers

Tutanota Cons:

  • The team is not transparent about when new releases are coming. So users never know when to expect updates. Ex. No release date for the new apps or when Bitcoin support is coming. Makes me lose faith in them.
  • 2FA doesn’t work with the app until the new version is released
  • No IMAP support beyond their native apps
  • No Windows or Mac email applications
  • Doesn’t accept Bitcoin so there is no true anonymous way to sign up for a paid account

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