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Firefox for Android; User agent override doesn…

I tried using general.useragent.override but it doesn’t seem to work. How do I change my browser fingerprints?

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What’s the best alternative to DuckDuckGo priv…

Keep it simple. Also, what’s a good cloud service, and why should we care if companies track us, steal our data, etc.? What’s harmful about that to an individual?

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Would you say my browser privacy and security …

Browser: Brave.

Search Engine: DuckDuckGo

VPN: Proton VPN.

Auto fill and payments: off.

Save Passwords: Off. (Lastpass)


Navigation error suggestions, off.

Search suggestions, off.

HTTPS everywhere, on.

Close tabs on exit, on.

Tracking protection, on.

Ad block, on.

Regional Ad block, on.

Fingerprinting protection, on.

Use page predictions, on. (Preload pages for faster and offline reading)

Touch to search, on.

Clear browsing data… (This just clears my history and stuff)


These settings don’t contribute, and don’t matter.

Site settings:

Cookies, except third party.

Location, Blocked.

Camera, Blocked.

Microphone, Blocked.

Notifications, Ask First.

JavaScript, allowed.

Pop-ups, Blocked.

Ads, Blocked from some sites… Technically, but they’re banned everywhere!

Desktop mode, this does not matter. Audio settings, almost defaults and don’t matter.

Clipboard, block websites from reading my clipboard.

Edit: changes, JavaScript back on… I need it, but I’ll only go on safe websites.

Am I good?

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Something important to keep in mind regarding …

The overwhelming majority of popular browsers have webRTC enabled with no option to turn it off, obviously due to Apple limitations (Firefox not having about:config, for example).

What does this mean? VPN or not, your original IP is susceptible to leaks despite VPN use, making your paid VPN subscription a ginormous waste of money while browsing on your iPhone.

Browsers with webRTC enabled:

  1. Firefox
  2. Firefox Focus
  3. Brave
  4. Safari

Browsers with webRTC disabled:

  1. SnowHaze

Obviously more browsers exist and will obviously fall into one of the two categories, but I’ve only tested browsers I would feel comfortable using myself. Seems as though SnowHaze is the best option overall in terms of retaining privacy.

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Consumer Watchdog Trains AI to Spot Online Pri…

Consumer Watchdog Trains AI to Spot Online Privacy Violations:

Consumer Watchdog Trains AI to Spot Online Privacy Violations

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Are the big tech companies turning into manipu…

Are the big tech companies turning into manipulation engines?:

Are the big tech companies turning into manipulation engines?

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Think Facebook deleted your data when you leav…

I deleted my Facebook account several months ago (a proper delete, waited the 14 days etc)

Anyway, I had made the stupid choice of creating a new account.

The new account had a different email address. And I logged on from a different computer

The minute I created a new account with my name and uploaded a profile picture it instantly suggested all the friends I used to have on my old account. How is this possible? I believe Facebook has linked all the data to facial recognition as this is the only identifying piece of information on the new account.

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My information has been compromised, I don’t k…

A few months ago my credit card info was stolen, which revealed my address. I tried to lock down and change all my passwords, but missed one dating profile, which contained my birth date. Sure enough, it was hacked, pictures were stolen and birth date was scrubbed to Jan 1. They even left a disparaging remark in my bio, for good measure. So now, potential thieves have my birth date, address, name, and relatives. I’m not sure about phone number, but its possible. What steps do I need to take to make sure they get nowhere with this info?

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Anyone know its its possible to block ads on a…

I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7000P with DD-WRT firmware. Im wondering if anyones knows the best way to block ads on DD-WRT?

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