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Can you secure a phone to the same degree you …

For example if I wanted to be as a secure as I can think of I’d start by moving over to Linux from windows, downloading Firefox along with the Tor extension or working through a custom VPN using duck,duck go and using signal for most private conversations. I believe this to be a reasonably safe way of securing a PC. I know that you can secure yourself suing signal and TOR on android but can you do it to the same extent as with a PC.

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E2E encrypted IM software with permanent chat …

I’ve tried many instant messaging apps for PC but the ones I know of are either too complex for this purpose (XMPP clients, RetroShare) or they don’t have a local permanent searchable chat history logging feature. Signal gets close but there’s no way to easily locate a message within the history. Do you have any suggestions?

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Telegram introduced Passport. A unified author…

Telegram introduced Passport. A unified authorization method.:

Telegram introduced Passport. A unified authorization method.

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What is your preferred addon for spoofing user…

I’ve never tried this before but I read that it can help make your browser less unique. What is your favorite addon available for Firefox that spoofs user agent strings? Also, is it possible to have a fingerprint that isn’t highly unique if I use a theme in Firefox?


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Any “dumb” whole-house wi-fi speaker systems y…

Liking the idea of having a central control for audio out on the back patio, upstairs, kitchen, etc.

All the brands are bragging that they have Google and Alexa functionality now… I just want to play Pandora.

Is there a brand or series of whole house speakers that is privacy friendly? Thinking maybe an older setup from ebay, but not sure which ones.

Any recommendations?

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Facebook’s Push for Facial Recognition Prompts…

Facebook’s Push for Facial Recognition Prompts Privacy Alarms:

Facebook’s Push for Facial Recognition Prompts Privacy Alarms

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What’s the best way to fully erase external wo…

I don’t think old classic DBAN can handle external USB HDDs? Any others to use in Linux, Mac OS, and Windows?

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Open source browser that doesn’t sell my data …

Thank you in advance.

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Your voting history was leaked, and that’s not…

Your voting history was leaked, and that’s not the worst part:

Your voting history was leaked, and that’s not the worst part

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Privacy Bookmark/Tab manager like Toby? Nothin…

I like the Toby extension because you can open a bunch of tabs in a window, press a button to save those tabs to a topic (or type in a new topic name to save to), and then press a button again to restore that topic when you want to resume work on it.

That being said, there’s no open source extensions like Toby, and even if there were, it’d still present fingerprinting/security issues. There’s also the fact I like to use TOR which you shouldn’t install extensions in. If I could find an external open source program to do this, it’d make it much easier for me to use TOR on a regular basis.

Any suggestions? Regular bookmarking with firefox sync won’t cut it (and I’m not even sure if that’s secure), and the CLI packages like buku can open bookmarks on a topic all at once, but can’t bookmark all open tabs at once.

edit: I’m also open to alternate interesting ways to get this sort of functionality.

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