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How Europe’s New Privacy Law Will Change the W…

How Europe’s New Privacy Law Will Change the Web, and More:

How Europe’s New Privacy Law Will Change the Web, and More

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What is the safest way to use privacy unfriend…

I want to use Snapchat because I’m not social at all and would like to work on this, but Snapchat actually disgusts me almost as much as Facebook with all of its privacy issues. My phone is on LineageOS, and my PC has both Linux and Windows on it. What’s the least invasive way I can use services like Snapchat?

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Is there a way to use the Play Store with micr…

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I want to be able to use the official Play Store with microG instead of the data collecting Google Play services. Is there a way to achieve this with AOSP (which doesn’t come with Google Apps), or if not with stock Android then this LineageOS fork for microG?

I remember that I managed to get to a point where when I opened the Play Store I got a message saying “Error retrieving information from server. [RH-01]”. However, I can’t remember how I got to that point. The device I am using for testing (Samsung Galaxy S4) has been wiped several times since I keep on trying and trying again with different combinations.

This website seems to provide ROMs that claim to let me use the Play Store with microG. However, no matter what I try, I can never seem to get the Play Store to work with microG.

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Digital Identities are key to scalable Governm…

Digital Identities are key to scalable Government services:

Digital Identities are key to scalable Government services

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AdBlock Adds Feature to Cache Popular JavaScri…

AdBlock Adds Feature to Cache Popular JavaScript Libraries:

AdBlock Adds Feature to Cache Popular JavaScript Libraries

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EFF: Geek Squad has been working with the FBI …

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Google gets 2.4M requests from Europeans to be…

Google gets 2.4M requests from Europeans to be ‘forgotten’:

Google gets 2.4M requests from Europeans to be ‘forgotten’

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Mail providers with proper DKIM support on cus…

What is everyone using for mail hosting?

I’ve looked at the few popular ones –, Runbox, Tutanota and they all don’t support DKIM for custom domains.

I am aware of ProtonMail but looking to get something cheaper, preferably less than $25/year. Needs to support 5 aliases, storage size doesn’t matter.

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How do you determine what level of privacy is …

Privacy scrub here. I’ve been reading up on privacy lately and diving head first into it over the past couple months. Honestly it’s all I can think about these days and I’m having a hard time deciding how far to go without completely ditching my “old ways” of doing stuff online. Obviously there are certain levels when it comes to hardening your privacy online, however it seems once you get to a certain point you start to lose a lot of convenience quickly or the services you use just aren’t as good anymore.

Take Google Maps for example. Out of the box, it’s bad. It retains all of your history (location, search, etc) however you can disable most, if not all of it. Is that good enough? Or you could just not sign into your Google account to take it one step further. Or you could just not use Google Maps altogether and switch to something based on OpenStreetMap (for example). How do you determine when to stop before going “all out” with your online privacy?

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How will my privacy be improved by switching t…

tldr: I’ve taken some action (listed below) to make my Google Pixel more private. I want to know, given I’d use the same practices with an iPhone, how my privacy would improve solely by switching to said iPhone.

I am the paradox of a cyber privacy advocate and a Google Pixel owner. I know there is much more I can do to improve my privacy while using my device, but I think I’ve found a nice balance of privacy vs. convenience for myself at least. I’ve done the following to improve my mobile phone privacy:

  • I have disabled all of the Google activity controls (i.e. web & app activity tracking, location history, etc).

  • I use a VPN when doing anything not associated with my identity.

  • I carefully inspect the privacy policy and permission requirements of any app I install.

  • I limit all permissions of each app to the bare minimum necessary.

  • I use Firefox Klar to mitigate tracking while internet browsing.

  • Use f-droid to replace any Google Play apps I can.

  • I do not back up my data to Google drive.

  • I mostly use encryption based messaging (signal, whatsapp, etc.), none of which I backup anything from.

  • Disabled most of the Google apps (Still a sucker for Gmail).

  • Only turn on location services when necessary.

  • Have disabled whatever targeting advertising I could.

  • My device itself is encrypted.

From what I’ve read about this, there seems to be the unanimous agreement that iPhones are generally better than Android phones in terms of privacy. Is this true mainly when comparing these phones out of the box (no privacy tweaks) or just in general? Assuming I take all the same above precautions with an iPhone, how will the sole act of switching to an iPhone improve my privacy further?

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