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Music streaming?

I have been working on making my life more private and I have been able to find privacy alternatives to a bunch of my services however I can’t find one for my music listening habits. What are your thoughts? What applications do you use to listen to music but is still privacy minded?

Anyone else getting random extensions added to…

I restored my computer (Mac/Linux dual boot), and the first thing I did was make sure Firefox was installed on both operating systems.However, after a day or two, on each one, Firefox had a random extension added, like one about a user study, and another tracking the number of people who turned on Do Not Track, and they were both by Firefox.Has anyone else experienced this?

Will my apartment address be on public record?

I am moving into a new apartment and want to know if it will be on public record. I know you can search people on websites like whitepages and see their address and relatives or can be found by a PI. Will the same happen when I move into a new apartment? Thanks

Freedom Where Did You Go?

Freedom Where Did You Go?:

Freedom Where Did You Go?

Collection of Mozilla/Firefox domains?

Like telemetry domains.

Introducing the Librem Key

Introducing the Librem Key:

Introducing the Librem Key

Blackberry priv was confiscated by police

Hey guys, My blackberry priv was confiscated by the police in order to hack it. I have a 7 digit passcode on it and some sensetive information (unfortunatly, cannabis is illegle here 😏)What do u think are the chances of them cracking the code? Do any of u know if the phone reboots itself after 10 failed attempts?If so, will they be able to recover my whatsup\ telgram chats?Mant tnx for the help guys

How Good Is My Privacy And Security?

I have windows 10 with W10privacy (I know I need to switch to Linux), Protonmail, Avast free, Malwarebytes free, Bitwarden and Firefox. I also use andOTP.I have changed a lot of about:config settings and my addons are:Ublock Origin (Hard mode), Umatrix, NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger (For getting trackers Ublock Origin or Umatrix missed), Decentraleyes, Cookie AutoDelete, CanvasBlocker, Duckduckgo Privacy Essentials (For seeing how trustworthy a site is), Tos;dr (Terms of Service; Didn’t Read), Bloody Vikings!, Bitwarden.I also use a user agent switcher and I would like to know if there is any difference from using an extension or changing my user agent in about:config.On android I use Brave.

Why You’re Probably Getting a Microchip Implan…

Normalizing implanted technology. Ugh.

GPGTools on the Mac is now paid software