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Uhmm what you say? Thank you Google.

I’m strictly against giving apps access to mics and camera (besides Discord.) This is a rule, that I’m trying to make my not-so-tech-savvy fiancé to follow as well.Yesterday he sang the lyrics to Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek (“Mmm, what’d you say? Mmm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did.. etc”) to make a joke. Fun stuff. Though it’s a song we listen to, sing on a regular basis or anything like that.Fast forward two-ish hours and Youtube is suggesting the SNL The Shooting / Dear Sister-skit and the Jason Derulo song to him. (Note; 99% of his viewing habits are based on RuneScape classic and Critical Role.) Yet… there it is.He might have lied about his phone and that crap, and I’d never find out. It’s his phone. Or… google is listening a bit too much.Do you have any stories like that? This is like the fifth time since Aug. that I noticed sh*t like this.

Protecting my privacy from Google with a Pixel…

Just got a Pixel 3, but I don’t want to be tracked by Google or use Google services. Never used a custom ROM before. What do I do? Which OS works on Pixel 3 and what’s the best one?

Tor as Default

So I installed TOR and I am quite happy with it but one think I cant overcome is I cant set top are default browser no matter what I do. Does anybody have a idea how to do it? ThanksEdit: using Windows 10 latest build and ever tried to set it manually in registry but no luck

iPhone: initiate wipe from an Apple Watch?

Hi guys. Hypothetical scenario. Someone takes your iPhone and goes off with it. You still have your Apple Watch with you. The Watch has cellular so Bluetooth range doesn’t matter. Can you initiate wipe of the phone remotely from the watch? The only method I can think of is find my iPhone from a browser but that wouldn’t work in the above scenario. Thanks.

Hushed app

Anyone here use the Hushed app with a lifetime number? I paid about 30 bucks a few months ago for a lifetime number from the app. It worked okay for a couple month post. I just got an email saying my account has been suspended due to violation of their terms and conditions. Multiple emails to their support email have gone unanswered. They refuse to tell me what the violation is. Anyone else face this?Seems like a way to get me to pay again. The only things I’ve used the app for is to forward calls to my Canadian number when I roam outside the country.

Best windows version for privacy?

Hello,I know windows is not the best for privacy but I play video games on my computer all day and every now and then use it for homework. Did a search online (didn’t use google) and found out linux is not good for video games since companies don’t update it my question is out of the latest version of windows which one has the best privacy settings? i’m currently running windows 10 and i’m thinking on switching back to windows8 or 7.thanks 🙂

ProtonMail Webmail does not provide end-to-end…

ProtonMail Webmail does not provide end-to-end encryption:

ProtonMail Webmail does not provide end-to-end encryption

NSA IG looks to make agency ‘transparent where…

NSA IG looks to make agency ‘transparent where we can be’:

NSA IG looks to make agency ‘transparent where we can be’

Protonmail is shit. Inb4 shills

Protonmail is shit. Inb4 shills:

Protonmail is shit. Inb4 shills