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iOS or Android for privacy?

I’d just like a real quick or well explained reason as to why you or anyone would/prefer one over the other, or neither.More or less, does iOS allow a user more privacy than Android, or the other way around? Or neither at all?

What’s the point of Njalla?

Njalla, private company (not a registrar) that will register domains for you and let you administer them.You don’t own the domains, they do.In this trade you supposedly trade ownership of “your” domains for privacy.But how is this different than buying a domain with a real registrar using a fake name?If Njalla were to disappear one day, how would you get your domains back? You don’t own them any more.Looks sketchy at best.PS: Yes, i know. “Peter Sunde” and i should trust him he won’t screw me over, alright. But still don’t see the point of paying overpriced domains you don’t own for whois privacy.

dropbox encryption on linux

Can I set up my dropbox folder on linux in a way so that the dropbox client only sees encrypted files?I mean people always lament about privacy issues when storing stuff in the cloud, but in principle with client side encryption it should be possible not to let Dropbox see the unencrypted data?In case somebody wants to point out that dropbox just stopped supporting ecryptfs: that’s not what I’m talking about. Before they stopped supporting it, they got your clear text data anyway even when your folder was in an encrypted home folder. In the setup that I envisage, the dropbox client would see a folder on an unencrypted ext4 filesystem whose content would be unintelligible binary files.If this is not the right place to ask this question, where could I ask it?Thanks!

Stripping Google on Android

Hi – so I often switch from Android to iOS whenever I get a new phone and I’m looking to go Android this time around. Since I’ve last used it, though, I’ve come to distrust Google quite a bit and have reduced using their services down to 2 things (Contacts and Voice).I’m not trying to completely remove Google, but want to strip it down as much as possible. What I’m curious about is at what point does it not matter?For example – I plan to use APK Mirror and F Droid, but does none of that matter if I were to have Play enabled at all? Or does using those two for most apps limit what Google can mine? Do I need to fully remove Play and Play Services?Does signing in for Contacts/Voice compromise it completely even when I disable all tracking/history/sync?Or – is using Android at all already enough? Do I have to use something like LineageOS?Overall Plan -Sign in for Contacts/VoiceAvoid Google Play completelyUse non-Google apps for everything else (Firefox, k9mail, Wire, etc)

Alternative to Google Keep?

I want to replace Google Keep. I would like something with the same features plus encryption. I have tried Standard Notes but it is just too simple. Any recommendations?

USA border phone inspection

So this is news to me. U.S. customs agents conducted 60 percent more searches of travelers’ cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices during the government’s 2017 fiscal year, according to statistics released Friday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).The agency said it searched 30,200 devices but the inspections affected only 0.007 percent of the 397 million travelers — including American citizens as well as foreign visitors — who arrived from abroad during the 12-month period that ended Sept 30.No phone or a blank phone seems safest option, anyone been searched?Full article.–including-those-belonging-to-americans/2018/01/05/0a236202-f247-11e7-b3bf-ab90a706e175_story.html

Question about past content

Hypothetical situation:–My previous job required me to use WhatsApp. Now, I’ve moved on from that job, and I have recently heard about the privacy issue. What can I do about my previous content on WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, and other similar services that have already been possibly mined by some company?What do I do about my use of unsecured services in the past?

How PayPal Shares Your Data

How PayPal Shares Your Data:

How PayPal Shares Your Data

Best iOS authenticator app?

PRISM Break recommends FreeOTP but that is outdated and broken. There is also “OTP Auth” and “Tofu Authenticator” any one use any of these?

Hiding server from internet

Hello, I got a question about hiding my VPS server from internet. I got my cloud and VPN there but now web is available to anybody could it be changed somehow to get access only for ppls who knows exact link or could there be something like login page in order to proceed to my domain? Thanks in advance