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Facebook friends suggestion


So, long story short. I needed to create new facebook account (well my first plan was to order Instagram ads but for some absurd reason I need to have IG business account for that and to have business account I need to link my fb profile with IG account and as soon as I linked my fb profile all my friends got notification “your friend blahblah is now in instagram as blahblah2” and’s so stupid and actually out of topic).

Edit: actual point:

Anyway to avoid all this, I created new fb account, I was using chrome, I was in incognito and for signing up I used mobile number that I have never used before for signing up, like nowhere. Now what’s interesting – after signing up facebook suggests friends and those friend suggestions are like extremely good – my actual profile was no.2 suggestion and all suggestions are my close friends. I used for name absolutely random words, it doesn’t have connection with my actual profile. Amazing. How do they do that?

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What happened to

My web queries were being spotty starting Saturday. I did some troubleshooting and changed the dns to OpenDNS and the problem cleared up.
So I tried to go to the site and it was down for me and on and it still is down.
Any news?

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Legitimate Privacy Services

Are there any legitimate privacy services who you can pay to clean up your internet presence/what comes up when you google your name?

Sorry if this is a dumb question since obviously it’s not very “private” to want to farm this out. To be 100% honest I am less concerned with companies selling my data and tracking what I search and buy for ads (I know all of this is very important and I do plan to look into that later) but my immediate concern is that I am an abuse/stalking victim and want to remove my google search result presence/spokeo/opt out of all of those type of sites that aggregate public records and emails/usernames linked to your name and all as much as possible and trying to figure out how to do it myself and seeing all of it out there myself is too much for my mental health at the moment. So yea. Are there any legit services that does all the legwork on removing as much of the data about yourself from sites?

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Best private messenger app?

I see a lot about Signal, but I’m also seeing a few others. What are your preferences/thoughts?

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How to destroy EEPROM data?

How’s best way to physically destroy all EEPROM data? Does matter the kind of current (DC or AC) and polarization? How voltage is best to securely destroy EEPROM chip with all data and make to impossible recover all data from this during forensic analysis?

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Privacy Guide to lineage os

So, my phone will get official lineage os rom and of course I will install it! Going “off Google” it’s what I want.

But there’s something that concern me. How will I get my apps from a legit source? I already heard people talking about f-droid. Is it legit? Does all apps come without virus? And how do they get the apks to people install? Who they are and why did they start this “app store”? I would like to hear other f-droid alternatives, if there’s any. Thank you in advance.

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Privacy and signal vs wickr


Ok, so I’m looking to research differences between signal, Wickr and telegram. I’ve read on a lot of forum on reddit that signal is the most preferred one compared to wickr because of their open source approach. However; as you add people on signal based on numbers, it doesn’t strike me as very safe as compared to just add a username as you do on wickr? Any tips? I’m using signal today but the ui for deleting messages etc is a little bit unsure for my counterparts.

Any other tips? I have read about different protocols etc and that’s fine but the minor details such as numbers etc is the one thing I wonder about.

I also know about WhatsApp etc.

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Particl’s fight for PRIVACY


A must watch video. An awareness for our right to privacy online.

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Do you trust Google photos?

I’ve been thinking about using the service but I came across this post earlier and figured that I’d ask here as well to get answers strictly from a privacy POV

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GDPR Violation/data denial.

Hi everyone.

So to make this short and sweet, I’ve requested my data from Tinder which I’ve yet to receive. Could I somehow report this violation?

Full story: I have sent a data request, and after a few days I recived an error message from them saying there was am error retrieving my information and I should try to log out then in again and try again.

I’ve sent them a ticket and for over a week I did not get any response.

So not only that I do not understand why I should get this error message rather than they will and fix it (note that I am an active user, and my data IS THERE certainly). They are totally dragging me along and not providing the data even after multiple daily replies to the ticket by me.

Is there anything I could do regarding this matter?

Thanks a bunch.

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