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Why use a password manager?

When I can encrypt a hard drive and then encrypt a word document with passwords in it?

Erasing google apps enough?

So new to this subreddit, been sort of a private person all my life but lately i’ve been looking into other things I can do that help improve my private life online. I’ve notice a ton of people on here suggesting to stay away from Android OS and use ‘roms’ instead but i’m curious.. Why not just sign OUT of your google account and erase the google apps on your phone? Is that really not enough? I mean sure there’s probably some data still being collected but it would be minimal and not tied to your google account or your identity correct? I guess i’m just sort of wondering why go all out and use custom roms, heavily mod your phone and disable most of its function for ‘more’ privacy than what you would get just deleting all google apps on a stock phone.

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Anybody read these notices?

Since now that so much of web has adopted these new privacy policies, has anyone read them? I’m just wondering which ones actually allow me to download my data. Cause that’s all I want to agree to.

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Any opinions on ‘TrackOff’?

Does anyone have any information or experience regarding the ‘Track Off’ software, designed to prevent tracking and fingerprinting?

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Privacy on an Android phone

Google tries to suck as much personal information as possible. Even the phone set up sort of requires to have an email id to be present. Most of the pre installed services continually track your usage and send it to Google’s data centers. How can i still continue to use an Android Phone while protecting my privacy. My requirements are:

a. No location data should be uploaded when i turn off location tracking on phone.

b. No text/email parsing of my conversations.

c. My contacts should stay on my phone. No sharing on cloud or any of that s**t.

d. Don’t want to use any of the Google’s pre installed apps and want to uninstall them.

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Can TOR be trusted anymore?

Can TOR be trusted anymore?

In one document the NSA also says that Tor is extremely challenging for them and that they will never be able to deanonymize most connections. If so, why does the US State Department still fund the TOR project so generously? Fund a service that allows anyone to be anonymous. And besides that they have been working to destroy it for over 5 years now. They may have even managed to compromise a large part of the TOR network. For me TOR is untrustworthy.

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A question about anonymity?

Say I go to a coffee shop and join their wifi network. Then I’ll get an internal IP address as 20 other customers in this shop. So if I connect to something in the internet, this something will only know this coffee shop public IP address and has no way to know which internal IP address connecting to it. Is it right?

Another scenario is if someone try to collect web histories of this coffee shop’s network, they’ll know all the sites customers have accessed, but they won’t know customer A accessed which sites?


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Microsoft Telemetry Domains

On my Pi Hole, the top blocked domain is which is a telemetry domain. In the past 24 hours Pi Hole recorded 573 connection attempts.

If you don’t have this blocked in your hosts or Pi Hole you should defiantly add it.

Is there any other telemetry domains from Microsoft that should be blocked?

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How To Encrypt Email Mobile

Hello, I’m not sure if this is best suited for r/Privacy or r/privacytoolsIO so I’ll pay in both. My question is simple, how do you encrypt emails on mobile if the service does not offer an application? (I.e. Posteo) Thanks a lot!

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Ad Personalization Question

I’m considering turning off Google’s Ad Personalization. However, when I google (the irony) whether turning ad personalization off protects privacy, I only get results about articles of how to turn it off because it’s “creepy” when ads are following you from site to site. What I’m currently thinking is that keeping ad personalization on can’t do any further harm because Google already knows our interests and probably tracks them even when we turn the service off. Does anybody know for sure whether or not turning ad personalization off protects privacy? If not, I would rather keep it on since it’s better to see relevant ads rather than random ads.

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