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Alternative to Streamable?

Privacy friendly site where I can upload videos without account.

Is Nord still safe to use?

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Nextcloud help (dediserve)

I created an.account on this server called dediserve. But I just can’t locate my server address to login to next cloud !

There seem to be options to create invoices and buy plans. But i’m going for the free 10GB plan. Please help. I feel like I’m at arm’s distance and not reaching it.

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Can ISP see what I stream?

Quick question : I was wondering if it was possible for my isp to see what I stream or view on my reddit mobile app or Twitter, or twitch, or YouTube, what do they see from their end?

Asking for……. a friend( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Mega as free cloud storage

How y’all feel about it ? Privacy wise

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Securing your home network

Itd be useful for people here to have a how-to guide or thread directly in this sub on home network security since security is part of privacy.

Tacking my own niche situation onto that, what do u do when the isp bill isn’t in your name and configuring the router isnt an option? Create a network within a network? One lead I have is using a router as a wifi receiver on my pc, and perhaps configuring my own settings there.


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telegram, viber, whatsapp?

hello! i want to know what is the best for communicitaion, for such person like me. i dont care that someone could steal my messeges, i care more about storing them, i dont want that someone on the earth store my messeges.

ps dont say about signal, noone will not use it. only from this 3

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Best Linux Distro on a VM?

Hey everyone, I’m new to the world of online privacy and security and would like some help. So far I’ve just been doing simple stuff such as switching from chrome to a hardened firefox with some privacy extensions, getting a good vpn, using start page for my internet searches, disabling all permissions that I can, encrypting my storage, etc. But I want to start doing more. I was thinking of switching to Linux but I want to get used to it in a virtual machine first before making bigger switch. I am thinking Tails, Qubec or maybe whonix since I hear its built for virtual machines.

Any tips? Looking for something somewhat user friendly and secure.

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Privacy & dating: how?

I’m not trying to date nor do I feel the need to, however one question that I ask myself often is how would I be able to date?

First of all, you really need a phone. Relationships these days depends a lot on texts especially for younger people. But even if you had one you would still need to convince the person to install an app like Signal. Requesting to not post pictures of you online is certainly acceptable & unless the person is an ass he/she’ll most likely accept.

Don’t really know where I’m going with this but I feel like If were to date, I would lose out on many relationships simply because of the population’s ignorance in mass surveillance. Is someone at the pub really going to install a random app just for 1 stranger? If they go to your house, will they be able to only use vpn/tor when they’ve used Chrome for the last 5 years? I can’t convince my parents who I’ve known all my life, how could I convince a complete stranger?

I want to hear some advice & thoughts about this. How do you guys do it?

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Does this keep me private?

I don’t want Google or Facebook or other companies tracking me all over the web and saving details of everything I do online. It’s creepy and no one should have access that kind of personal information, especially not governments through back doors like PRISIM etc.

So that is my current “threat model” I guess.

These are the points where I think data gets collected, and what I have done to fix them.

  • Device: I use a PC so I have followed these instructions:
  • ISP: Get a trusted no log VPN with private DNS etc and use that from now on-wards.
  • Browser: I have changed from Chrome to Firefox, activated their Tracking Protection feature on all sites, and disabled data collection in the options.
  • Online Services: Default search has been switched from Google to DuckDuckGo, and switched from gmail to proton, and generally find other non-google services where I can. Facebook I still use, but since I have Tracking Protection turned on I assume they can’t follow me around the web and build up a profile.

Are there any other areas that I need to be aware of?

And are these measures I have taken sufficient?

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