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PC user’s guide to privacy

PC user’s guide to privacy:

PC user’s guide to privacy

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Regarding Note Taking Apps

Hi, till now I used EverNote but I came to know that Evernote employees can access our notes from the backend but Evernote in their new policy in 2017 said that they WON’T anymore.

Article –

But I’m thinking that what if some of the employees can still access our notes from the backend? Who knows what anyone can do on the internet right?

My question why would they even access our notes in the first place? They are providing service and but have NO right to take a look at anyone’s notes. That’s the way I and everyone thinks.

I use Evernote for both my personal and business purpose and I certainly would NOT want anyone from the backend to see my personal as well as business notes and stuff.

I think they can anytime access our notes anytime without even letting us know and are still doing it.

I only need a digital note-taking app for 1 device and that’s my lappy. I barely use my phone.

Also, heard that Evernote indexes my notes so that I can search them? Why just why?

Then I looked into OneNote and I couldnt find any issue other than sync problems and maybe MS spies too? Who knows?

Then I looked at SimpleNote as it’s open-source and I saw that in their privacy policy, they tell us NOT to keep any sensitive info as they will get indexed too for search purpose. I think they removed that from their privacy policy now.

I just need a good and compact digital note-taking app like EverNote where I can put images, pdfs or multiple types of formattings etc.

I am on Windows btw.

Any recommendation fellas? What do you use for your daily business and personal purpose?

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Doubts regarding Ricochet.

I used ricochet recently. I have doubts.

Is it completely P2P? Any servers involved?

Will the messages get delivered in case one person is offline.

Does it require both parties involved to be online at the same time for messages to get delivered?

What are pros and cons of using it?

Please share your opinions and experiences as I can not find a FAQ or guide explaining everything about ricochet.

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Question about

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but y’all are usually very helpful. Do I have to use my real billing address with a card created on

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Is Hardware a Real Factor?

I’ll do my best to be brief. I’ve been a serious dissident and government skeptic since the Snowden leaks. However, I’ve only recently begun taking the steps necessary to ensure my own privacy. That being said, I will soon be buying a new PC for personal use. I’m not sure what to get, and privacy is a definite factor. WIth that, my question is, does the PC I use have any effect on my privacy? I’m currently using an HP laptop w/ Windows 10. I have a hardened Firefox w/ multiple addons (i.e. Privacy Badger, HTTPSEverywhere, uBlockOrigin.) I use Tor for most internet searches and have a Tails USB.

When buying a new laptop, is there any kind I should steer clear of? I’ve heard of privacy concerns with Mac and others, but I’ve also been taught that it’s more about the way you use the internet that is more important than the computer you use. Are some computers better than others for privacy?

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Best way to lockdown Win10

Seems like the best options for this is:

Can these guides be both used, or would they conflict and create an unstable system? Is one better than the other?

I’m also running Win10 Home and want to disable automatic updates, but neither of these scripts seems to offer such. What’s a good way of going about this?

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What is Facebook upto now?

Got this superuser request while normally using the Facebook app. Don’t know why they would want the superuser access now. Facebook never fails to amazes me

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Albine Blur & DeleteMe

So I have been listening to this podcast – which was recommended here on this subreddit a few times.

These guys have recommended using Blur for email accounts and credit cards to use instead of your own (kind of like Sounds really good and I feel like the recommendation can be trusted.

That being said I know from many previous posts on this subreddit and other sources, unless I am seriously remembering incorrectly, it’s said that you shouldn’t pay/use a service like DeleteMe to remove you from all those databases. You should do it yourself.

If that’s correct, how can a company/service like Blur be trusted if they also offer a service like DeleteMe?

Is Abine (creator of both) a trusted company and can I trust both their services?

I’ve already started the annoyingly frustrating and slow process of removing myself from all these databases myself but if I can use a service like DeleteMe and trust that’s a good idea, I will.


  • I spelt the company name wrong, it’s Abine not Albine.

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Windows 7 stop the spying?

I remember there was an open source program that blocked Windows 7 from sending data to Microsoft and other places, but I can’t remember the name. Does anyone have a hunch?

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