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Brave browser

Hello,I am a newbie in the whole privacy game, and I am wondering what browser is most trustworthy and helpful against tracking. recommends Tor, Firefox and Brave. While Brave sounds promising since it is Chromium based and open source (?) is it truly trustworthy and efficient? Especially on macOS? Thanks.




windows defender

a while ago i noticed that when you turn off ‘real-time protection’ it turns itself back on after a few hoursi had someone here help me manually disable it at the cost of being unable to turn it back on (if you go into ‘virus and threat protection’ it’ll tell you it’s managed by your organization)i was playing a game just now and experienced massive frame rate drops so i opened up task manager to see what was going on. something called ‘windows malware removal tool’ was running in the do i fucking stop this, i’m so tired of windows doing things in real time without my permission. is there some way i can see what file was deleted?

Secure Linux OS

Planning to change from MacOS to a non-Apple linux OS, but have not much of a clue which one would be the most privacy concious and secure one to choose.I thought about using ArchLabs, because it seems fairly lightweight (which is important for me) and clean in terms of the user interface.I will be using it mainly for daily webbrowsing and office activities.Thanks a lot in advance.


Hey guys. So I have never used Telegram and would like to know, what you guys think about Telegram in terms of security. For example, what isn’t clear to me is wether they have all the source code published.


What do y’all do regarding the issue of privacy and banking? I’d avoid banks altogether but idk how to. I made this thread earlier today and got called stubborn for not wanting to give my bank my renewed drivers license which seems like an unreasonable accusation to me. Idk. What do you guys think?

Android Keyboards

HiI know this is discussed several times already, but I’m looking for a privacy respecting keyboard that also has cool features like word suggestion and swipe controls and has a nice and clean design.I already tried a couple of options like AnySoftKeyboard (but I don’t like the design and layout) and Simple Keyboard (but that lacks some features).The perfect solution for me would be Android AOSP keyboard, but I can’t manage to install it via apkmirror because I’m using a samsung device with android 8.0.0.So is there any keyboard app available with: * Offline word prediction; * Swipe controls; * Stock Emoji’s; * AZERTY support; * Clean design and * Preferably open source?Thanks in advance for the help 🙂

Brave vs FireFox

Can someone plz help me understand this? Everyone just keeps saying “Brave isn’t FireFox” and “At least FireFox isn’t Chromium” but BRAVE isn’t just any other Chromium fork. Is Brave the future of Private Web Browsing?

Thoughts on ORWL?

Aye, one of my friends was telling me about this the other day. What are your thoughts?​ORWL:

Password Managers

I have been using dashlane for the past couple of months and found that it slows down my machine quite a bit. Is there anyone who could recommend a better option? I was considering KeepassX and 1Password. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!