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I have a quick question with regards to NoScript. When I set permissions to get a site working and then go on to a new site, I notice that some of the permissions I have set for a previous site, have also applied to this new site. Is this normal or have I missed a setting?Example I have just gone on to the NHL website and noticed that had script allowed, without me setting script to allow on the site.Thanks

Line Messenger

I was wondering if anybody know how the encryption was on Line messenger. I use it avidly with people, especially over seas. I know that it has end to end encryption but I’ve heard the encryption is questionable. Does anybody have any other info on it?

G Suite privacy

Hello, I am a new employee at a company for a couple months now. My company uses G Suite for the corporate email communication. I was told to sign in from my mobile phone which I did (Android phone, used the Gmail app). I am concerned that the company has access to personal data on my phone. I was not informed about something like that. I am specifically concerned about my texting data and the apps I use on my phone. Shouldn’t the company inform me about the data it has access to? Is there any way for me to see which data the company has access to? Thank you!


How does this work? I have enabled the mode “allow selected”. So i just allowed some apps that i require data/wifi access. Some apps like facebook lite even though not selected still works when it is opened?. So is this blocking background usage ?


Is there any way to sub to youtube channels and see what they post without having a youtube account? im getting bored of using kgg2m7yk5aybusll.onion (invidious) since even if you subscribe you dont see any post of the people u subscribe to

Pipl Removal?

I’ve searched on these forums, but is there a way to remove myself from Pipl as a Pro user?I tried the e-mail address at the bottom of their “removal page” ( with no avail.Any tips, besides disinformation? Because even with disinformation, my real results are still there on the list.Also: Where the Hell does it get this info from? Example: some sources say “Consumer Profile – USA Consumers List” and “Phone Owner – Mobile Phones Directory” but when I look those things up, nothing that I’m looking for seems to show up.

Belongs here.

Belongs here.:

Belongs here.

Brave Browser

So maybe I missed it but I haven’t seen anything about the Brave browser posted here. It was made by the guy who invented JavaScript and Mozilla Firefox. It has built in ad block, tracker blockers etc. It even has to r browsing as a feature. Anyways, I was wondering if the people here have heard of it and used it and what the general sentiment on it here is. Is it truly private, do you guys see any problem with it, etc.

Privacy plan

After looking at various operating system, android, iOS, Lineage OS and Astian OS.Just like the other guy earlier. I’m going to black myself out from nasty eyes of people. Firstly it’s not easy, I’ve used android and apple, got hacked one time back in highschool (though it was Facebook, the irony). Privacy is important and so is our data.I don’t get it, what is it they want by spying on us?Few things I’ve observed in my android is that:-FB lite is a complex system of codes. Just after installing it wants your contacts, messages, storage, WiFi info, location and WiFi scanning permission, google drive (identity information), and list goes on.. wtf!Google, it’s great that I can use Gdrive to save some stuff when I don’t have enough storage. But, wtf is wrong is that they go for facial recognition algorithms in your photographs. I can keep contacts without worrying about loosing my phone. Advantages of having a Google account is much greater than not having one. But, I don’t know what is it they are doing with my data.*Apple is not good, they are a part of PRISM program. I’m not into shady business but I want privacy.I don’t want anyone to listen to my murmurings in the night.Astian OS is a Firefox giving. I don’t know if it’s good or not. I don’t want to miss out on things I get in play store or app store.Lineage OS, I don’t know.Android is bad, so is iOS.Dilemma is great. I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I’ll like the other guy try to black myself out from google, apple, micro sphere.