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Are ISPs pequired by law to save your browsing history?

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Cloud Storage

I don’t wanna use Google Drive do the tracking and such. I did some research but I was wondering what was the best cloud storage for privacy and storage space?

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Authy backup

If I lost my phone and login in another, will I get the codes of will they disappear?

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From where to download movies for free except torrent ?

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Offline backups

If you aim to avoid the cloud, that also means you are responsible for your own backups.

I have my computer and a small home server. At the moment I create a backup of the server onto the computer and create a complete mirror image of the computer onto an external harddisk on a weekly basis. I try to keep that backup disk at a safe place.

However, I am still a bit scared in case someone breaks in or if the is a fire, still all the copies of my data might be lost.

Have any of you found better backup methods without the use of a cloud service provider?

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Paranoid Privacy

I’m a pretty paranoid person. As of a year today i have switched from Chrome to Firefox, Google to DuckDuckGo, i use a 24/7 VPN on both my PC and mobile device, i disable third party cookies, i automatically switch my user agent every few hours, i use about 4 different tracking protection & ad block extensions, i use a password manager. But as of late i feel like my voiding my whole privacy endevour as i do actually use the Google Assistant quite frequently as i purchased a Google Home as i find it really useful and convenient. In contrast to this i clear my Google Activity every 3 days but there is no way to use a Google Home without not pausing all of your Google Activity in which i did before i had a Google Home.

Am i too paranoid? How do you guys keep private online?

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Password keeper

OK this may look like a dump question and probably it is but I still have no answer.

I like to use strong and random passwords in order to keep my accounts safe from hackers, usually I use DDG AI to generate random passwords. Everything works smoothly on Firefox until I have to change platform. How can i sync my PW from PC to other devices like my android without needing to remember all the random characters? I need a tool that is possibly open source since otherwise all my efforts would be useless. Bonus point if it’s free. I’m a student, I live the student life lol.


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Has anyone used posteo? I am wondering if I should try it out. I use ProtonMail for email and am happy with it, but wanted a secure and private calendar.

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Briar any good?


what do you think of Briar? Is it a good alternative to whatsapp? (if i can convince my friends to move there)

Version 1 was released in may

It seems interesting

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Break up Google

Break up Google:

Break up Google

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