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Broken reddit search provides no results, how does r/privacy about devuan?
Debian is recommended many times but i’ve never red about devuan…
Thank you for reading!

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Google Drive?

I have a school email address that gives me access to unlimited google drive storage. I currently have 1 terabyte of stuff on there that is mostly torrents I obtained through the years. I logged into my google drive today and noticed something while I clicked my account icon , I then decided to click learn more and it took me here The part I am concerned about is this part “It’s important to note that your administrator has access to any data you store in this account, including your email. Please read the Google Privacy Policy for more information.”

I’m assuming the administrator is somebody from the school? if so can they see all my torrents etc?

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Mind the hackers

Mind the hackers:

Mind the hackers

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Cloudflare 101

I am new to the privacy space and looking to learn more. Can someone explain basically how Cloudflare works as a CDN? How long do they retain logs of who visited websites that they service? I read a blog post on their website from 2013 that seems to indicate they keep logs for a matter of hours and non-enterprise websites don’t have access to these logs.

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ISIC registration

Made an account with ISIC website today, they sent me a confirmation letter with the password I made included in plain text.

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Proton Mail

So I’m finally taking the leap and paying for Protonmail. I know it has a free tier but that’s not enough for my needs.

Anyways, my question is since all of my correspondence is read by the companies of other users (emails sent to a Yahoo/Gmail), what does this mean for my privacy? Wouldn’t these companies still be able to build a profile of me and purchase other info gathered elsewhere to build an aggregated profile of me? I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts.

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Email Client iOS

Hello, I currently have a few important email accounts. Two Gmail, one ProtonMail, and one outlook. I am looking for a privacy-conscious email client to combine these. I understand most will not work with ProtonMail, and I’m fine if it can’t. Probably using the app is better for privacy. I am also hoping it has a good or decent UI. Please let me know of any.

Additionally, I was wondering if it’s safer to use the separate apps than trusting another party with the email.


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what do i need to know on keeping my privacy using Firefox? do i need any plugins or to change any settings? thanks in advance 🙂

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How private is it? Would le be able to gain access ?

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Video Host

Any privacy-friendly video hosting sites I should know about? My porn’s been getting hit with strikes and I’m looking for other options here.

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