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Closed source dilemma

So if im not mistaken, the privacy issue with closed source software is that since the code isn’t open to the public, you can’t be sure that the company isn’t eating your data. And If they say they respect your privacy, you really don’t have any guarantee besides taking their word for it. Please correct me if I’m misunderstood.“So why can’t companies make their stuff open source, for privacy and security reasons? I’d still pay for it.” I wondered. Then I realized that if they open source it, people can pretty much take the source code and compile it themselves to get the software for free. That and unauthorized Homebrew versions of the software could spread. So even if they wanted to open source their software for privacy and security reasons, they couldn’t if they are selling the product commercially since they then wouldn’t make a profit.Is there any solution to this dilemma? What can be done to gain that security and transparency in commercial software?

Instagram suggestions

I recently noticed that Instagram started putting all my facebook friends in my follow suggestions, however I never linked my FB account with Instagram so I’m wondering what happened ?I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that I’m logged onto both apps on my phone but I’d like to know how come that’s happening if the accounts aren’t linked ?

Is google photos safe?

I’ve been de-googling my life, but I just have so many photos in google photos, and its sharing features and everything else is just so convenient; I don’t know any good alternatives.Does google do anything with my images that I should be afraid of?

Is open-source secure?

Hi. I like that everybody with programming skills can look at some open-source software code, but isn’t that also risky, because of the people who want to crack the security, doesn’t it make it a lot easier for them?

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Does apple spy on you?

Everyone says they don’t but I think they do. Whats stopping them from saying they don’t and still do it anyway?

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Google play services?

Can Google play services:

– read the content of your apps

– read the content of your correspondence

– access basically anything but your hardware info and location without permission.

And if it’s blocked by netguard?


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Windows 10 Pro privacy

I want to build a new pc and I would probably go with Windows 10 (as I’m using programs and games that doesn’t support Linux).

I know that Windows 10 doesn’t really like your privacy, but rather your data (and forcing you to install updates).

If I would use Windows 10 Pro, would I be able to better control my privacy? would I be able to disable the force-auto-updating and Cortona?

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Messaging with Friends

Hello, I recently got signal because if the privacy and my good friend used it. However, no one else uses it and don’t care about getting it. Any suggestions on what to do?

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New cameras at Walmart

I’m not expecting much privacy at Walmart with there being cameras everywhere, but they just installed new ones that I have noticed in the past 6 months. They sit in the self checkout area recording your face. I know this because there is a screen that shows you what the camera sees. I would imagine this might be so you can see if someone is behind you when entering credentials or maybe to prevent card fraud, but who knows what those things are doing. Matching your purchases to your face? Matching your payment info to your face?

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Are phones listening?

This morning I was looking up a place for my boyfriend and I to hike on the app AllTrails. I found a good one and we made coffee. While we were having coffee, he gets an add on his Instagram for AllTrails.

He’s never looked it up, I’ve only told him about it. He doesn’t even look up hiking trails because he’s not as into it as I am. Is my phone listening or does his phone know we are dating? It’s just a little concerning….

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