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Facebook Friend Ideas

So I created a Facebook account so I could use it for games. Under a fake name, no gender, nothing except an email I rarely use except for gaming. I go on one day and I see close family members in my suggestion box. I didn’t allow Facebook to know my location or contacts, only an email. Is this normal or creepy?

xkcd: Customer Rewards

xkcd: Customer Rewards:

xkcd: Customer Rewards

Spot the Surveillance

Spot the Surveillance:

Spot the Surveillance

Delete Internet Traces

Delete Internet Traces:

Delete Internet Traces

Am I being monitored?

After noticing some unusually severe buffering while listening to the Security Now podcast at work, I decided to open up Network Analyzer and see why, despite having a full-bars LTE connection, I was having horrible (less than 1mbps) data throughput. My first thought was that my workplace had installed some sort of repeater with blocking functionality. (there is a big closet with some sort of repeater equipment in the building) But I found something potentially more disturbing. Here’s what I saw right away… lookup: is, I believe, 2 or 3 days after I saw mention of Zeronet in a thread in some privacy/security/tech subreddit. I looked up Zeronet and found myself at Wikipedia, where I also clicked on a link to information about Freenet. Given their anonymizing p2p nature, I am wondering if I accumulated another flag or two by visiting those links, and wound up being targeted for monitoring.Truth be told, I’m not sure when that became my phone data plan’s default gateway. But I’ve looked at the same network information recently, (some time in the last few weeks) and only now did I notice an address that stood out as not looking like a Sprint-owned address.I’m not concerned in a safety regard. I don’t do anything that would warrant actual attention. But I do find the possible intrusion offensive. Even if it’s just an automated system looking for more keywords or something like that.The first thing I looked up after I got out of work was Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me.

Navigation Apps iPhone

Is there any alternative to Waze or Google maps?

Lastpass vs Zoho Vault

In terms of security, are both solid options?

A few basic questions

Can my ISP see all my web requests, when I’m using a DNS with no leaksIf they can what can I do to prevent this? VPN?Are Raspberry Pi’s the best option to run PiHole?

Cars With Google Maps

I’m looking at a newer vehicle and in particular one that uses Google Maps and has the option of a data plan to keep the vehicle connected if desired. I’m curious if there’s been debate on how these cars might be used to track a person? Even without the ‘data plan.’ I imagine regardless if you are paying for the data plan or not it will continue to transmit data over the system that is built in to facilitate it.I’m an Android user btw and I use Google Maps on my phone. I’ve considered dumping it for IOS for privacy reasons. I’m just not entirely sure it would provide that much more privacy for me personally, but I imagine it would help mitigate a few concerns. Google Maps is so good I wish there was a competitor that worked as well as it does. If anyone has suggestions feel free to provide them.I have switched over to using a VPN for my home internet and went through the pain of setting up my router with the firmware to make my entire home’s internet traffic encrypted. Now I can’t watch Amazon Prime on my Xbox/Home Theater, but I am willing to sacrifice it. Frankly, I don’t believe it made too much of a difference other than making me look like less of a dope for not having it setup with a VPN. I’m not entirely certain my VPN service company isn’t owned by the US Government or some entity connected to it. I know that sounds crazy, but it was inferred in the reviews I read on services and it was one of the biggest negatives in my decision, but it got weighed out by the positives.If you get a car that has Google Maps built in though are you pretty much giving up on the option to avoid Google having access to your location and tracking while you drive?

Sprint Safe and Found

16 year old here, parents want to force upon me this silly monitoring program because they saw it in an ad and want to keep me “safe.” Reading the ToS puts up a lot of red flags Basically if I don’t comply then they’ll just remove my phone service. Any way I could still comply without having my stuff (including location at all times) being held hostage by sprint?