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Deleting Discord Data

I used to use the app a lot for playing games and messaging other plays. I don’t use it anymore and would like to delete my account and any data I can. Anyone have recommendations?

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Best Privacy Argument

The best way to counter the “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” argument (which was coined by Joseph Goebbels) is this:

“Please put a high resolution 360* cover video camera + microphone in your bathroom so that it will see everything: toilet, bathtub, shower cabin. Please put a high resolution 360* cover video camera + microphone in your bedroom so that it will see everything: intimate moments in bed, everything that you do or say there. Now livestream that 24/7 to all your friends, coworkers, family, grandparents, business associates, your doctor, your lawyer, your bank clerk, the guy from the supermarket, the girl you want to ask out for a date, and everyone else from your town/country and the entire planet.”

How humiliating that would be? How much an attack that would be on your basic dignity to have your most intimate moments exposed for anyone to see?

Now consider that any smart device could or is doing exactly this already. Either because it has backdoors built in it in the closed source software that is running that sends out “telemetry” and their privacy policy admits that they can hear or see you through it, or because it has a very weak security design so that any hacker can “accidentally” hack it.

Well we know the latter to be certainly true, and we are suspicious about the first one as well. There were already hackers convicted on spying on children and women:

It goes on and on and on… , every smart device was or will be hacked like this eventually.

So have I got your attention, do you care about your privacy now? Next time you might not want to bring your smartphone in the bathroom.

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Privacy Badger and DNT

I notice Privacy Badger has an option: “Check if sites comply with EFF’s Do Not Track policy ”

But, why? Is there any functional difference in the plugins operation? Is it for the benefit of the EFF?

Unless I’m misunderstanding the tool, it’s meant to remove the reliance on that particular flag – so why check for it?

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Alexa/Echo/Dot Domains

Does anyone know if anyone has grabbed all the domains used by Amazon Alexa? It would be nice to have a filter setup similar to the list that exists for WinSpy.

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Disable LocationSmart?

This is scary crap. The government is doing nothing to help us. How can we shut this off on iPhones etc?

All major U.S. carriers give your real-time location info to third parties – iMore

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Is TOR legal nowadays?

I have recently taken a interest in TOR since my computer was hacked last week. A friend of mine said, “TOR is safe and secure, but only for those that respect it.”

I did some research, and the FBI can get a warrant and search my computer??? Is this true? I want to get strangers OUT of my computer, NOT INVITE THEM IN! Would simply visiting TOR make them search my computer?

I live in Pennsylvania, USA. Is TOR illegal here? I need something secure, I don’t care if it’s slower than dirt rolling up a hill! I exercise good internet safety and use Firefox, but this is the 3rd time I’ve gotten hacked (My job forces me to use public Wi-Fi 90% of the time, so I basically have a open door on my laptop that leads straight into my personal info.)…

Anyway, what does the “Only for those that respect it.” babble mean? Does TOR have a crap-ton of bad stuff on it? What exactly is on TOR? I also heard about something called .onion networks a few years back, what are those?

My friend said that the TOR network is actually safer than the normal internet? I really need something safe for my work and everyday internet use, I live 4 hours from my workplace and have to do a lot of my work on public Wi-Fi, so is TOR really as secure as my friend says it is?

I’ve also heard some ugly, slimy horror stories about the “dark web” that can be accessed with TOR, are those true? I am terrified that if I use TOR the FBI is going to pay me a unfriendly visit, so can someone Please explain what TOR is, if it could help me, and most importantly if it’s legal.

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Ins and Outs of HIPAA

Ins and Outs of HIPAA:

Ins and Outs of HIPAA

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Is legit?

It sounds too good to be true. Have any of you used it, and if so, what would you say about it?

If I have a subscription to Netflix for example and forget to cancel for whatever reason somewhere down the line, will it really prevent further charges? That’s amazing.

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Best laptop for Linux?

I’m looking for a laptop that is best for running Debian Linux as a main operating system. Tails will be used for most of the useage of said laptop. I’m trying to achieve the goal of no NSA spying possible at all, so which laptop would be best for that? On a tight budget, probably going to buy from eBay, used is OK. Help me out here guys.

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Sick of Mozilla’s BS!

The last mainline version of Firefox I didn’t have a problem with was 58. When I updated to 59 I had various problems with pulseaudio configurations and I was also very displeased with the idea of them doing away with OS spoofing. Now, with the recent Firefox 60 update, my Firejail and Apparmor security profiles completely break Firefox from even opening up!! This means I would have to probably edit my security profiles and lighten the stance on my profiles just to get the application to launch. That I will NOT do. To be clear I’ve always been a fan of both Mozilla and the Tor project. IMO they’re the only ones that care about privacy anymore. And changing out Firefox for something like Chromium or Brave would probably just be a downgrade in terms of privacy. You could use Tor for everything, but then again if you’re a torrenter (like me!) you have to also have a alternative to Tor. Mozilla’s mainline editions has dug it’s grave as far as I’m concerned. My only recommendation at this point is either to use Waterfox or Firefox ESR. Or if you don’t torrent just use Tor browser for everything.

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