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For those of you familiar with these two services:

one is in Germany and other in Norway. Both are reasonably priced, but when it comes to functionality, I can’t see Runbox winning. It’s interface is very spartan, buggy, UTF-8 encoding doesn’t work everywhere, it has no calendar + it’s closed source. On the other hand, uses openXchange, has an integrated office suite, a calendar + constant OX updates.

Why is then so much more popular online?


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And HookTube is back!

So I saw a couple of post mentioning Hooktube suddenly drop search, video suggestions, and channel viewing features. Now all that is back and running on I’m a frequent user of Hooktube myself and wasn’t please when I have to add 3 separate lines to uBlock just to block YouTube TV popups. You now have the old Hooktube features back. Cheers.

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GDPR-Banner Blocklist

GDPR requires explicit opt-in into data collection. Many sites try to coerce you to opt-in by annoying banners like they did for the cookie regulation. In contrast to the cookie regulation you need to actively opt-in and “You consent by using the site” is not okay (GDPR §7, Recitial 32, 43).

Having an adblock list would serve two purposes:

  1. Not being bothered, especially when you are having a reasonable self-defense (cookie addons, etc.) yourself.
  2. Avoiding any active opt-in to remove the banners covering the website, thus not allowing any data collection.

For the legal side someone should sue them, but I am currently focusing on the “Do not bother me, but I still do not want to click »consent«” part.

Is here anybody who has interest in helping to build such an adblock list?

I think building an adblock lists is a lot of efford and when I just publish my few rules this would not block the consent banners on many sites you may visit every day. So the more people are interested in helping to maintain such a list the better.

When there are some people interested in helping we could organize to build something similar to (adblock rules for cookie banners) together with some information text about why blocking is better than consenting and possibly a hall of shame for the worst offenders.

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Cloud storage options

I’m wondering what everyone is using for off-site cloud storage. I have quite a few home storage/backups but I would like a redundancy off-site (Preferably by a service provider as servers at friends houses isn’t an option)

I’m basically looking at 2 posibilities:

  1. Boxcryptor/Cryptomator + Dropbox/OneDrive/GDrive/Sync

  2. NextCloud + Rented server

First option, assuming all data is encrypted prior to being uploaded just comes down to performance, price, and longevity of service.

Second option although could potentially be “safer”, I might run into some compatibility or reliability issues.

So what service are people using/recommending? If you rent a server, are there any suggestions for which provider is best?

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Media Research Survey

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Best version of Linux?

I am going to try and switch to Linux but I don’t know which version is the best for my needs. I want one with a good balance of user friendliness, having software available, security and privacy. If that isn’t a possibility I may have to compromise on the software availability and user friendliness.

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Nobody gives a sh** ?

Yeah, so..

The problem is: I always wanted to use signal as main smartphone messenger but because of the popularity of WhatsApp it’s just impossible for me to get anybody there. It tried literally anything to convince my friends to download signal and try it, told them they wouldn’t lose anything, just win some privacy. But nope. Not even close. All of them deleted the app after a few days and reinstalled WhatsApp because they’re “so used to it” and “couldn’t get over it.”

Wtf ? Dude, like, what has to be wrong with somebody that he doesn’t care at all about what’s happening to his data?

If I would print pages of private chats and would hang them up in public, they would probably beg me to reverse it. But if a multi billion dollar company gets all of it and sell it do advertisers, well, that’s no problem at all.

Does anybody of you know his problem ? How did you solve it? Is it better to delete WhatsApp in terms of privacy and don’t message anymore instead of the opposite just because others and there laziness want it?

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Private cloud service

Hey everyone I’m looking for a cloud storage service because I’m tired of having like 10 different USB drives holding all my sensitive data.

Here are my requirements:

•must be FREE not paying for this bullshit. Google and Microsoft has enough fucking money already


•no ads

•must be okay with pirated and illegal content

•must provide completely UNLIMITED storage

•must be completely open source

•must encrypt things automatically

•accessible on iOS and Windows

•must be based in EU (fck US laws)

•must be able to create links to share files with people

•must be okay with others downloading things like cracked Photoshop for others to download

•ideally they’d be able to send my drives so I have a local backup to. I’d be willing to pay for this part.

Thanks for the help guys

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Some depressing charts

Usage share of internet browsers

Usage share of operating systems

Both charts were from and were for all types of devices, mobile or desktop.

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What DNS Should I use?

I’m using OpenNIC right now but it appears that it blocks some sites. Should I use a different owner and still use OpenNIC? Or are there other DNS providers I can use? I just want a DNS that respects my privacy and won’t censor sites.

P.S I looked at NoTrack, however it is not supported on the devices/operating systems I use.

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