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FM 2019 violates the GDPR

FM 2019 violates the GDPR:

FM 2019 violates the GDPR

Random Password Generator

I put together a random password generator with a bit of front-end flair. The passwords are cryptographically generated on your computer and no data is ever stored.Lemme know what you think!Random Password Generator

Facebooks shady history?

Does anyone have a list of all the shady stuff Facebook has done over the years? Maybe with time stamps and references? Would be interested to see it. Why is something like that not pinned on subs like r/privacy and r/antifacebook ?I can name a few things off the top of my head.-They sell user data. -They actively try to get people to spend as much of their waking hours on Facebook/Instagram as possible -They were found to be contacting hospitals asking for your medical records -THEY CONTACTED MAJOR US BANKS TO TRY AND GET YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE AND TRANSACTION HISTORY TO MAKE PUBLIC ON MESSENGER. -Their platforms cause people to become shitty and narcissistic. -The same company wants to put a rotating camera in your home to watch you. -They access your phones microphone to serve you tailored ads. -Fucking this?That’s some of the more serious stuff I can remember. I wonder how many people actually remember the situation with your bank account information? Yep. That happened and you all still use Facebook!

Indecisive about privacy

I’m struggling with being indecisive about privacy.Few years ago, I embraced the free software ideology, i understood the value of my data and generally I don’t like how much there is on me in hands of all of these private corporations, as well as gov. + agencies, even collected from the places where it didn’t need to. I know that for an avg. Joe, it really nothing changes and noone will use his family photos against him, but for me, it just feels wrong and unsafe to know that when I text my beloved, not only there might be a government agency guy who could read it, but also a totally private corporation that built the app (be it Facebook or anyone else).But then, I also work as a front-end developer and Im very intersted in UX – i just want people to be happy using their devices and services and I want to improve their experience as much as possible, and its nowadays only possible by working with all the data. It just works by utilizing all the collected information, the very information I personally am not happy that its collected about me. How do I cope with this? how do I use modern services and not be a hypocrate to my own beliefs?Same for Facebook, Ive deleted it almost a year ago because I was fed up with all the profiling that they made on me over the course of 8 years there, but again, the majority of people are there and that means that there is some unique content, for example there is a group about veganism in my small city. And people there are talking about new places, events and such – this info is nowhere else to be found online, because those people are on this platform so they make the use of it.How do I live in this society, use its perks and still dont loose my mind over being tracked and profiles and data mined all the time? And how do you draw the line? This is not about convinience sacrifice, rather a hypocracy.

Further improving privacy

Hello all So I’ve recently taken steps to improve my privacy both online and off, a little list of what I’ve done is a bit below. I am looking for tips to progress this further though, I’m not trying to hide from the government or anything I just generally want to improve my privacy.So the list follows Switched to Ubuntu (I still play some games, works best) Use firefox that has user.js mod (relaxed variant) and unlock origin, cookie auto delete, decentraleyes, privacy badger, https everywhere I use a vpn almost always, just auto activates, uses openvpn Encrypted drive and files Own hosted NAS that uses ubuntu Switched from Netflix to blu rays Killed off Facebook, still have twitter but I hardly post Changed my lifestyle to something more minimal, it helps with privacy but I just like the lifestyle Ditched kindle for hard copy booksI still have the android side of things to sort, struggling with s9 and lineage os install, need a new email provider looking at either lavabit or proton. The hardest thing is ditching YouTube, I use it soo much unfortunately.For work I need proprietary software, but I don’t put anything personal there and it uses a vpn with killswitch. I also need windows in a vm for training as I am a windows sysadminAnything extra?Thanks

Red flag from employers.

Red flag from employers.:

Red flag from employers.

Law Firm Recommendations

I’ll toss this out there and see if anyone is willing to provide a response that is worthwhile. If I were in need of legal representation in a case involving civil liberties violations including 4th Amendment violations – who would be suggested to be the best to represent me if I don’t have a massive sum of money to fight in court with what is presumed to be the government?I very frankly don’t feel as though a law firm from my state (Oklahoma) can represent me adequately. I recognize that a firm might need to at least have one lawyer who has a license to practice in my state for any case brought before a state level court, but this gets out of my depth quickly as it pertains to what falls under jurisdiction on a state level vs a federal courts system level. Any case involving my situation might best be addressed in federal court in another state.There are so many law firms in the United States that it makes my head spin to start sifting through them all. I’ve attempted contact with many of them and never had one agree to even talk to me. So, here’s the opportunity for somebody to perhaps suggest one anonymously if there is a firm in the country that is willing to take my case.I’ll refrain from spilling my guts on the details, but it’s a monumental case that I personally believe anyone worth the paper their law degree is printed on should feel they have a duty to represent. Thanks!

Alternatives for Audible?

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How to get rid of Impero?

Hi. Sorry if this is irrelevant to this subreddit; I’ve only just joined Reddit.Anyways, my school uses this thing called Impero Education Pro. It’s basically protection software that blocks out inappropriate content. That is fine with me, since I am not interested in such content.However, the creepy thing is that Impero allows the teachers to watch what pupils do in real time, and allows the teachers to take control of the school computers at any time too. This is incredibly creepy. I mean, I’m a teen. For younger children (under 11s) it would make sense to have such software, but seriously?Impero is probably a process running on the computer, so I could “kill” the process, but the system admin disabled task manager, command prompt, and powershell. Hell, the school computers allow pupils to do few things. All pupils can really do is use Office apps and a few other teacher-approved apps, and browse a filtered internet.Any ways to get past this? If anyone knows a way to get rid of this crap, then I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

What’s wrong with Brave?

People have criticized BAT and Brave Ads, however these are off by default. Considering you don’t enable them, what is wrong with using Brave? I saw someone say it uses telemetry from Chromium, however this doesn’t seem to be the case.Is there any good argument to why Brave is bad? I’ve used it before and I’m considering using it again, but I want to see if anyone has any legitimate arguments against it to convince me otherwise.