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Discord (undoing damage)

I’ve been using Discord for a few months, mostly just for fun stuff about a game I like. I was suspicous at first but this group has basically no other outlet but Discord chat. I have the app on my phone and I know I leave it on most of the time…and then I found out about all the security related garbage Discord is tied to.I try to be a careful with what I post, avoid personal information or issues in direct chat (had a couple slip ups, but not too much if I’m careful from here on out in terms of pure info). But then I read about Discord running scripts to farm information on the actual device? If it’s on a phone would it be reading text messages or something? How about on a laptop – I’d really like to not have to throw out a brand-new laptop since I ran Discord once to upload something. Would there be any way to purge the scripts after I delete the app? And would a privacy browser be able to block it? How about using a VPN, would that be useful?​(Lastly, what’s this about Reddit not overwriting comments but instead archiving edits? Is that true or just paranoia, since I’ve only seen it mentioned once)​Thanks

Are mice a privacy issue?

I didn’t see this anywhere. But, could your computer mouse be spying on you?

Android XPrivacy or PMP?

These apps are mentioned here from time to time, are they still useful? XPrivacy hasn’t been updated since the Neolithic era, and I stopped using it several phones ago in favor of Privacy Guard. PMP had a cool “Fake” option though, which is presumably useful for apps that demand access to things.Do the pros on /r/privacy have an opinion about either of these two apps (or any other like them)?

Adblocker: is it “right”?

Hi guys!In the last month I started a journey in the privacy world. I read a lot. And, also, did a lot. Currently I am using a VPN, Firefox with the suggested plugins and quitted many platforms.However, there is a question I would like to ask you and, maybe, start a discussion about it. I am concerned about the use of adblockers: in fact, while I don’t agree with third parties collecting my data and following me across the net, I would like to support some sites I appreciate. Not all these sites allow money donations, many rely only on ads.You’ll soon discover that deactivating just uBlock is not sufficient: you have to permit a lot of connections in Privacy Badger to actually “see” ads.I don’t like it, meanwhile I know that many websites are not “evil” and are just trying to get by with ads.What do you think about it?

Privacy and Linux Gaming

I am going to give gaming on Linux a go and I was wondering if there is anything, like Steam or WINE, which might undermine my privacy? Are their any programs which should be avoided when gaming on Linux?

Desktop Clipboard Cleaner

Hello everyone,Trying to look for a good clipboard cleaner for my Windows 10 PC. Preferably one that cleans the clipboard in timed intervals. If anyone has any suggestions it would be really appreciated.Thanks!

Should I avoid Ubiquiti?

In 3 months my ISP contract will end and I have to send back my router. At this point I want to get away from the FRITZ!Box devices I had since years. I want to make a little bite more professional network at home. Get away from the cheap consumer grade routers with limited configuration. But I need to get into the whole networking topic first…​However, everywhere I see these fancy Ubiquity devices and I thought about getting some them. Most likely the Security Gateway, a Switch and some WLAN Access points.​In this subreddit I couldn’t find much about it. Is Ubiquiti a brand I can trust? Or will it send detailed analytics of everything I do to their servers?

Software recommendations?

I’m currently using Chrome (currently searching through DuckDuckGo rather than Google, but I’ve only made the change in the last couple of months), but I’m looking to make the switch to another browser (partly motivated by performance concerns, but I’m also wanting to take a tighter approach to privacy), preferably with extensions but ultimately it’s not a dealbreaker.​I’m also looking for advice on a password manager – ideally free, but I’m willing to shell out a little bit if I have to.​Any other recommendations for someone relatively new to the world of digital privacy would be appreciated – I’m not at the kind of level where I’m concerned about being about surveilled or anything, but I do want to take a more proactive approach in terms of keeping my personal data out of the hands of corporations and advertisers and making sure I’m not susceptible to hackers and the like.

Question about Bitwarden

If you have used Bitwarden, I wanna ask one thing about it… Have you ever used the “Enable Auto-fill on page load” in the options?It says: “If a login form is detected, automatically perform an auto-fill when the web page loads. WARNING: This is currently an experimental feature. Use at your own risk."I wanna try it but it says it’s an experimental feature, I don’t wanna risk it. Has anyone used that feature before? Question is mainly for the people who have used Bitwarden in the past. I don’t wanna save my passwords in my browser, but instead, I wanna save them in Bitwarden and use the auto fill-on feature.Thank you.

Resilio Sync Replacement

I use Resilio Sync because I like how there is no central server and if one device gets disconnected I still have access to all of my data. What I don’t like is how the program is not open source and there is the possibility they might have access to my files (which is why I use PGP). Is there any secure replacement to this which allows for a torrent like file sharing and syncing?