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Best way to print photos?

Long story short, I lost a USB stick that had a lot of personal photos.

Now, I am a tech savvy person, but I was too lazy to encrypt my USB stick. Terribly irresponsible.

Here’s a tip: if you suffer from paranoia, make sure EVERYTHING IS ENCRYPTED, even the stuff you keep at home. Although I’m pretty sure I accidentaly dumped it in the trash, I get these random thoughts that someone has my USB stick and everything on it.

Anyway. I learned my lesson.

What is the best way for me to print some photos without worrying about them being somewhere other than with me personally? Thanks in advance.

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Open firmware for TP Link


I have been running around internet for answers but couldn’t find any. So here I am trying my ultimate luck.

Does anybody knows where could I find open firmware for TP Link Archer VR600? Or some other firmware that would allow me to run VPN on it?

Thanks a lot!

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Is Viber good for privacy

Would like to use Viber to contact my elderly parents. Is Viber OK for privacy=


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Smart watch with privacy?

So I have been thinking about getting a smart watch. Mostly for sleep tracking, but also for tracking steps, pulse etc. Smart watches collect alot of information, and I want that information for me, and only me. Are there any open source smart watches, or watches that respect your privacy?

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Yubikey vs ledger nano S

I was wondering, I was going to get both, then I saw nano S does u2f. should I just get the nano S, is the yubikey better then the nano for u2f?

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Will Huawei modem spy me?

I got modem from my ISP which seem to be Huawei’s product. Will it transfer my data to Huawei? I live in Europe if it matters.

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How do you handle email?

I’m increasingly getting frustrated with the amount of spam and con emails I’m getting on my domain email.

Now I do use a service like to use on sites I’m not 100% comfortable with but it seems its inevitable in the end.

Every few years I make a new email and transition all important sites to the new email to cut down on things but it’s a never ending circle.

I have a premium account with protonmail, but only for one address and my whole family has their email with my domain name.

Just wondering what is everyone’s poliicy/system they have in place when using email addresses for all their services and personal stuff online!?

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Alternative to Ghostery?

Recently Ghostery started showing pop ups saying “you found a new reward” which when clicking on it turns out to be a coupon for an online shop. Really concerning for a extension supposed to stop tracking…

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I’m glad my data are mine

Recently I’ve been changing all my email addresses from Gmail to ProtonMail for my most-used accounts (it will take me much more time to change all of them but when I see one with Gmail I change it right away).

Enough background story.

Most of the well-made website have an option that lets you change your email address as you wish (with verification emails) and it’s convenient for everyone. I realized that some of the websites just CAN’T change your email address.

Nvidia (yes I’m throwing names) has my email address, but I couldn’t edit it. So I contacted the support and they told it “We’ll look into it” (they first told me I just had to edit the field on my profile but that wasn’t possible since everything was greyed-out). Few days later they send me an email “You cannot change your email, please create another account”. I’m sorry, what ?!

I’m also going to talk about the ones who ask for a copy of your ID card, I’m not going to forget about them.

This time it’s on a game (called Black Desert Online). I contact them because I CAN’T CHANGE IT MYSELF. “We need a picture of your ID”. After arguing with them, I finally got over it and thought “Let’s trust them, whatever”. He answers back “I have now concluded that it does not meet the requirements to verify ownership. A copy of your photo ID card, taken in front of today’s physical newspaper clearly showing the date, or over your screen showing this open ticket – added as an attachment. Please note that no information can be obstructed in any way. The ID card has to physically be next to the screen, as we need to see the ticket number, and possibly the time and date on it too.”.

And there are many more, but those are really toxic.

I don’t know if I’m the only one thinking that, but this is going too far.

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find spyware in my laptop

What could be names of hidden or not hidden spyware to search for in my laptop? Or what is a good way to reset my laptop to factory mode on a lenovo running on windows 10?

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