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For those of you familiar with these two services:

one is in Germany and other in Norway. Both are reasonably priced, but when it comes to functionality, I can’t see Runbox winning. It’s interface is very spartan, buggy, UTF-8 encoding doesn’t work everywhere, it has no calendar + it’s closed source. On the other hand, uses openXchange, has an integrated office suite, a calendar + constant OX updates.

Why is then so much more popular online?


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How do I stop spam from Credit Karma without s…

I went to their email preferences page, but it only has options to turn off credit monitoring or ID monitoring, but no option to turn off spam. I have credit monitoring turned off, but the ID monitoring alone seems to cause spam, such as messages that say:

Summertime is for roller coasters. That’s just how the world works.
But while you’re climbing that hill, why not take a peek at your credit scores? With great scores like yours, checking your credit can only add to the rush.
Hold on tight!
The Credit Karma Team
P.S. Have you downloaded our app yet? It’s the easiest way to keep up with your credit. Get it for iPhone® or Android™ platform.

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Firefox for Android; User agent override doesn…

I tried using general.useragent.override but it doesn’t seem to work. How do I change my browser fingerprints?

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Depression and Anxiety from reading about surv…

Hey guys,

I’ve been very depressed and anxious the past few days since learning about the sheer impossibility of maintaining privacy in this day and age. The fact that I’m always being watched and my communications recorded means I can’t speak as freely as I thought I could, and that bothers me immensely. I’ve said and done some embarrassing things online in the past (nothing illegal) and it depresses me that they’re all on permanent record somewhere. Moreover because I’m privacy-conscious, I’m always worried that itself makes me a target of surveillance.

It’s been really taking a toll on my mental health. I already suffer from clinical anxiety and depression, which makes it much more difficult for me to deal with this sort of threat. It feels like I’m backed into a corner, living in an Orwellian dystopia. I don’t know who to believe about the scale of this surveillance, I’ve been paranoid like hell, and the prudent thing to do – assume the worst, that they see everything, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it – just makes me all the more depressed and paranoid.

I don’t know how to live a normal life with this awareness. Now that I have this knowledge I can’t very well make myself forget it. I don’t know who to talk to about this without sounding like a lunatic or a kook. I don’t know where to find consolation except in the brief moments where I forget.

Anyone else feel this way? What can I do to make life more manageable and less full of dread, when I know I have essentially no privacy?

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What privacy/ad-blocking methods do you use at…

Im currently running Privoxy on my Netgear R7000P running DD-WRT firmware and while it blocks some ads it doesn’t block much at all so I was wondering what kind of tools or methods you use at the router level to block ads/trackers that you find quite effective?

I know about Pi Hole on a Raspberry Pi which I am planning on getting soon

Ideally it would be awesome if uBlock Origin were able to be installed on the router but AFAK that cannot be done.

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I wrote a reddit comment nuker.

I was looking around the inet and I really didn’t like the control that the other reddit nukers gave you and I couldn’t find the source for them so it made me even more skeptical. So, this weekend I wrote a script for NodeJS that uses the Snoowrap API wrapper for reddit. I intended for this to be used on Linux. My instructions aren’t the best so having expreience in linux will make using the script easier. Check out the repo here:

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Can hospitals find out your SSN if you give th…

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Recommending YouTube videos based on my photo …

I am from Germany, so sorry in advance for some typos or bad grammar.

I was watching a video a few days ago on YouTube after it got recommended to me by YouTube. I have never heard of this YouTuber or was was watching this sort of videos. At this time I was wondering why YouTube showed me this video. I watch it at was thinking that the YouTuber took it way to serious and disliked it. It was by the way a video about a Lego set.

Today I was cleaning up my iCloud Photo Library when I came across a screenshot of exactly this YouTube Video. A friend of me has send a few weeks ago it into a What’s App group and had the same opinion about it. I can’t remember reading his message or seeing the picture because we had a conversation in the group and he randomly posted the screenshot. Just to be clear, there was no link, only the screenshot of the video.

So when I cleaned my library today I remembered watching it and saw that the screenshot was posted before YouTube recommended it to me. I was checking it twice because I was a bit irritated.

So at the end I think that YouTube somehow got access to my Photo Library. Even though I care about my privacy and YouTube should not have been able to get access according to my privacy settings. But they needed to have access to my Photo Libray and were checking it for information. In addition they needed to recommend me the video based on a screenshot.

It was the first time this happened to me. I now am even more scared of what they all know about me.

I’m asking now if someone got similar situations?

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HookTube is no more.

It’s a sad day.

From HookTube’s changelog:

rest in pieces It was a good run, 1.5 years. Started as a quickly made addition to the norbot project, and within long the server had to be upgraded several times. Of course YouTube Legal was an inevitability at that point. Special thanks to the many people who created plugins and extensions for hooktube, /g/, the five people who donated anonymously, and BitChute for working hard on a real YouTube alternative. See you in the next project. July 16: YouTube api features are back but mp4 <video> is replaced with the standard YT video embed. HookTube is now effectively just a light-weight version of youtube and useless to the 90% of you primarily concerned with denying Google data and seeing videos blocked by your governments. July 11: HookTube no longer uses YouTube api for anything, and most features (channel page, search, related videos, etc) are gone. No choice.

I personally use FreeTube now, but it’s a separate program not a website.

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