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Deleting Discord Data

I used to use the app a lot for playing games and messaging other plays. I don’t use it anymore and would like to delete my account and any data I can. Anyone have recommendations?

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We are all sheep. I am a sheep, and you are a …

This is how I view the world:

All governments are just a group of “elites” who brainwash others into following their “laws” and “orders,” by acting all powerful with a system.

They brainwash people to join their “military” to fight other brainwashed people from other militaries, and kill other people that they want dead.

Please note that I am not using the word “brainwashed” in an insulting manner. I am using it lightly as in the government’s system of controlling everybody (including me and you).

The government brainwashes us to use their currency and pay taxes in their currency to them, and brainwashes people to become police officers and enforce their laws, and brainwashes them to arrest people that are “doing wrong” in society (according to the government).

We are brainwashed to think poorly of people who break the law. People who break the law or go to jail are people who are bad.

I’m not saying murderers are good. Pedophiles and them should be shot, but I mean fraud and people who don’t pay tax and shit like that.

Edward Snowden would be arrested by agents if he went back to the states, the country in which he resided, as the government would brainwash the authorities to arrest him.

Police officers and the authorities are the brainwashed “guardians” of the government (the elite humans), protecting and enforcing their views of society (so called “laws”).

Since everyone is brainwashed into this system, all we can do is play this system to the best of our abilities to benefit us.

The elite humans are also a bit brainwashed in a way; brainwashed to the fact that they must follow a constitution and that they are in a system.

We are just humans. Living organisms on a planet, living in advanced, intelligent social communities inside of our “countries” and “nations.”

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Facial recognition software to be installed in…

Facial recognition software to be installed in Lockport schools:

Facial recognition software to be installed in Lockport schools

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How social media censorship is implemented in …

How social media censorship is implemented in China:

How social media censorship is implemented in China

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Best Privacy Argument

The best way to counter the “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” argument (which was coined by Joseph Goebbels) is this:

“Please put a high resolution 360* cover video camera + microphone in your bathroom so that it will see everything: toilet, bathtub, shower cabin. Please put a high resolution 360* cover video camera + microphone in your bedroom so that it will see everything: intimate moments in bed, everything that you do or say there. Now livestream that 24/7 to all your friends, coworkers, family, grandparents, business associates, your doctor, your lawyer, your bank clerk, the guy from the supermarket, the girl you want to ask out for a date, and everyone else from your town/country and the entire planet.”

How humiliating that would be? How much an attack that would be on your basic dignity to have your most intimate moments exposed for anyone to see?

Now consider that any smart device could or is doing exactly this already. Either because it has backdoors built in it in the closed source software that is running that sends out “telemetry” and their privacy policy admits that they can hear or see you through it, or because it has a very weak security design so that any hacker can “accidentally” hack it.

Well we know the latter to be certainly true, and we are suspicious about the first one as well. There were already hackers convicted on spying on children and women:

It goes on and on and on… , every smart device was or will be hacked like this eventually.

So have I got your attention, do you care about your privacy now? Next time you might not want to bring your smartphone in the bathroom.

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Is it possible to send someone money on Paypal…

Not hide the payment from Paypal obviously, but keep my identity private to the other person. It’s probably not a big deal, but I’d rather not give out personal information to random people, especially since my last name is incredibly uncommon (I can’t find anyone with the same name on Google) so it would be easy to find out more about me with just that.

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What is the best hard drive encryption softwar…

I’d like to encrypt all of my files on my windows 10 home computer. This obviously means I can’t just right click and encrypt it like if I had windows 10 pro. I have to download third party software. There’s a ton out there. All I want is encryption that can’t be cracked by anyone, the kind that the FBI called a national threat. The kind that makes your computer useless to anyone who isn’t you. Can anyone give me this personal recommendations?

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SoundHound is suggesting music to me while I p…

While I was playing a music video on Newpipe, SoundHound pushed me a notification that looked eerily relevant to the music video.

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I have SoundHound set to “always sleeping” in my battery settings.

This is one of those apps that can harvest your physical activity, so I’m the fool for downloading it again.

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Google Earth alternatives

Kinda being forced to use Google Earth. Want alternatives because I don’t use anything Google for privacy reasons. What do you suggest? I use Linux mainly.

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Privacy Policies and Guidelines – Diagnosis Wi…

Privacy Policies and Guidelines – Diagnosis With No Cure:

Privacy Policies and Guidelines – Diagnosis With No Cure

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