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Hushed app

Anyone here use the Hushed app with a lifetime number? I paid about 30 bucks a few months ago for a lifetime number from the app. It worked okay for a couple month post. I just got an email saying my account has been suspended due to violation of their terms and conditions. Multiple emails to their support email have gone unanswered. They refuse to tell me what the violation is. Anyone else face this?Seems like a way to get me to pay again. The only things I’ve used the app for is to forward calls to my Canadian number when I roam outside the country.


Hi, I used Grammarly keyboard for a long time but switched to AnySoft recently. I am terrible at grammar and spelling, suffer from dyslexia. Since using AnySoft I have struggled with sending emails, texts and so have decided to go back to Grammarly.My question is if I block Grammarly from connecting to the internet using AFWall+ will this make Grammarly safe for me to use?

Red Star OS

Red Star OS is North’s Korea’s operating system (despite them mainly using Windows 7)​So I was wondering how I would go about reverse engineering Red Star OS, I want to look at and document all the ways in which it can spy on you, any suggestions as to what software I should use and what are some of the things I should look for, thanks!


Does anyone use Ghostpress? it is apparently good at blocking keylogging on your computer. let me know your opinion on it, good or bad. Maybe it’s a scam or maybe it’s an excellent piece of software? I have no idea. Thanks for your input and advice!

Gold spree

What’s going on? At first I noticed it on the start page article linked by someone affiliated and j thought it was just a sly advertisement to boost views but now on this sub every if not most posts are gilded.Edit; whoever gilded me and sent me heart emojis into my inbox, ur mom gay and you have sugma don’t ever gild me again


So I have now swtiched from windows 10 to Ubuntu, on my tablet. Already loving linux. Is there any recomended apps that I should be using on Ubuntu? Also do I need to have a Firewall, Antivirus?

User Agent

Recently I became interested in privacy, so now I have some questions on browser useragent.Can I just use a fresh version of a browser to be indistinguishable from most other users of this browser, or I should spoof it? If I spoof it, should I just use some common value, or it would be better if I used some add-on that can randomly change useragents? Is privacy.resistFingerprinting = true in Firefox enough?

Windows 10

What’s the best way to protect my privacy with windows 10? I already used LTSB, but LTSB really limiting all of the features that I could use. If it’s possible, i want to use regular windows 10 because of that.

Titan Key

I know It’s made by Google, but how secure do you think the Titan key is, and would you use one?

So um..

I accidentally got some concentrated menthol on my junk.Don’t ask how, it happens ok?Anyway I just wanna know if I should just go to bed to avoid the pain or if there will be serious damage if I leave it alone