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Hello there

Broken reddit search provides no results, how does r/privacy about devuan?
Debian is recommended many times but i’ve never red about devuan…
Thank you for reading!

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Proton Mail

So I’m finally taking the leap and paying for Protonmail. I know it has a free tier but that’s not enough for my needs.

Anyways, my question is since all of my correspondence is read by the companies of other users (emails sent to a Yahoo/Gmail), what does this mean for my privacy? Wouldn’t these companies still be able to build a profile of me and purchase other info gathered elsewhere to build an aggregated profile of me? I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts.

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what do i need to know on keeping my privacy using Firefox? do i need any plugins or to change any settings? thanks in advance 🙂

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How private is it? Would le be able to gain access ?

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Video Host

Any privacy-friendly video hosting sites I should know about? My porn’s been getting hit with strikes and I’m looking for other options here.

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Deleting FB


I want to delete FB, but will my database stay in their base or its gonna be deleted? I have so much information given on FB… I just want vanish and make new fake acc where I am gonna be fully aware what I am gonna accept and post.

Will new law protect my database?

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I’ve been on a bit of a privacy kick of late and I’ve been trying to delete a bunch of old accounts that I don’t use. I’ve been trying to delete my Blizzard account for about the last hour! Despite only signing up to their service with an email and password, they are refusing to entertain deleting my data without me uploading a picture of a piece of official government photo ID! They say it’s make sure I am who I say I am. Since when is my password and an email verification not enough? They want me to upload a picture of my passport onto the Blizzard servers? Fuck that! But because I refuse to do this my request goes no further. Trying to talk to someone is also impossible, you just get redirected to a bunch of FAQs. No phone number. No chat support. Just an address for a head office in Paris. Do you guys think this breaches the GDPR? I don’t see how they can justify requesting that kind of personal information to remove information in the first place. I guess I’m going to have to write a letter to the office in France before I can complain….

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Privacy DNS

Any free privacy friendly DNS provider/DNS server (or whatever people call them) out there?

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Got an email from WordPress on a recent data breach on another website so they’ve locked my account. No info on which website that breach happened. Anybody know?

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Is anyone else having trouble removing their information from Spokeo via their website opt out? I enter a email and the url of what I need removed, but I never get the confirmation email. Anyone else having this problem?

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