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Is anyone else having trouble removing their information from Spokeo via their website opt out? I enter a email and the url of what I need removed, but I never get the confirmation email. Anyone else having this problem?

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Computer IP

So, I’m using a repeater to connect to my network. If i reset the repeater, my router will give him a new IP which will give my PC a new IP too.

Does websites know who i am after i do this? And what about those websites that only let you create a limkted amount of accounts for IP address, will i be able to create new accounts again? Thank you in advance!

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Adguard DNS

is Adguard DNS trustworthy?

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Question: You know all the little pop-ups on every website asking for permission to use cookies (because you have a blocker enabled) – If you click agree will that bypass your blockers? I just want a solution to blocking trackers but being able to get rid of those annoying requests too…

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How is Bitdefender in terms of privacy?

Any other recommendations?

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How do people feel about the use of containers in Firefox?

I am attempting to move away from Google and its associated companies, but I am having a difficult time giving up some services I have grown accustom to, namely YouTube.

Would creating a container specifically for YouTube allow me to watch my videos without worrying about the trackers?

Same question for accessing my student gmail account while I am at university.

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What makes you trust a company so that you give them your information to improve your privacy. I want to try it out so I can make more secure payments with fake information, but wants a picture of my ID.

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Everybody probably has heard or has used discord. My concern with it is what type of data it collects on you? Is it safe to use? Or should I stick to laternatiges like teamspeak?

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I know this is low tech, but what is it with houses that have no curtains in the windows? Like a glass box that everyone can see inside. And sure, there is the implied threat of people being able to see outside but that only applies during the day. Besides, there are only so many people inside, looking in so many directions at once, and people outside can easily avoid detection by watching which way people inside are looking.

This may be a good analogy for government security. Except for the NSA (maybe) government agencies use old tech and publicize what they use! This is especially true of police departments.

Moral of the story: don’t leave your data visible.

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my life

a certain website is not allowing users to remove their personal info on request

the email i sent them required a current address, so now instead of removing my info they just updated it

what can i do about it. BBB is useless, they just send a letter, the business says they fixed it (although actually made it worse), BBB closes teh complaint.

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